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Dobrogea has become the center of economic attractiveness for investors from Golf Cooperation Council (GCC).

During two days (19 -20 July 2017) a delegation of Arab investors has toured the region in search of agricultural and tourism opportunities under the supervision of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.


The main items of the agenda were: ensuring a steady supply of wheat, cereals, and flour and sun flower and corn oil, developing a regional source of sheep`s meat and developing tourism opportunities for family packages in Danube Delta, Black Sea resorts and regional hotels.


The Grain Mountains of Dobrogea.


The delegation was also received at SAR SALTUK BABA mosque in Babadag, a potential center for Islamic religious tourism.


The center of the attention of the investor’s tour was the city of Baia where the delegates were received by Mr. Adam Liuta, the leader of a powerful business and leisure complex in the area.

Sheeps Farm. The Dobrogea lambs are world`s fainest. No doubt here!


The Baia commercial group led by President Adam Liuta is comprised among many other investments by LTA MONDIAL SRL Society, a company that is producing, processed and commercializing a large area of agricultural products , certified ecologic for European markets including cereals (wheat, corn, soy, barley) oleaginous plants (sun flower, colza, flax) and colza and sun flower oil products.


Izabell oil factory has aroused interest with his high quality, ecological cooking oils, that are complying with European Union most strict tests for ecological oil production.


The tourism potential of the area was declared as interesting with Baia based Mondial Hotel, a hotel that is offering high-class lodging opportunities, coupled with leisure spa and wading pool and offering exceptional culinary experiences.


Mondial hotel can be the center of discovery tours around the area destined to highlight Dobrogea cultural potential.


The Hamangia Complex is placing for tourists pleasure spacious rooms, apartments and luxury spaces including:  Wedding Ballroom, Conference room, Restaurant, Cafe Lounge, Cellar, Pool and  Children Place Playground etc.

The Dobrogea visit is a part of the larger agenda to promote Danube Delta in 2017 and active in the framework of DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM OF IRICE  and the fact that we have the opportunity to help the local business community to find new partners is extremely important to us stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

We can safely say that Dobrogea has elicited enthusiasm and conquered the imagination of those to buy healthy products of the best quality.

Romania can offer this and now the international community s discovering this, concluded the visit significance IRICE President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

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United Nations are celebrating Professor Dr. Anton Caragea achievements in promoting culture and human development as bedrock foundations for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

United Nations Academic  Initiative had awarded the special diploma for Professor Dr. Anton Caragea marking his role in implementation of SDG`s agenda on world level.

This had come in recognition of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea instrumental role in raising awareness and creating in 2016 the first lessons on Sustainable Development Goals  and the leadership role  in carving out The Parliamentary Assembly for SDG ( institution garnering world parliaments support for implementing Sustainable development Goals friendly legislation in their national legislatures and on international arena).

Combating hunger, poverty, climate change, and gender inequality while promoting good health, education, clean water and sanitation, and decent work and economic growth are just a few of the aims of the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had supported and inscribed on the national and international agenda items like: encouraging global citizenship through education; advancing peace and conflict resolution through education; addressing issues of poverty through education; promoting sustainability through education; promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, and the “unlearning” of intolerance, through education.

The latest personality to be honored in a similar manner was Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution, in a special festivity in 2016.

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Romania este una din destinatiile turistice de viitor ale Europei si ale turismului mondial: unind la un loc potentialul turismului cultural cu cel al turismului natural si extraordinara diversitate a enoturismului (turismul de descoperire a zonelor vinicole) acestea au fost argumentele corifeilor turismului mondial cand au decis ca Bucurestiul si Romania sa gazduiasca in perioada 27-29 iulie 2017 reuniunea anuala a turismului european.


Cresterea cooperarii regionale, facilitarea obtinerii de vize si mai buna promovare a turismului european, sunt cateva din principalele teme ce vor fi dezbatute in cadrul celei de a 10-a reuniuni a organizatiei europene de turism-ECTT, ce va avea loc in Bucuresti, Romania, intre 27-29 iulie 2017.


Palatul parlamentului

Palatul Parlamentului va gazdui cea de a 10-a reuniune a organizatiei europene de turism (2017).


Europa este cea mai vizitata regiune a lumii si principala sursa de turism extern, pentru alte destinatii, fiind punctul de pornire a mai mult de jumatate din numarul total al turistilor internationali.


In 2014, turismul international in Europa a reusit sa contribuie la redresarea economica a continentului: sosirile de turisti au crescut cu 3%, ajungand la peste  584 milioane de calatori, iar veniturile aduse din turism au crescut cu 4%, ajungand la peste 383 de miliarde de euro pentru economiile europene.


President Anton Caragea sign the document

Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea pregateste cea de a 10-a reuniune a turismului european.


Conform deciziei luate de organizatia europeana a turismului anul trecut, Romania are deosebita onoare si responsabilitate de a gazdui reuniunea la nivel inalt a organizatiilor de turism si promovare turistica.

Delegatii europeni se vor bucura de un week-end in zona lacului Murighiol, la PUFLENE RESORT si vor vizita cetatea Enisala (monument de arta si fortificatie de ev mediu).



Astfel cea de a 10-a reuniune a turismului european se va desfasura la Palatul Parlamentului din Bucuresti in 29 iulie 2017, sub conducerea Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea-Presedinte Director General IRICE, Presedinte al Consiliului de Turism si Comert la nivel european si va gazdui reprezentanti din peste 28 de natiuni europene si reprezentanti ai industriei turismului, ce vor putea discuta prioritatile de promovare si agenda de politica turistica pentru perioada 2017/2018.


Liderii turismului european vor vizita apoi regiunea Deltei Dunarii fiind gazduiti la luxosul complex PUFLENE RESORT, partenerul diplomatic oficial, iar programul include si o vizita la cetatea Enisala din Dobrogea pentru a se putea familiariza mai bine cu potentialul turistic al Romaniei.


Reamintim ca in urma deciziei Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea-Presedintele IRICE, anul 2017 a fost declarat ANUL OFICIAL AL DELTEI DUNARII astfel incat prezenta delegatiilor europeni in vizita de descoperire a legendarului teritoriu al Deltei apare ca fiind mai mult decat naturala.


Principalele teme de discutie ale intalnirii, identificate de organizatiile de turism din diversele natiuni europene, includ: dezvoltarea turismului cultural si crearea de produse turistice trans-nationale, menite sa dezvolte cooperarea regionala si inter-natiuni, a declarat Presedintele reuniunii, Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea

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DOMENIILE PANCIU au  devenit în ultima perioadă cel mai titrat producător de vinuri din România, reuşind să cucerească cu vinurile liniştite şi efervescente produse la Ţifeşti, între frumoasele coline ale Vrancei, poziţii de varf la principalele competiţii mondiale şi naţionale.


Astfel se poate spune în baza acestui palmares extraordinar că DOMENIILE PANCIU au fost recunoscute drept casa vinurilor bune la nivel naţional şi internaţional.


Cea mai prestigioasa distincţie şi victorie pentru vinurile româneşti a fost obţinută la DECANTER, unde DOMENIILE PANCIU BRUT au obtinut bronzul în 2015, 2016 şi 2017 şi în 2015 Muscatul Ottonel dulce a primit o Menţiune Specială pentru un vin dulce şi aromat perfect din partea celor mai vestiţi degustători de vinuri din întreaga lume, dupa cum enunţă cu mândrie diploma obţinută.

Între alte premii colectate în ultima perioadă mai menţionăm şi participarea la Chisinau Wines&Spirits Contest, unde vinurile româneşti pline de caracter ale DOMENIILOR PANCIU au obtinut medalia de aur pentru Feteasca Neagră, iar în îndepărtata China, în primăvara lui 2017, au fost salutate cu Argint, tot pentru eterna şi fascinanta FETEASCA NEAGRĂ.

Să nu uităm că în 2014, CASA PANCIU a fost aleasă vinul de reprezentare al Europei şi că în 2017 cu ocazia ZILEI EUROPEI vinul reprezentativ al bătrînului continent a fost tot cel de la DOMENIILE PANCIU care au reuşi să aducă magia vinului românesc până la Bruxelles.

De altfel vinurile de la DOMENIILE PANCIU au fost în trei ani din şase ani alese pentru onoarea de a reprezenta efervescenţa şi calitatea vinurilor româneşti în plan internaţional fiind încoronate cu cea mai de seamă distincţie a României în domeniul vinurilor de calitate şi anume titlul de VINUL DIPLOMAŢILOR în 2014, 2016 şi 2017.

Şi în plan regional vinurile DOMENIILE PANCIU sau demonstrat că sunt cele mai bune în zona Vrancei şi în întreaga Românie, cucerind  principalele poziţii pe întreg traseul competiţional.

Care sunt secretele acestui succes deosebit prin care DOMENIILE PANCIU şi CASA PANCIU pun România pe harta vinurilor reprezentative în plan mondial?

Câteva secrete intră clar în categoria secretului lui Polichinelle: este vorba de un terroir unic cu rezerve de energie şi de lumină fără egal reprezentat de zona Vrancei, apoi de alegerea atentă şi grija faţă de vin care trebuie să fie îngemănarea perfectă de aromă,culoare şi gust şi de ce nu: experimentul interesant de a aduce creatori de vinuri din Italia care să dea o unicitate şi un aer mediteranean soiurilor autohtone.


Toate aceste argumente sunt la fel de valide, dar creatorii vinurilor de la DOMENIILE PANCIU îţi vor răspunde la întrebarea:  De ce este aici, la Panciu, Casa Vinurilor bune? cu un zâmbet şugubăţ: Datorită oamenilor!

Şi poate că au dreptate.










































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Cu ocazia Zilei Europei – 9 Mai 2017, a fost anuntat creatorul PARFUMULUI FAVORIT AL ANULUI 2017 si anume CASA DE PARFUMURI din Franta: DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE .

Parfumurile de la DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE sunt inspirate dintr-o colectie unica de bijuterii, un ansamblu de materiale de valoare si dimensiuni filosofice create de Salvador Dali.

In aceste bijuterii artistul a reusit sa capteze cu o maiestrie exceptionala, iconografia lui unica.

Astfel parfumurile colectiei reprezinta bijuterii in sine, flacoanele de un lux desavarsit creaza o legatura intre cele doua forme de limbaj: parfumeria si geniul artistic, unind mirosul, atingerea si privirea, trezind simturile si senzulitatea la cel mai profund nivel al constiintei.

Presedintele Consiliului European pentru Turism si Comert, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea a declarat ca in PARFUMULUI FAVORIT AL ANULUI 2017 gasim tot ce are Europa mai de pret: arta reprezentata de lucrarile artistului Salvador Dali, un nume care ilustreaza creatiile secolului XX european mai bine ca orice alta personalitate si cultura parfumului atat de bogata, atat de vibranta, atat de franceza si atat de europeana si universala totodata.

Nu este de mirare ca DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE, creatorii din inima Parisului, au castigat atat de doritul premiu si nominalizarea de a fi creatorii PARFUMULUI FAVORIT AL ANULUI 2017 si parteneri diplomatici ai  Consiliului European pentru Turism si Comert.



Nuanta de lemn exotic.

Delicat și senzual, acest parfum devine tentația seductiei eterne.

Actioneaza precum o potiune magica ascunsa intr-un potir incrustat cu nestemate, asemeni celui in care Isolda i-a servit lui Tristan potiunea magica a dragostei.

Ingrediente: iasomie, ylang-ylang, lemn de cedru, vetiver din Haiti, ambra, vanilie, patchouli.





White Floral (Flori albe)

Radiant si senzual, un parfum de un verde stralucitor precum piatra de peridot ilustreaza timpul intr-o miscare perpetua prin viata, asemeni parfumului ce se impregneaza in piele, intr-o armonie perfecta.

Alberto Morillas aduce un omagiu olfactiv renumitei bijuterii “The persistence of memory”,lucrata in aur si diamante pentru a ilustra fluiditatea timpului.

Ingrediente: iasomie Sambac, bergamot, tuberoza indiana, sofran, Burbon Vanilie, Sandalwood.




Rose Floral

Vrajit de “privirea” patrunzatoare a ochiului Dalinian, Alberto Morillas decide sa interpreteze minunata creație “The Eye of time”, printr-un parfum conceput pentru a delecta vederea și spiritul, transformand viziunea asupra lumii intr-o incantare permanenta.

Ingrediente: trandafir turcesc, Mandarin, absolut de Ambrette, lemn de cedru, acorduri de mosc.








Bijuteria “Chalice of life” creata in anul 1965 de excentricul Salvador Dali, a fost sursa de inspiratie pentru parfumierul de renume Aleberto Morillas.

Suntem invitati intr-un zbor imaginar al spiritului catre o lume de vis, insotiti de suavele batai de aripi ale fluturilor.

Ingrediente: neroli, absolut pretios de floare de portocal si un minunat buchet de flori albe.






Precum Zeus metamorfozat intr-o minunata lebada, a sedus-o pe Leda, regina Spartei, astfel ne seduce si maestrul parfumier Alberto Morillas cu aceasta creatie olfactiva de exceptie, ce ne incanta simturile pe acorduri de iris florentin si trandafir catifelat.

Din aceeasi legenda s-a inspirat si Dali cand a creat minunata bijuterie “Leaf veined hand”.

Ingrediente: bergamota, Violeta, Iris florentin , Orange Flower, lemn de santal, Praline, Vanilie.





Produsele de cea mai inalta calitate de la DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE – CREATORUL PARFUMULUI FAVORIT AL ANULUI 2017   pot fi achizitionate in Romania de la magazinele ELYSEE

sau direct de pe site-ul producatorului:


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Building on a successful cooperation on last year’s Europe Day, the European Tourism Academy supported the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE (ECTT)  to organize the Europe Day on Tuesday , 9 May 2017.


The reception was attended by over 1000 people from including prominent guests such as government representatives, diplomatic corps in Bucharest, business leaders, academia, and the media.

The welcoming speech was delivered by European Council on Tourism and Trade President-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.   

Honourable Ministers,

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Colleagues, fellow Europeans and friends of Europe,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Namaste, Salam Alaykum, Good evening, Bonsoir, and a very warm welcome to you all to the 2017 Europe Day celebrations.

First, I would like to express my gratitude to Academicians Mircea Constantinescu and Ionut Costea, Directors of EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY, for kindly agreeing to make available this splendid hall for today’s gathering.

We thought that this year it would be great to bring Europe closer to academicians and professionals and leaders of all walks of life, and to hold our celebrations in this excellent establishment.

Thank you very much to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.

Today, 9 May, is Europe Day.

 On this day in 1950 Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, called on the nations of Europe to unite and make war on our continent unthinkable.

His message of peace and unity is as relevant as ever.

 The dreams of our founding fathers have become a reality, and Europeans live together in peace and prosperity, bound together by principles of democracy and human rights.

Yet, as anyone who follows international news knows, the European Union faces considerable challenges, and I do not want to gloss over these.

But despite all our difficulties the Europe represents the most successful process of regional integration, and remains the richest continent in the world.

In no other place is there so much freedom – freedom to speak our mind, freedom to move, freedom to pray and not to pray, freedom to love, freedom to vote and freedom to choose our own destiny.

Everywhere in the world Europe is a major trading partner, a major investor and we are proudly launching here BEST OF EUROPE/BEST OF WORLD program.

Climate change is another example of Europe prowess and a dear subject to myself as Ambassador for World Protected Areas .

On 22 April 2016, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement in New York. Fifteen countries deposited their instruments of ratification on the same day sending a signal to the international community on the paramount importance of the implementation of the Agreement.

Our Ambassador office is committed to continue to work closely with all the nations on climate change, not only alongside it in international negotiations, but also as a key partner – providing support for mitigation and adjusting, and on the implementation of the Paris Agreement – the next big challenge.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

I want to welcome you this evening not only to the Europe Day Reception, but also to our exhibition showcasing our engagement in tourism, trade and development across the world.

With WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION and WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM programs we succeeded in the last ten years to bring over 6 billion euro investments in tourism, development and growth sector in Africa and Asia and we created more than 100.000 jobs in tertiary sectors of all the countries that have being supported by EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE and EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY programs.

 I would like to thank all our development implementing partners for their contributions to the exhibition and for their efforts.

I hope that everyone will take time to discover the breadth and depth of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE co-operation with developing world.

I would like to express my gratitude in particular to key partners of ours in this day, as DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE who offered you not only wonderful gifts but provided you with a symbol of what Europe stand`s for culture like Salvador Dali works and the joy of living embodied by wonderful perfumes and also a word of gratitude to our European Diplomatic Wine`s partners like HOUSE OF PANCIU who unveiled for you the best European sparkling wines and HOUSE OF WINES COTNARI who had offered you the gift of incredible European wines.

A word of gratitude to the 23 masters of pastry and cakes, who created the incredible cakes that we will taste tonight.

I will no longer stay between you and the incredible cake awaiting us!

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy Europe Day!

Bbahut Dhanyawad, Shukran, Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Danke.”

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The world cultural institution: European Council on Tourism and Trade, had started to officially register the countries and cities candidatures for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION  for countries and  WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM for cities desirous to become international hubs for tourism.

 The ECTT Awards for tourism and cultural achievements are the annual celebration that awards the best in tourism industry crowning, since 2006, the countries and nations excellence and investment in the tourism sector, putting under the world limelight the exceptional leadership and nation prowess, in the framework of WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM and WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD, and the category of FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION and marking out outstanding cultural and investment tourism projects.


The ceremony started with the unveiling of the logo for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD IN 2017

Starting their creation from 2006, the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) Awards have recognised nations and people’s strides for their innovative and determined tourism initiatives.

The contribution of the nations and leaders receiving world tourism and travel prizes is in line with ECTT guidelines for World Capital of Culture and Tourism and World Best Tourist Destination Award.


On the same occasion, the unveiling of the logo for WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM IN 2017 had taken place.

For the tenth consecutive time, the ECTT-European Council on Tourism and Trade Awards will recognize the tourism potentials of the most attractive tourist and cultural destinations.


Diplomatic corps accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade and foreign delegations attending the opening ceremony for 2017 WORLD TOURISM AWARDS.


President – Professor Dr. Anton Caragea participated in the opening ceremony for World Tourism Awards for 2017.

President Dr. Anton Caragea and European Council on Tourism and Trade President Office staff had given the starting signal for what is internationally known as Nobel`s or Oscar`s of tourism: the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION and WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM competitions.

This event has taken place on January 2, 2016 and has marked the opening of the international contests for WORLD BEST TOURISM DESTINATION AWARD and WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM for 2017.

Held under the patronage of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, the World Best Tourist Destination – Tourism Festival is an element of novelty in the world cultural space, consisting in a series of projects meant to promote the cultural diversity of the countries that outlined candidatures to World Best Tourist Destination, under the “Open Your Culture to The World” slogan.


Arab Embassies are highlighting the Coffee, tea and sweets as  national treasures and arguments for World Best Tourism Destination designation.

The inauguration ceremony, started with the message of the European Council on Tourism and Trade President, who highlighted the potential of the world culture, and the contribution of such public and cultural diplomacy initiatives to the dialogue between cultures, between generations, between the diplomatic community and civil society.

World Tourism, Travel and Cultural Awards Festival presented 56 countries candidatures for World Best Tourism Destination and World Capital of Culture and Tourism in 2017.

President Dr. Anton Caragea expressed satisfaction that the World Best Tourism Destination-Embassy Festival takes place concurrently with the New Year 2017 ceremonies and  announced 2017 as the YEAR OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND NATURAL AREAS PROTECTION by this way marking lavishly the start of World Best Tourist Destination/World Capital of Culture and Tourism competitions.


Food Festival for 2017 Tourism “Oscar`s” presented national dishes from 56 countries candidates for World Tourism Awards and succeeded to capture the imaginations of the world public.

The celebration continued with a presentation of national dishes and culinary traditions and hospitality and folk costumes, presenting the participants with a unique opportunity to taste and enjoy the world food  as part of tourism development of today.

Many ambassadors present on the venue to uphold their countries candidature`s emphasize the importance of food as a bridge toward friendship and understanding.

There is only a culture of understanding and friendship around food, stated president Anton Caragea opening the food section of WORLD TOURISM AWARDS.


Asian food from China to Vietnam and India on display for European Council on Tourism and Trade festivities

World Best Tourism Destination  -Tourism Festival will continue until 5 January 2017, having a diverse agenda and over 50 embassies, cultural institutes and international organizations as participants, representing 6 continent`s.


Further readings are available here:



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2017 is  the year to promote Danube Delta: this was the main theme of the Exhibition-Conference: TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! a public information event hosted in Bucharest by the Geological Museum.

2017 is THE TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! proclaimed Professor Dr. Anton Carageaa announcing  the partnership with PUFLENE RESORT-the Danube Delta perfect host.

Danube Delta has to be in the center of sustainable tourism development and more specially must be at the heart of every Romanian.


 Unfortunately, until now only 25% of Romanian population had visited Danube Delta and only 10 to 12% had made long time vacations in areas like Murighiol and Sulina, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


We proclaim 2017 as the year when WE HAVE TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The center of Danube Delta discovery campaign must be TULCEA/MURIGHIOL area, a special point with easy access to Danube Delta and an area that had witnessed a tremendous development in the last span of time with the extraordinary PUFLENE RESORT opening as a center for the discovery activities for Danube Delta, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Representatives of central administration (ministries and government agencies) , travel agencies, journalists and Danube Delta lovers attended the TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! public information event.



Professor Anton Caragea announced the conclusion of a partnership with PUFLENE RESORT who will make available special rates for rooms in order to encourage visitors to Danube Delta and will also stage a chain of events to promote attention toward Danube Delta.


PUFLENE RESORT the address of perfect leisure and pleasure in DANUBE DELTA!


PUFLENE RESORT will host in 2017 a new edition of DIPLOMATIC TRIP, program carved out as a discover Romania trip for foreign diplomats by the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.


In the framework of cooperation agreement PUFLENE RESORT will also host in May 2017 a special conference to locally launch the TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! program and will carve discovery routes around the complex, to bring visitors to Halmyris castle and to other touristic and cultural scenic beauties of Danube Delta.

The Conference TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! aas held under the High Patronage of Natural Protected Areas Goodwill Ambassador: Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and was officially opened in the presence of Romanian parliament members and of diplomatic corps accredited to Romania.

The music of Danube Delta was represented by a special Lipoveni (Russian Danube Delta minority) community singer. 



The conference had also benefited by the presence of an exhibition areas that garnered for public pleasure and information 36 canvas paintings and images from Danube Delta, a powerful testimony of natural potential and the unique beauty of Danube Delta-unique ecosystem in Europe.

The music was the best medium to highlight the beauties of Danube Delta during the exhibition opening.



The guests savored a specific fish meal and regional amuse bouche and enjoyed a concert of traditional music from Russian community of the areas and of fishermen collectivities of deltaic region.


By the conference end all the brochures and leaflets promoting Danube Delta beauties where exhausted, a clear symbol of the interest aroused by the photo exhibition and the joy and expectation to discover the luxurious PUFLENE RESORT-the perfect Danube Delta host.

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In data de 10 martie 2017, Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica a gazduit prima conferinta de prognoza economica a anului curent, prezentand datele statistice, prognozele si evolutia economiei romanesti in 2017, sub impactul crizei economice locale ce se agraveaza si cadrul general al economiei mondiale stagnante.


Punctul de pornire al discutiei a fost Raportul final al expertului ONU-Philip Alston ce a reliefat crudul adevar al saraciei devastatoare din Romania.

 Autoritatile romane sunt in stare de negare cu privire la adevaratele dimensiuni ale saraciei si crizei economice din tara, a declarat expertul ONU Philip Alston.


Conferinta a inceput cu o evaluare a impactului crizei economice, din ultimii ani, asupra peisajului economic.

Cifrele tragice ale crizei economice in care se zbate Romania: fara servicii, fara hrana, 2 milioane de romani se pregatesc sa emigreze din tara.

Astfel, in perioada anilor 2009-2016 criza a afectat zone vitale ale vietii economice precum: industria materialelor de constructii, piata imobiliara si industria usoara, urmata apoi in faza a doua de criza sistemului de asigurari si a sistemului bancar.


Reducerile PIB-ului au fost cifrate intre 10% in 2010, 8% in 2011 si o scadere anuala in perioada 2014 si 2016 de 3%.

Din nefericire aceste elemente ale crizei au pus bazele unei noi perioade de scadere economica in 2017.

Perioada anilor 2012 -2017 va fi fara indoiala privita drept cea mai neagra din istoria recenta a economiei romanesti au apreciat in unanimitate expertii prezenti.

Sectoarele de productie si sistemul bancar si de asigurari au fost sever lovite, ceea ce a fragilizat economia nationala dincolo de punctul de rezistenta, ceea ce face recuperarea inimaginabila mai devreme de patru pana la opt ani.


Reducerea creditarii interne, a investitiilor externe si a investitiilor interne au facut ca scaderea PIB-ului sa atinga 35% pana la 38% cumulat, in ultimii zece ani.


Un factor agravant a fost politica incompetenta a guvernelor din ultimii trei ani, politici publice ce au incurajat haosul legislativ, cresterea taxelor la nivele insuportabile si politica deliberata de supra-impozitare si distrugere a clasei de mijloc, toate au pus bazele acestei crize profunde, de sistem.



2017-un nou varf al crizei si saraciei in Romania.


Cu peste 70% din populatie traind sub limita pragului de saracie, Romania va trebui sa primeasca socul din plin al crizei europene si efectele sale.


Intre vestile grele ale anului 2017 prezentate in cadrul conferintei a starnit ingrijorare cifra de aprox. 700.000 de romani aflati in incapacitate de plata a obligatiilor catre banci, anuntata de BNR.


Pana acum economia romaneasca a fost lovita de propriile sale probleme: competitivitate redusa, productivitate minima, haos politic guvernamental, inflatie galopanta, lipsa de investitii interne si externe.

De acum, in anul 2017,  la acesti factori interni se vor  adauga: inflatia si deficitul guvernamental exorbitant.

La capitolul factorii externi ce influenteaza criza din Romania se adauga: efectele sanctiunilor impotriva Rusiei, economia stagnanta a Frantei si a Germaniei, efectele iesirii Marii Britanii din Uniunea Europeana, criza economica europeana si efectele crizei din Grecia si Ungaria, ceea ce reduce apetitul pentru investitii in estul Europei.



Trei sute de economisti, bancheri si oameni de afaceri au dezbatut cauzele prabusirii economiei romanesti in 2017.


Efectele combinate ale acestor crize vor duce la o reducere cu 3% pana la 6% din PIB-ul Romaniei in acest an.

Tonul crizei economice in 2017 in Romania a fost dat de vestea cumplita a faptului ca in ianuarie 2017 s-a inregistat o scadere de 33,94% a numarului de firme inregistrate conform datelor prezentate de Consiliul Intreprinderilor Mici si Mijlocii din Romania.

Se apreciaza ca in urma inrautatirii fara precedent a situatiei din tara intre, 1 si 2 milioane de romani vor  alege emigratia ca solutie de supravietuire.

Bugetul anului 2017 marcheza o noua etapa de agravare a crizei economice

Peisajul crizei economice in 2017 nu este reprezentat doar de trendul negativ al ultimilor ani, dar mai ales situatia este agravata de reducerea investitiilor interne si externe, singurele ce pot aduce crestere economica si bogatie.


Bugetul pentru 2017 garanteza scaderea economiei si continuarea crizei si arata haosul profund in care se afla politica economica guvernamentala.

Cu un buget prevazut cu un deficit record, cu inflatie ce distruge economiile populatiei si cu un sistem bancar gravat de ineficienta economica, tablou trist la care se adauga sirul de falimente al ultimelor luni , nu se ofera nicio sansa pentru crestere economica reala sau pentru proiecte de investitii majore, iar declinul real al economiei in acest an se va cifra intre 3 si 6% din PIB.


Ceea ce este dramatic si impacteaza stabilitatea economica este reducerea investitiilor la 1 miliard de euro, ceea ce lasa economia nationala la marginea supravieturii.

Trebuie sa tinem seama ca pentru a dezvolta si moderniza economia Romaniei si a o ajuta sa revina la nivelul pre-criza ar fi nevoie de investitii anuale de 20 de miliarde de euro anual.

Refacerea economiei se amana pentru 2050.


Daca tinem conta ca inainte de criza se prevedea ca economia Romaniei va reveni la nivelul anilor 1989, dinainte de revolutie, in jurul anilor 2025 acum situatia aceasta optimista nu mai poate fi prevazuta.

Acum economia nationala se afla la un nivel inferior a 25% din nivelul pre-revolutionar (1989), ceea ce face ca o perspectiva reala de revenire la nivelul pre-revolutie sa fie amanta pana in 2050.

Datoria externa ameninta stabilitatea economica a Romaniei.


Un factor ce ameninta cu sufocarea economiei romanesti este agravarea crizei datoriilor externe, astazi datoria de stat depaseste 36 de miliarde de dolari, iar impreuna cu cea privata ajunge la 105 de miliarde de dolari.


Desi situatia crizei datoriilor din Grecia, Irlanda, Spania sau Portugalia ar fi trebuit sa indemne la prudenta, Romania continua sa primesca imprumuturi destinate sprijinirii consumului si platii salariilor si pensiilor, in loc sa fie indreptate spre investitii economice directe si necesara modernizare industriala.


Daca adaugam la acesta nivelul de somaj, teribil, cu 15 %din populatia activa atinsa de diverse forme de somaj si cu inca 35% din populatie fara niciun sprijin financiar de la stat, Romania ajunge in varful listei statelor europene afectate de somaj, cu aproape 50% din populatie fara nicio sursa de venit si fara loc de munca.

Toate acestea se adauga la un nivel al saraciei fara precedent, ajungand la 70% din totalul populatiei, ceea ce ne ofera o imagine a situatie sociale tragice din Romania de astazi.


Criza economica este departe de a fi finalizata cu bazele economiei si sistemul financiar-bancar grav afectat.

Criza economica va continua si se va agrava in 2017 si probabil si dupa 2017.

Economia va incepe drumul spre recuperare dupa 2020, ceea ce ne pune in fata recunoasterii unei decade pierdute pentru tara noastra, si trebuie clar subliniat ca revenirea economiei in 2020 nu este sigura, ci este o posibilitate ce depinde de politici economice corecte si concrete de sprijinire a economiei.

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