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Water is life. Without water there can be no life. The world’s freshwater supplies, unfortunately, are under threat.

Water stress is increasing in many parts of the world. Aquifers are depleted faster than they are replenished.


The growth of the world’s population will increase demand for water by 55% by the year 2050, placing even further strain on freshwater reserves.

Rivers are the arteries of the earth. Seen from above, the earth’s creeks, lakes, rivers and wetlands form natural networks which sustain nature.

Rivers and lakes account for 90% of the world’s freshwater stocks.

Rivers have been the cradles of human civilization from time immemorial. The earliest civilizations were nurtured along the banks of rivers – including the Euphrates, the Indus, the Nile and Yellow rivers.


Rivers remain vital today.

Rivers will be essential for all eternity.

Rivers are indispensable to human well¬-being.

The waters of rivers are used for cooking, drinking, fishing, recreation, transportation and washing.

Rivers also provide water for irrigation for farming, mining, manufacturing and other economic activities.

Rivers are important for the security of states.

The management of transboundary watercourses must promote cooperation and collaboration rather than confrontation and conflict.


Rivers must be protected from pollution, including that caused by environmental degradation and the discharge of effluent from industry, mining and agriculture. River pollution impacts adversely on water quality, on health and the economic and social well-being of citizens.

The protection of the sources of the world’s freshwater sources is essential to ensuring:

– citizens’ entitlement to water;
– communities’ access to safe and sanitary water; and
– countries’ and the continent’s water security;

The adverse effects of climate change – droughts, flooding, rising sea levels and extreme weather events – are exacerbating water quality and environmental security. The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has forecasted that climate change will result in reduced surface and ground water in most sub-tropical regions.


The protection of the world’s freshwater sources, therefore, is essential to global water security.

World Water Day reminds us of our shared responsibility to protect the earth’s water resources.

WE have, therefore, calls on this World Water  Day to take action to protect water for future generations.

We recommend to this World Water Day, a three-point action agenda to enhance:

– Commitment to pay continuous attention and unceasing action, not only to occasional conferences;

– Collaboration among states, especially neighbours which share the waters of rivers; and

– Conservation of water resources and the protection of the environment everywhere in order to maintain the integrity of the earth’s rivers and lakes.

At stake is nothing less than humanity itself.  I wish success to the celebrations marking World Water Day.

I thank you.

For more information please refer to THE AMBASSADOR WEBSITE


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President Dr. Anton Caragea will open, together with President Ismail Omar Guelleh, the celebrations for Africa Week of Culture and Tourism to be held in Djibouti from 16 to 22 April 2018.


Djibouti is now a member of World Capitals of Culture and Tourism select list.


Djibouti was selected as the first African city to be inscribed on the world list of Capitals of Culture and Tourism in recognition of the city rich past, booming traditions and remarkable tourism development.

The country encompasses ten world heritage sites on tentative list ranging from natural treasures and natural protected areas such as: Lake Assal and Lake Abbe, National Park Foret du day to the tumulus of Awellos, cave paintings of Abourma.


President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea welcomed to Ethiopia by Ethiopian H.E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.


The capital city: Djibouti is home to a treasure trove of architectural marvels from the historical Haji Hamoudi Mosque, European Quarter (Malik Square) and African Quarter, Djibouti Cathedral and Ethiopian Church Saint Gabriel of the Sun and the cultural blending space of Les Caisses etc.

Our participation in Djibouti, World Capital of Culture and Tourism activities is part of our long-standing commitment to the development of Africa, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

President of Zimbabwe H.E. Robert G. Mugabe welcomes President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea in Zimbabwe`s capital Harare.

We have supported development and cultural programs in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and we are proudly adding now Djibouti to our list of valuable partners in the region and the support and enlighten policies of Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti are a guarantee for a long-term cooperation concluded President Dr. Anton Caragea.

H.E. Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti is a world recognized leader appreciated for his ambitious development model enacted in Djibouti.



The delegation headed by H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea will have extensive dialogues with H.E. Mr. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, Prime Minister of Djibouti, H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Ali Youssef, Minister of Foreign Affairs and a special meeting with H.E. Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti and will benefit from a cultural and orientation program in the country.

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Presedintele Dr. Anton Caragea va participa impreuna cu Presedintele Ismail Omar Guelleh la sarbatorile Saptamanii Culturii si Turismului in Africa, ceremonii ce vor avea loc intre 16 si 22 aprilie 2018 in Djibouti.


Djibouti este noua Capitala Mondiala a Culturii si Turismului

Djibouti este primul oras din Africa care a fost inscris in lista Capitalelor Culturii si Turismului  in meritata recunoastere a trecutului bogat al orasului, al exuberantei traditiilor si a dezvoltarii remarcabile a turismului.

Djibouti beneficiaza de zece monumente parte a patrimoniului mondial al umanitatii printre ele arii naturale protejate precum: Lacul Assal si lacul Abbe, Parcul National: Foret du Day, tumulii de la Wellos si picturile rupestre de la Abourma.


Presedinte Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea in vizita oficiala in Etiopia intampinat de Primul Ministru etiopian E.S. Hailemariam Desalegn.

Capitala Djibouti este la randul ei inobilata cu minuni arhitecturale precum: Moscheea Haji Hamoudi, cartierul european (Piata Malik), cartierul African (Piata Rimbaud), catedrala din Djibouti si Biserica etiopiana Sf. Gabriel al Soarelui si incredibilul spatiu de diversitate culturala de la Les Caisses.

Participarea noastra la evenimentele derulate in jurul numirii orasului Djibouti drept Capitala Mondiala a Culturii si Turismului este parte a indelungatei noastre legaturi cu Africa si cu dezvoltarea acesteia, a subliniat Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea, Presedintele Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica (IRICE).


Presedintele IRICE Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea in vizita oficiala la Harare impreuna cu Presedintele Zimbabwe E.S. Robert G. Mugabe.

Am sprijinit programe de dezvoltare economica si culturala in Etiopia si in Zimbabwe si acum adaugam cu mandrie Djibouti pe lista noastra de parteneriate in regiune, iar sprijinul pentru dezvoltare si politicile energice de crestere economica puse in practica de catre Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, Presedintele Republicii Djibouti sunt a garantie a unei cooperari indelungate, a mai mentionat Presedintele Dr. Anton Caragea.

E.S. Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, Presedintele Republicii Djibouti este creatorul unui model de dezvoltare apreciat de intreaga lume.


Delegatia condusa de E.S. Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea va avea o serie de dialoguri cu E.S. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, Primul Ministru al Djibouti, E.S. Mahmoud Ali Youssef , Ministrul Afacerilor Externe si al Cooperarii Internationale si o intrevedere speciala cu E.S. Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh, Presedintele Republicii Djibouti si va beneficia de un program cultural si de familiarizare special in cadrul vizitei.

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President of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation IRICE, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has sent a congratulatory message to the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali on his election to the premiership office.


 President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea during his official visit to Ethiopia   (meeting with then Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn).


The President’s message reads as follows:


I want to start by congratulating you on the occasion of  the election as Prime Minister of Federal Republic of Ethiopia and as Chairman of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front and take this opportunity to wish you joy, happiness and successes for all your loved ones and a perfect year for ETHIOPIA and his people(…)

I want to avail to this opportunity to wish you a perfect mandate, on personal level with health and happiness, and on government level, a mandate of accomplishments in your exertions for a better future and for development of people of Ethiopia.

We share with the Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia a long history of cooperation in building tourism, cultural and developmental cooperation  and we express our goodwill and desire for a continuous cooperation with Your Excellency Government.


More about Romania-Ethiopia relations can be accessed here:




On behalf of our institution, I express our desire to work closely with Your Excellency towards the achievement of the objectives set in the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, including the promotion of tourism, development projects and the advancement of bilateral cooperation.  

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DOMENIILE PANCIU reusesc o noua performanta, la nivel European, odata cu obtinerea MEDALIEI DE AUR pentru Muscat Ottonel Panciu Riserva 2017 in cadrul Berliner Wein Trophy 2018.


In cifre competitia berlineaza a insumat 6700 vinuri, 198 jurati, 35 comisii de degustare si cateva medalii de aur printre care o medalie de aur pentru echipa din Tifesti Vrancea: DOMENIILE PANCIU.

DOMENIILE PANCIU au reusit aceasta frumoasa performanta ilustrand inca odata valoarea terroir-ului vrancean ce poate produce vinuri spumante ce egaleza in plan mondial cu vinurile spumante din Champagne sau din Italia.


Sa nu uităm ca in 2014, DOMENIILE PANCIU -CASA PANCIU a fost aleasă vinul de reprezentare al Europei si ca in 2017, cu ocazia ZILEI EUROPEI, vinul reprezentativ al batranului continent a fost tot cel de la DOMENIILE PANCIU care au reusit sa aducă magia vinului romanesc până la Bruxelles.



Mai multe informatii despre prezenta internationala a vinurilor romanesti puteti afla aici:






De altfel vinurile de la DOMENIILE PANCIU au fost în ultimii trei ani din sase  alese pentru onoarea de a reprezenta efervescenta şi calitatea vinurilor romanesti in plan international, fiind încoronate cu cea mai de seamă distinctie a Romaniei in domeniul vinurilor de calitate si anume titlul de VINUL DIPLOMATILOR in 2014, 2016 si 2017.

Intre alte recunoasteri internationale le mentionam pe cele obtinute in cadrul concursului DECANTER unde  DOMENIILE PANCIU BRUT au obtinut bronzul in 2015, 2016 si 2017 si unde in  2015 Muscatul Ottonel dulce a primit o Mentiune Speciala pentru un vin dulce si aromat perfect din partea celor mai vestiti degustatori de vinuri din intreaga lume, dupa cum anunta cu mandrie organizatorii de la DECANTER.


Daca doriti sa degustati cele mai bune vinuri ale Europei si Romaniei sau pentru mai multe informații despre Domeniile Panciu, puteţi accesa aici.

Date de contact pentru comenzi şi prezentări:
Tel.: +4 0728 900 497, +40 736 032 127

Site: http://www.domeniilepanciu.ro

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DOMENIILE PANCIU are succeeding a new European level performance as they obtained the GOLD MEDAL for their famous sparkling wine Muscat Ottonel Panciu Riserva 2017 in the contest of Berliner Wein Trophy 2018.


The Berlin-based competition can be best evaluated by a few key figures like: 6700 wines under jury evaluation, 198 experts garnered as jurors for the contest, 35 committees dedicated to the evaluations and a few gold medalists among whom DOMENIILE PANCIU from Vrancea Tifesti had taken center stage.


DOMENIILE PANCIU achieved the apex of international recognition and succeeded in placing under limelight once more the value of the Vrancea terroir that is producing sparkling wines on equal footing with famous Champagnes sparkling wines or Italian ones.


More articles about WINE INDUSTRY can be read out here:








We must remember that: the DOMENIILE PANCIU under the brand name of CASA PANCIU was selected as Europe`s representation and diplomatic wine in 2014 and in 2017 on the EUROPE DAY ceremony the Vin d’honneur was once again provided by the DOMENIILE PANCIU selected wine.

In Romania, in three out of six years, DOMENIILE PANCIU were selected to uphold Romanian wine industry prowess and to keep the banner of the Romanian sparkling and still wines being awarded the DIPLOMATIC WINE designation in 2014, 2016 and again in 2017.

To this long list of achievements we must add the DECANTER bronze for the DOMENIILE PANCIU BRUT sparkling wine in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and in 2015 the Muscat Ottonel sweet wine has received a Special Mention for a perfect aroma and balanced taste winning the appraisals of world`s top wine tasters, as the organizers of DECANTER competition are affirming.



If you want to taste the best European and Romanian wines or for request for information and orders you can reach Domeniile Panciu here:

Tel.: +4 0728 900 497, +40 736 032 127

Site: http://www.domeniilepanciu.ro

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Diplomatic community has hailed the selection of a new diplomatic partner for Romania as a new step towards recognizing and upholding the inventivity and creativity of Romanian entrepreneurial elite.


GENTLEMEN`S CORNER is the most recently selected new diplomatic partner in bolstering Romania`s image across the world.

The title of OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC PARTNER of The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation comes to salute the exertions of GENTLEMEN`S CORNER and his founding father Mr. Sorin Preda to educate the Romanian consumer, to offer high-quality products and in the same time incorporating the brimming creativity of Romanian fashion creators.

The DIPLOMATIC PARTNER designation is the highest honor to be bestowed upon Romanian entrepreneurs and creators in order to signify their condition as true ambassadors in the world for Romanian industry.

The official ceremony has taken place on February 21, 2018, and gathers in a festive moment: representatives of Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Government united in the recognition of a modern phenomenon: the Romanian fashion designers taken the world by storm.



DIPLOMATIC  PARTNERS CEREMONY (left to right): Mr. Sorin Preda-GENTLEMEN`S CORNER creator, Mr. Marius Budai Chairman Economic Committee Romanian Parliament, H.E. President of Romania (1996-2000) Dr. Emil Constantinescu, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.


The latest in this string of successes are the designer creations of GENTLEMEN`S CORNER, creations that top the fashion industry claiming the coveted 2017 INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD.

This is the moment for Romania to embrace his values, stated IRICE President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

In France the designer of perfume creators are recognized as members of Legion of Honor or in Great Britain they will be knights of the realm as it is in them that we salute the desire for a better future, to overcome our own limits and the best of what a nation has to offer.


In Romania we have carved out this diplomatic partnership status in order to better showcase the richness of our country and our values, values build around these personalities as they are ambassadors of fashion, creators of national pride and plus value stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Romanian president (1996-2000) professor Emil Constantinescu underlined the fact that the reasons for his decision as a president to reinstate this diplomatic awards was the need to pinpoint the elites and the positive models for society to follow.

A society that turns a blind eye to his values, that does not pay them the necessary respect is a lost society. The only way to confront today’s crises of values and identity is to clearly mark down true values such: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER and the new Romania`s fashion ambassador: Mr. Sorin Preda.

At the same time London and Bucharest where celebrating fashion creators: a sign of normality and values blending.

Queen Elizabeth II has at the same time with our ceremony decorated the British fashion creators, and we here today we are decorating the foremost fashion creator of our country: Mr. Sorin Preda.

It is an example that our country is strongly enshrined in the great modern currents and in London or Bucharest we recognize the same values.


The Chairman of Economic Committee of Romanian Parliament Mr. Budai Marius underlined that The Parliament is honored to salute in GENTLEMEN`S CORNER the new country diplomatic partner that will help build a healthy image of Romania and our economy cannot develop without the creativity and success model offered by Mr. Sorin Preda, a model of success on a European scale.


Vice-President Catalin Nechifor has marked the Romanian Parliament appreciation for diplomatic corps presence in significant numbers on the venues of NEW DIPLOMATIC PARTNER: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER.

GENTLEMEN`S CORNER is etching better than any the Romanian values, the Romanian normality and the stellar integration of our country on the world top echelons by fashion and inventivity.


The ceremony was TV broadcasted and among others took the floor ambassadors of the Republic of Armenia (H.E. Sergey Minasyan) , Republic of Belarus (H.E. Andrei M. Grienkevich), Republic of Cuba (H.E. Roberto Cesar Hamilton), People`s Democratic Republic of Korea (H.E. Ri Pyong Du), Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (H.E. Victor R. Carazo), Palestine representative and other diplomats.

The ceremony has concluded with a tasting of Romanian natural products and a line of canapes and the guests took their time to admire the new fashion creations signed by Mr. Sorin Preda and GENTLEMEN`S CORNER team.


Ambassador of Republic of Cuba (H.E. Roberto Cesar Hamilton)

Ambassador of Republic of Armenia (H.E. Sergey Minasyan)

Ambassador of Republic of Belarus (H.E. Andrei M. Grienkevich)

Ambassador of People`s Democratic Republic of Korea (H.E. Ri Pyong Du-photo center)



H.E. Professor Dr. Emil Constantinescu, President of Romania (1996-2000) in a friendly shake hand with the Ambassador of Venezuela H.E. Victor R. Carazo under the watchful eye of IRICE President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Press Dossier for DIPLOMATIC PARTNERSHIP CEREMONY can be accessed here:




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Comunitatea diplomatica a salutat alegerea GENTLEMEN`S CORNER drept noul partener diplomatic pentru promovarea imaginii Romaniei in lume si sustinerea inventivitatii si a creativitatii intreprinzatorilor romani.


Titlul de PARTENER DIPLOMATIC oficial al Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica vine drept o recunoastere a eforturilor GENTLEMEN`S CORNER si a fondatorului acestuia dl. Sorin Preda de a educa consumatorul roman, de a oferi produse de cea mai inalta calitate, dar care sa incorporeze si creativitatea si fantezia creatorilor de moda romani.

Titlul de PARTENER DIPLOMATIC este cea mai inalta distinctie de merit pentru creatorii si intreprinzatorii ce reprezinta Romania si tot ceea ce are tara noastra mai de pret in lume.

Ceremonia oficiala a avut loc in data de 21 februarie 2018 si a reunit, intr-un moment festiv, reprezentanti ai corpului diplomatic acreditat in Romania, reprezentanti ai Camerei Deputatilor si Senatului si ai guvernului Romaniei, uniti in recunoasterea unui fenomen modern: al creatorilor de moda romani ce cuceresc lumea.


Fenomen reprezentat acum de creatiile GENTLEMEN`S CORNER, creatii care au obtint in toamna lui 2017 prestigiosul PREMIUL INTERNATIONAL DE CALITATE in cadrul festivalului modei.


CEREMONIA PARTENERILOR DIPLOMATIEI IRICE: Din stanga in dreapta: Dl. Sorin Preda-noul partener diplomatic, Presedinte Marius Budai-Camera Deputatilor/Comisia Economica, Presedintele Romaniei (1996-2000) Emil Constantinescu, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea Presedinte IRICE.



 Este momentul in care Romania trebuie sa isi recunoasca valorile a declarat Presedintele Director general IRICE, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, in Franta creatorii parfumurilor si cei ce obtin premii in lumea modei devin membrii ai Legiunii de onoare, in Marea Britanie primesc titlul de cavaleri ai regatului, deoarece in ei salutam energia, dorinta de mai bine si de autodepasire si tot ceea ce are mai bun un popor.


In Romania am creat exact acest statut de partener diplomatic pentru a ilustra ca imaginea tarii noastre este construita prin eforturile acestor personalitati, ei sunt ambasadori ai modei, ai bunului gust, ei aduc mandrie si plusvaloare Romaniei a declarat prof.dr. Anton Caragea.

Presedintele Romaniei (1996-2000) Prof. Emil Constantinescu a mentionat la randul sau ca a construit aceste premii de recunoastere diplomatica din nevoia de ilustra prin elite si modele concrete varfurile societatii.


O societate care isi ignora valorile, care nu le respecta este o societate pierduta si nu putem lupta impotriva actualei crize de respect fata de valori si identitate decat marcand adevaratele valori precum GENTLEMEN`S CORNER si noul ambasador al modei romanesti Dl. Sorin Preda.


In acelasi timp in Londra si la Bucuresti creatorii de moda erau decorati: un gest de normalitate si integrare.   

Astazi regina Elisabeta a Marii Britanii tocmai a decorat in acelasi timp cu noi creatorii de moda ai regatului, iar noi aici decoram pe cel mai important creator de moda al Romaniei: dl. Sorin Preda.

Este un exemplu ca tara noastra face parte din marile curente moderne si la Londra sau la Bucuresti invatam sa recunoastem valorile.

Deputatul Budai Marius, Presedinte al Comisiei Economice din Parlamentul Romaniei a subliniat ca Parlamentul este onorat sa salute in GENTLEMEN`S CORNER un nou partner diplomatic, un partener pentru a construi o noua imagine a Romaniei, pentru a da un exemplu de crestere economica sanatoasa, bazata pe inventivitate si creativitate si a marcat ca economia Romaniei nu poate creste fara exemple, fara modele de reusita si putem saluta in dl. Sorin Preda un astfel de model de reusita la scara europeana.

Vice-Presedintele Catalin Nechifor a prezentat salutul Parlamentului pentru corpul diplomatic acreditat in Romania si pentru noul partener diplomatic: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER ce ilustreaza cel mai bine si valorile romanesti si normalitatea si integrarea tarii noastre in lume prin inventivitate si creatii de moda.

La ceremonie au participat si sutinut alocutiuni intre altii si ambasadorii Republicii Armenia (E.S. Sergey Minasyan), Republicii Belarus (E.S. Andrei M. Grienkevich), Republicii Cuba (E.S.Roberto Cesar Hamilton) , Republicii Populare Democrate Coreea (E.S. Ri Pyong Du), Republica Bolivariana a Venezuelei (E.S. Victor Carazo), reprezentantul Palestina etc. Diplomatii au primit si ocazia de a se adresa prin intermediul televiziunii si unei audiente generale si au oferit interviuri presei acreditate la eveniment etc.

Au fost apoi degustate produse naturale romanesti si invitatii au putut admira cele mai noi colectii de moda semnate de Sorin Preda si GENTLEMEN`S CORNER-noii parteneri ai diplomatiei.


Ambasadorul Republicii Cuba (E.S. Roberto Cesar Hamilton)

Ambasadorul Republicii Armenia (E.S.  Sergey Minasyan)

Ambasadorul Republicii Belarus (E.S. Andrei M. Grienkevich)

Ambasadorul Republicii Populare Democrate Coreea (E.S. Ri Pyong Du – in centrul imaginii)

Presedintele Emil Constantinescu intr-o strangere de mana prieteneasca cu Ambasadorul Venezuelei: Victor R. Carazo.






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In timp ce restul lumii se pregatea de sarbatori, specialistii de la GENTLEMEN`S CORNER nu se odihneau o clipa pregatind noile testaturi si modele ce vor aduce eleganta si bunul gustul in caselor celor care iubesc hainele frumoase si lucrurile deosebite.

Printre surprizele placute ale anului 2018 GENTLEMEN`S CORNER ne propune pantofii one-cut ce vor face bucuria celor ce ii vor purta in noul an.

Sunt pantofi tip business, cu o placuta culoare coniac din piele naturala avand toate beneficiile cunoscutei colectii Classic de la GENTLEMEN`S CORNER.

 Pantofii cunoscutei colectii Classic de la GENTLEMEN`S CORNER vor face bucuria posesorilor in 2018.

Pantofii acestia sunt o adevarata culme a elegantei ne asigura fondatorul GENTLEMEN`S CORNER dl. Sorin Preda fiind lucrati manual dintr-o singura bucata, vopsiti manual cu talpa piele si interior de piele.

Folosind materiale scumpe si deosebite, acesti pantofi eleganti sunt lucrati manual, ceea ce ne garanteaza o calitate unica apreciaza dl. Sorin Preda.

Printre suprizele, toate placute ale lui 2018 se numara si oferta speciala la cei care doresc sa incearce experienta FULL CANVAS cu o  reducere generoasa la orice costum tip Full Canvas.


 Sacoul Full Canvas sau traditional reprezinta calitatea suprema in materie de sacouri.

Intre materialul sacoului si captuseala, la nivelul pieptilor si la nivelul reverelor se afla o panza (traditional din par de cal) ce se intinde de la rever si pana jos. Panza este cusuta de materialul sacoului.

In mod traditional se cosea de mana, actualmente exista masini speciale care executa aceste cusaturi.

Rezultatul este ca sacoul se aseaza natural, prinde mult mai bine forma corpului si arata mult mai bine, chiar si cand te misti si rezista mult mai bine in timp (pentru mai multe informatii puteti citi aici: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER).


Alte recomandari ale profesionistilor mai cuprind si  costumul de business albastru.


Materialul a fost gandit pentru a rezista la apa si a rezista la sifonare fiind companionul perfect pentru delegatiile indelungate sau pentru deplasarile cu avionul ce solicita la maximum linia eleganta a costumelor.

Ceea ce il face tovarasul ideal pentru deplasari este faptul ca prezinta un stretch natural care va va conferi acel plus de lejeritate de care aveati nevoie.

Spre bucuria celor ce doresc tot ce este mai bun trebuie sa va anuntam faptul ca acest costum este deja disponibil la comanda din materiale Cerruti si va fi disponibil si in stoc din martie 2018.

GENTLEMEN`S CORNER este cunoscut drept unul din centrele de eleganta cei mai semnificativi actori de pe piata de fashion din Romania si din Europa.


Decorat cu PREMIUL INTERNATIONAL DE CALITATE IN 2017 pentru produsele deosebite, eleganta si puterea de a comunica un nou stil pentru barbatul puternic si decis GENTLEMEN`S CORNER a devenit din 2018 si partenerul diplomatic oficial in recunoastere a rolului instrumental in promovarea imaginii Romaniei.


Pentru detalii si o intalnire cu specialistii fashionului in Romania GENTLEMEN`S CORNER va sta la dispozitie aici:

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2018 will be a year dedicated to the celebration of the christian heritage of the Romanian people and will also mark the latinity, continuity and the two millennia of Christian life on Dobrogea (Dobruja) by placing at the fore of national and international attention the sacred heritage of Holy Martyrs Epictetus and Astion, has decided the academic council of The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania (IRICE).

Saints Martyrs Epictetus and Astion are proof even today, two millenniums  after their sacrifice on the long-term presence of Christian faith on the lands of Dobrogea  and are a birth certificate of Romanian Christianity and an irrefutable evidence of the exceptional duration of Christianity on our lands.


They are also a perfect example of sacrifice and life offered in the service of Our Savior Jesus Christ, has highlighted their significance Professor Dr. Anton Caragea – IRICE President.

We are marking this year 100 years since the unification of Romania (1918) and we must also mark down for posterity our creative potential and not overlook that we are the beneficiaries of two millennia of Christian legacy and over 2.100 years of statehood, this are fundamental dates of the historical evolution of Romanian people.

Murighiol Cathedral dedicated to Saints Martyrs Epictetus and Astion.


In this perspective, the  Saints Martyrs Epictetus and Astion role is a fundamental one as we are speaking of the oldest historically proven martyrs of the Church on the territory of Romania, they are not only teaching us on the uninterrupted continuity of civilization on the banks of Danube, but also are offering us a lesson on the love for Christ of our people, even more resounding as we are having here saints registered in the Catholic and Orthodox pantheon  so truly universal saints testifying for the Holy Church in his wholeness, saints that are making Romania proud of his legacy, concluded the historical presentation of the moment Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The Halmyris-Murighiol fortification today. A central point of the map of cultural and historical treasures of Dobrogea (Dobruja).


The focal point of the celebrations for 2018 THE YEAR OF SAINTS MARTYRS EPICTETUS AND ASTION will take place on July 8, 2018 on Murighiol (former roman city of Halmyris) in the cathedral of Saints Epictetus and Astion with a special mass taking place in the honor of the holy martyrs of Christian faith and of Romanian dedication: saints EPICTETUS and ASTION.



The excavated ruins of the Roman Cathedral built on VIII century on the spot where Saints Epictetus and Astion  suffered martyrdom for their faith in Jesus Christ in  290 after Chr.




It is the celebration of the oldest holy martyrs known as the territory of Dobrogea, Epictetus and Astion, the Orthodox Church commemorates on 8 July. Description of life and their passion was kept in the Acts of the Martyrs with large details.
They are known as saints Halmyris, the ancient Christian city located on the banks of the Danube that was called in ancient times “Almyra”. They suffered a martyr’s death during fierce persecution against the Christian church triggered by Emperor Diocletian (244-311) on 8 July 290. Surely they are the martyrs old Dobrogea certified undoubtedly springs hagyographic.


Life and their passion have given in the Acts of the Martyrs, but unfortunately, their holy martyr act we were kept only in a later century copy. XV, located in the Church of the Saviour in Utrecht and was published in 1615 by Jesuit scholar Herbert Rosweyde († 1629).

In 1921, Benedictine Dom Germain Morin discovered in remembrance of martyrology Ieronimian St. Epictetus and Astion on May 23 in “The S.S. Epicteto presbytero et Astion monachu martyribus Almiridensibus in Scythia “, confirming the veracity of statements he Acta Sanctorum, edited by N. Rosweyde, mentioned above.


Acta Sanctorum took passages from a study of its impact on the two saints and martyrs renowned researcher and historian Netzhammer Raymund (1862-1945), Catholic archbishop arrived in Bucharest and left posterity work Epiktet und Astion, diokletianische Martyrer I Danaudelta, Zug. 1937.



Saints Epictetus and Astion from Halmyris

Saint Epictetus, priest, and Saint Astion, (improperly said) monk, originals from Asia Minor, were martyrs for Christ in the 3rd century in Scytia Minor (the today Romanian region Dobruja-Dobrogea, situated between Danube and the Black Sea).

They were originally from Little Asia.

Information about their lives is known only from a copy of a 15th century manuscript kept in the archive of the Savior Church in Utrecht, published in 1615 by the Jesuit monk Herbert Rosweyde, the initiator of the hagiographic collections Acta Sanctorum, under the title “SS. Epicteto presbytero et Astion monacho, martirybus Almiridiensibus in Scythia “.

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