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On July 17, 2018 the release of the pre-electoral assessment report of The International Electoral Monitoring Team has taken place.


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea The Head of International Electoral Monitoring Team for Cambodia`s July 2018 National Assembly Election marked in his speech that:  we recognize that the 2018 elections in Cambodia the sixth since the end of the civil war, are critical to the maintenance of peace and stability in the country.


His Majesty King NORODOM SIHAMONI promised to his people free and fair elections and has honored his promise say`s international election monitoring team.


Inter In his presentation, the Head of the IE Mission Team for Cambodia noted that this was the sixth General Election to be held in the Kingdom since the end of the protracted civil war and the democratic character of the polls and the law provisions to this effect are the creation of H.E. Academician Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia.

The Honourable President Dr. Anton Caragea stressed that these elections are incremental steps that potentially create a conducive environment for political stability, economic growth, and sustainable development.


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The full text of the pre-election assessment report can be read out here:




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Based on its assessment the IEM was of the opinion that the pre-election and the election phases of the process were evidently fair, free and transparent.

The event was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, electoral stakeholders, Heads and representatives of Diplomatic Missions, representatives of political parties, faith-based groups, local observers, members of civil society, and the media.


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea with the first team already on the field for Cambodia`s Parliamentary Elections.

The IEM report of the 2018 National Assembly Elections will be completed and issued within 30 days after the close of the poll.

The report will be directed to the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the country’s National Electoral Commission.



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More information about upcoming election process in Cambodia can be accessed here:









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President of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea held an official meeting with Prime Minister of Djibouti Mr. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed at the Prime Minister Office in Djibouti City.



The delegates headed by President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea met Prime Minister of Djibouti Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed and his government.


The dialogue between the two leaders was concentrated on the achievements that succeeded in placing of Djibouti as WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM and ways to foster the image of the country, to promote cultural and economic exchanges and to boost the institutional cooperation between Djibouti and global tourism and cultural institutions.


During the discussions President Dr. Anton Caragea tabled the agreements established during his visit such as: the support for candidature of H.E. President Ismail Omar Guelleh as GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR TOURISM AND SDG`s, the parliamentary cooperation for sustainable development goals, tourism and cultural cooperation framework established with the Ministries of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Concluding the meeting and in carrying out the president Ismail Omar Guelleh instructions, H.E. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, Prime Minister of Djibouti had officially conferred upon President Dr. Anton Caragea the NATIONAL ORDER OF 27 JUNE on the highest rank.



The recognition comes in fulfillment of lifetime achievements of President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea in developing an XXI century diplomacy, in promoting democracy and freedom and in the defense of peace on global arena has stated Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed Prime Minister of Djibouti.


The decoration ceremony has taken place in the presence of the governor of Djibouti, members of parliament and presidency and was live broadcasted.

The high level dialogue was attended by the Minister of Culture, Moumin Hassan Barreh, the Minister Delegate for Trade and Tourism, Hassan Houmed Ibrahim, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Mohamed Abdillahi Waïs, the Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency, Mohamed Abdoulkader Ibrahim, the Director General of the National Tourist Office, Osman Abdi Mohamed, and high level delegates of the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

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A working meeting has taken place between Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and Minister of Culture, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Of The Republic of Djibouti Mr. Moumin Hassan Barreh.

The meeting was held in an open and friendly manner under the good auspices of the news that Djibouti was selected as WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM, a significant milestone in the cultural recognition of the African nation.


H.E. Moumin Hassan Barreh  Minister of Culture, Islamic Affairs and Endowments expressed his ministry delight on the recognition of Djibouti as a center for culture and carved out a large promotional agenda destined to exploit and consolidate this status in the future.

Minister Moumin Hassan Barreh also tabled the main plans of his ministry including the ambitious task set to build a representative museum destined to house the artifacts, to represent the traditions and the cultural wealth of the peoples of Djibouti.


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, The President of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation commended the Minister Moumin Hassan Barreh vision and ambitious plans to foster the image of the country and to uphold the modernization agenda put forward by the Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti.

The new museum must encompass everything from the geological history of Djibouti, to the culture, traditions, dances and intangible heritage of the peoples of the country to the rich historical legacy of Djibouti outlined Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Afterward the meeting was concentrated around the all-conquering power of culture to unite, to foster development and to promote Djibouti on the world stage.

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Presedintele Nicolas Maduro a revenit la Caracas, dupa un periplu diplomatic care a cuprins: Algeria, Kazahstan si Orientul Mijlociu ( periplu in cadrul caruia a sustinut intrevederi cu liderii din Turcia, Iran, Kazahstan, Rusia si Algeria) si intre 16 si 17 septembrie 2017 va gazdui CONFERINTA MONDIALA: TOTI SUNTEM VENEZUELA. DIALOG PENTRU PACE, SUVERANITATE SI DEMOCRATIE BOLIVARIANA.


Timp de doua zile, capitala Venzuelei, Caracas, va gazdui liderii mondiali ai miscarilor pentru democratie si drepturile omului.


In mai putin de o saptamana, liderul revolutiei bolivariene a reusit sa construiasca o relatie solida intre Venezuela si principalele tari exportatoare de petrol, reusind sa realizeze un pod al prieteniei intre America Latina si tarile din regiunea Asiei Centrale.

Abia reintors in tara si va gazdui intalnirea la nivel mondial a liderilor mondiali ai miscarilor democratice, reusind sa obtina nu doar expresii de solidaritate si prietenie cu Venezuela, dar si sa plaseze in prim planul actualitatii internationale conceptul uneie diplomatii bolivariene, concept creat si plasat in centrul atentiei diplomatiei mondiale de catre liderul de la Caracas.


Manifestul lansat pentru CONFERINTA MONDIALA: TOTI SUNTEM VENEZUELA. DIALOG PENTRU PACE, SUVERANITATE SI DEMOCRATIE BOLIVARIANA este cea mai complexa si exhaustiva prezentare a obiectivelor diplomatiei bolivariene de pana in acest moment si trebuie privita drept un pivot in dezvoltarea unei lumi multipolare, o lume bazata pe democratie si pace globala.


Venezuela a devenit sub conducerea Presedintelui Nicolas Maduro un adevarat centru democratic mondial.


Pentru a putea mai bine intelege acest apel global pentru pace, lansat cu ajutorul si supervizarea Presedintelui Nicolas Maduro va prezentam textul integral al acestui mesaj adresat popoarelor lumii:




Noi, cetățeni și cetățene ale lumii, muncitori și muncitoare, membrii ai mișcărilor sociale, ai organizațiilor pentru drepturi civile, ai partidelor politice, profesori și profesoare universitare, intelectuali, creatori și creatoare, denunțăm în fața umanității conspirația internațională condusă de Guvernului lui Donald Trump împotriva poporului Republicii Bolivariene Venezuela, a Guvernului și autorităților sale legitime.

Sub pretextul unui discurs despre supremație rasială, intoleranță și militarism, care rememorează cele mai întunecate timpuri ale fascismului, Guvernul lui Donald Trump comite o agresiune politică, diplomatică, economică și mediatică, incluzând opțiunea militară, cu scopul de a destabiliza democrația venezuelană, de a-l înlătura pe Președintele Nicolás Maduro și de a instaura un Guvern subjugat intereselor Washingtonului.

Proiectul de restaurare neocolonialistă în Venezuela urmărește să priveze poporul venezuelan de dreptul său la suveranitate și să redea puterilor globale controlul asupra imenselor bogății și resurse ale țării.


Această conspirație împotriva unei țări suverane, care încalcă în mod vădit dreptul internațional, se desfășoară cu sprijinul masiv al marilor trusturi transnaționale media, și cu susținerea penibilă acordată de guverne neoliberale și antipopulare.

Din luna aprilie, cu finanțare și sprijin nord-american – prin intermediul opoziției venezuelane – a fost inițiată o campanie de violență politică prezentată lumii ca proteste civile și pașnice. La această campanie de dezinformare s-a adăugat denigrarea mediatică a democrației venezuelane în fața opiniei publice mondiale, prin care Venezuela a fost prezentată ca o dictatură care încalcă drepturile omului și care a afundat țara într-o așa-zisă criză umanitară.

Adevărul este că unica intenție a acestei campanii constă în înlăturarea Guvernului legitim al Venezuelei prin propagarea morții, a haosului și a violenței, în stilul așa-numitelor ”Revoluții Colorate”.

Începând de atunci, peste o sută de persoane au decedat și peste două mii au fost rănite. Violența politică încurajată de Washington i-a cauzat poporului venezuelan grave daune materiale și suferințe.

Cea mai recentă manifestare a acestui complot constă în discreditarea procesului electoral care a avut loc pe 30 iulie, în cadrul căruia peste opt milioane de venezuelani și venezuelane au ales o Adunare Națională Constituantă.

Prin alegerea Adunării Naționale Constituante, poporul venezuelean a contracarat violența manifestată pe străzi și a restaurat pacea.

Prin recenta amenințare cu utilizarea forței militare, emisă de Donald Trump, și prin impunerea unei blocade financiare asupra Venezuelei, Guvernul rasist de la Washington a escaladat conflictul, declarându-și în mod deschis intenția de a ”sufoca” economia venezuelană.

Respingem escaladarea periculoasă a agresiunilor împotriva Venezuelei, de către administrația nord-americană.

Venezuela este o națiune care de 18 ani încoace edifică în mod pașnic o democrație populară. Democrația bolivariană a redat țării controlul asupra resurselor naturale, a redistribuit bogăția muncitorilor și sectoarelor defavorizate, și a asigurat drepturi sociale tuturor locuitorilor săi.


Presedintele Nicolas Maduro este primit in intrega lume ca un mesager al pacii democratiei si demnitatii.


Progresele sociale înregistrate de Venezuela în domeniul educației, sănătății, protecției sociale, universalizării asigurărilor sociale și respectiv în domeniul drepturilor comunităților originare, demonstrează faptul că este posibil ca democrația să devină și mai democratică.

Viziunea sa eco-socialistă îi desfide pe cei care impun spolierea bunurilor comune ale umanității de către elitele transnaționale.

Venezuela nu reprezintă o amenințare pentru nicio țară a lumii.

De la dobândirea independenței, de acum peste 200 de ani, niciodată nu a avut un conflict militar și nici nu a participat la războaie sau agresiuni împotriva altor națiuni.

Pentru iubitorii de pace și pentru popoarele lumii, Venezuela este un far de speranță. Această speranță este astăzi amenințată de ideologia rasistă instalată la Washington. Decizia elitei care guvernează Statele Unite constă în blocarea dialogului politic, a dialogului în Venezuela, și în aruncarea țării într-un conflict fratricid, cu scopul de a-și justifica astfel planurile de intervenție.

Alertăm întreaga lume cu privire la grava amenințare la adresa păcii mondiale, derivată din obsesia militaristă a lui Donald Trump.

O agresiune militară în Venezuela, sau distrugerea Revoluției Bolivariene, va provoca pe această emisferă, o criză de dimensiuni istorice în toate domeniile și va anihila eforturile de integrare, distrugând obiectivul tuturor națiunilor din regiune, care au declarat America Latină și Caraibii ca zonă de pace.

Lumea trebuie să oprească nebunia Washingtonului.

În numele umanității, îi cerem lui Donald Trump să retragă amenințarea cu agresiunea militară și să anuleze sancțiunile economice și blocada financiară împotriva poporului venezuelan.

Din aceste considerente, convocăm bărbații și femeile de bine din orice regiune, de orice ideologie și credință, îi convocăm pe cei care visează la o lume a justiției și egalității, să se alăture ZILEI MONDIALE TOȚI SUNTEM VENEZUELA. DIALOG ÎN FAVOAREA PĂCII, SUVERANITĂȚII ȘI DEMOCRAȚIEI BOLIVARIENE, care se va desfășura în Caracas, Venezuela, pe 16 și 17 septembrie și, începând cu această dată, în diferite locuri din lume. Această zi de mobilizare mondială va consolida răspunsul solidar al popoarelor față de Patria lui Simón Bolívar.

Venezuela nu este singură. Astăzi, onorăm bravul popor venezuelan pentru lupta sa în favoarea păcii, a dialogului și a apărării demnității și suveranității sale naționale.

Mahatma Gandhi a spus că “nu există nicio cale către pace. Pacea este calea”, iar Ché Guevara, prin exemplul său de umanitate, a afirmat că “solidaritatea este tandrețea popoarelor”.

În fața amenințării imperialiste și a militarismului, spunem astăzi împreună cu uriașul Pablo Neruda, drapelul nostru și victoria noastră vor fi pacea.

“Pace pentru amurgurile care vin (…) pentru orașul din zorii dimineții, când se însuflețește pâinea …”

Pace pentru ca Venezuela să dăinuie luminând viitorul.

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President Nicolas Maduro has just return to Caracas after a tour of Kazakhstan, Algeria, Middle East ( having meetings with leaders of Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan,Russia and Algeria) and from 16 to 17 September 2017 will host the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY.


Venezuelan capital-Caracas will host the leaders interested in world democratic dialogue and values in a two days long global dialogue.


In less than a week the Bolivarian revolution leader has succeeded in linking Venezuela with the main petrol exporting countries, managed to create a bridge of friendship between Latin America and Central Asia and will play host to world leaders and democratic movement heads garnering not only to express support for Venezuela but also to enact the Bolivarian diplomacy, the concept carved out and placed at the fore by the Venezuelan president.


The call to the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY! is the most complete and exhaustive description of the main aims of Bolivarian diplomacy and must be regarded as a crux in the development of a multipolar world, a world of democracy and peace.


In order to better understand this call for global peace, launched with the help and supervision of President Nicolas Maduro we are presenting in full the text of the message to the peoples of the world:


 Under President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has become one of the leaders of the democratic world.




We, citizens of the world, workers, members of social movements, civil rights organizations and political parties, academics, intellectuals and creators, denounce before humanity the international conspiracy led by the Government of Donald Trump against the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its Government and its legitimate authorities.

Under a speech of racial supremacy, intolerance and warmongering, which remind us of the darkest times of fascism, the Government of Donald Trump wages a political, diplomatic, economic and media aggression, including the military option, to undermine Venezuelan democracy, to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and to establish a government that serves the interests of

The neocolonial restoration process in Venezuela seeks to deprive the Venezuelan people from its sovereignty and return to the global powers control over the immense riches and resources of the country.

This conspiracy against a sovereign country, which openly violates international law, makes progress thanks to the full support of the great media transnational companies, and the shameful support of neoliberal and antigrassroots governments.

Last April, a US financed political violence campaign began – through the Venezuelan opposition – and was presented to the world as civil and pacific protests. In addition to this propaganda, a smear campaign was also launched against the Venezuelan democracy before the world public opinion, by projecting Venezuela’s government as a dictatorship that violates human rights and drives the country into an alleged deep humanitarian crisis.

Truth is that the only purpose of this campaign is to overthrow the legitimate Government of Venezuela by spreading death, chaos and violence, following the style of the “Color Revolutions”. Since then, more than a hundred people have died and more than two thousand people have been wounded.

The political violence promoted by Washington has caused significant material damage and suffering to the Venezuelan people.
The latest manifestation of this plot is the discredit of the elections held on July 30th, in which eight millions of Venezuelans elected a National Constituent Assembly.

Thanks to the National Constituent Assembly election, the Venezuelan people defeated violence in the streets and restored peace. From July 30th, a process of stabilization of civil and political life has begun through the participation of all the political parties in the next regional elections for governors to be held in October.
Due to the latest threat of military force by Donald Trump and the financial blockade imposed on Venezuela, the supremacist government of Washington
has intensified the conflict, and has publicly expressed its intention to “choke” the Venezuelan economy.

We reject the escalating aggressions against Venezuela by the US administration.

Venezuela is a nation that has been building people’s democracy in a peaceful manner for 18 years now.

The Bolivarian democracy has returned the control of natural resources to the country, has redistributed wealth in favor of the working class and the humble sectors of society, and has guaranteed the social rights of all its population.



President Nicolas Maduro is welcomed around the world as a messenger of peace, democracy and dialogue.


Venezuela social achievements in the field of education, health care, social protection, social security universalization and indigenous communities’ rights have proven that it is possible to make democracy more democratic.

Its ecosocialist approach challenges those who impose the plundering of common goods of humanity by transnational elites.
Venezuela does not represent a threat to any country in the world. Since its independence, more than 200 years ago, it has never engaged in a military conflict, nor has it ever participated in wars or aggressions against other nations.

For the peace-loving people and the peoples of the world, Venezuela is a beacon of hope. This hope is threatened today by the supremacist ideology of Washington. The US ruling elite has decided to block political dialog in Venezuela and bring this country into a fratricidal conflict in order to justify this elite’s intervention plan.

We alert the world to the serious threat to world peace created by the warmongering obsession of Donald Trump. A military aggression against Venezuela or the overthrow of the Bolivarian Revolution will cause in the hemisphere a crisis of historic proportions in all orders, and will break integrationist efforts, taking away the purposes of all the nations of our region that have declared Latin America and the Caribbean a zone of peace.

The world must stop Washington madness. In the name of humanity, we demand that Donald Trump withdraw the threat of military aggression and repeal the economic sanctions and financial blockade against the Venezuelan people.

For all the above reasons, we call on all respectable men and women, from all places, ideologies and beliefs, on those who dream of a world of justice and equality, to join the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY, to be held in Caracas, Venezuela, on September 16th and 17th, and from that date on, in various parts of the world.

This day of global mobilization will bring together the solidarity of the peoples with the homeland of Simon Bolivar.
Venezuela is not alone. Today, we honor the brave Venezuelan people in their struggle for peace and dialog and in their defense of national dignity and sovereignty.

Mahatma Gandhi said: “There is no way to peace, peace is the only way.”

And Che Guevara, with his example of humanity, affirmed: “Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples”.

In view of the imperial threat and warmongering, let us say today in the words of the great poet Pablo Neruda, our flag and our victory will be peace.

“Peace for the twilights to come (…) peace for the city in the morning when bread
wakes up…”

Peace so that Venezuela continues to illuminate the future.


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With the inauguration of the 45th President Washington gets in a festive mood and tourism industry starts garnering hopes.


As Donald John Trump is taking office, he promised a bright future for US tourism: getting the country on World Best Tourism Destination list, making historical cities on Eastern Coast of United States to be recognized as World Capital of Culture, all are on the to do list of the new administration drafted by the new President on his first day in office, writes European Journal of Tourism Washington correspondent.



United States President Donald Trump and Kingdom of Cambodia Prime Minister, Academician HUN SEN (Cambodia has won WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status in 2016)


But the analysts are not so convinced that Trump effect on tourism will be this positive. The Telegraph ask the readers : Who will visit an America ruled by Donald Trump? – and make a prophecy that not too many.

The New York Times in a central editorial make`s the same point: What Impact Will Trump Have on Tourism?


The analysis result sounds cautious: new immigration procedures that make the customs and border process harder, the scrutiny of particular groups of people); and the perception of how welcoming and safe (or not) the United States is are growing to weigh heavily on the future of US tourism.



Donald Trump promises that he will put his managerial skills in the benefit of world tourism.


Others cited in the article are right a way tenebrous: attendees at the World Travel Market London conference were coming up and “offering condolences.”( Gary Leff).


The list of worries on tourism faith under Donald Trump is long and wide spanning from: banning of minority groups, hostile policies towards Middle Eastern travellers, Cuban policy, US dollar strength in ratings, air fares tariffs, immigration policies and what role the Trump hotels will have in the great scheme of things.

Tourism is all about optimism and confidence and the new US President Donald Trump Jr. promised in his inaugural address that: hee will make US a World Best Tourist Destination country and a great country for all !

Let`s wait and see! The competition is still open after all!

More about World Tourism can be found here: WORLD&TOURISM

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