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Danube Delta will be the center, for a third year in a row, of DISCOVER ROMANIA 2018 summer trip of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRCE), the program destined to acquaint diplomats and international friends of Romania with the country historical patrimony and leisure opportunities and destinations.

The destination selection was made keeping in balance the international rename of the area of Danube Delta, the breathtaking beauty of the region and the celebrations destined to mark in 2018 and 2019 the YEAR OF SAINT EPICTETUS AND ASTION.

We hope that 2018 will be a continuation of the successful declaration of 2017 as THE YEAR TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA.

The successful promotion campaign has managed to attract on Danube Delta a record of 120.000 visitors in 2017 compared to 71.000 last year stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

In 2017 PUFLENE RESORT and Mihai Puflene are being honored with the prestigious title of DIPLOMATIC PARTNERS.

At the heart of this sensibilization campaign aimed at informing Romanian public with regards to the extraordinary tourism potential of the Danube Delta was Mr. Mihai Puflene the General Director of PUFLENE RESORT and an avid and ardent promoter of the Danube beauties and potential, bent of sharing them with the world.


For his role in promoting Danube Delta as a center for relaxation and discovery for the entire Dobrogea(Dobrudja) region during 2016 and 2017 diplomatic trips, Mr. Mihai Puflene and PUFLENE RESORT where named OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC PARTNERS of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE).


PUFLENE RESORT: the creation of the Danube Delta connoisseur Mr. Mihai Puflene has become the center of Danube Delta discoveries journeys.

If we can transform 2018 in another the year of discovery for Danube Delta and we could elicit Romanian tourists and foreign diplomats in uncovering this treasure it is all due to Mr. Mihai Puflene and his efforts that attracted tourists and development in the area.

PUFLENE RESORT has also succeeded in setting a new standard for hospitality and elegance in the region and of public diplomacy, we must also be grateful to PUFLENE RESORT for the support offered in bringing diplomats in Danube Delta in discovery trips in 2016 and 2017 and now once more in 2018.


We have to give thanks to PUFLENE RESORT dedicated staff for an outstanding hospitality that we recommend to all those who want to discover Delta and to Mr. Mihai Puflene, the lover and connoisseur of Danube Delta, the man that aims to bring all Romanians to know and share the beauties of Danube we can only wish him Good look and we are continuously by your side, concluded Professor Dr.Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

The Summer 2018 Diplomatic trip will take place from 10th August to 15th August and will be dedicated to diplomats and foreign friends and partners of Institute of international Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania and will be carved as an opportunity and invitation to discover Danube Delta heritage, history, culture, hospitality and cuisine treasures.

The full photo journal of the 2017 Summer Diplomatic Trip can be observed here: IRICE PRESIDENT OFFICE

The full photo journal of the 2016 Summer Diplomatic Trip can be observed here: PRESIDENT OFFICE

The Journal of 2011 Ambassadors Visit to DANUBE DELTA is available here:

The Journals of previous visits to Moldavia can be observed here: Iasi and Bucovina

More about PUFLENE RESORT can be read out here:



More about PUFLENE RESORT and the main attractions to be discovered in Danube Delta can be discovered here:


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Building on a successful cooperation on last year’s Europe Day, the European Tourism Academy supported the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE (ECTT)  to organize the Europe Day on Tuesday , 9 May 2017.


The reception was attended by over 1000 people from including prominent guests such as government representatives, diplomatic corps in Bucharest, business leaders, academia, and the media.

The welcoming speech was delivered by European Council on Tourism and Trade President-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.   

Honourable Ministers,

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Colleagues, fellow Europeans and friends of Europe,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Namaste, Salam Alaykum, Good evening, Bonsoir, and a very warm welcome to you all to the 2017 Europe Day celebrations.

First, I would like to express my gratitude to Academicians Mircea Constantinescu and Ionut Costea, Directors of EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY, for kindly agreeing to make available this splendid hall for today’s gathering.

We thought that this year it would be great to bring Europe closer to academicians and professionals and leaders of all walks of life, and to hold our celebrations in this excellent establishment.

Thank you very much to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.

Today, 9 May, is Europe Day.

 On this day in 1950 Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, called on the nations of Europe to unite and make war on our continent unthinkable.

His message of peace and unity is as relevant as ever.

 The dreams of our founding fathers have become a reality, and Europeans live together in peace and prosperity, bound together by principles of democracy and human rights.

Yet, as anyone who follows international news knows, the European Union faces considerable challenges, and I do not want to gloss over these.

But despite all our difficulties the Europe represents the most successful process of regional integration, and remains the richest continent in the world.

In no other place is there so much freedom – freedom to speak our mind, freedom to move, freedom to pray and not to pray, freedom to love, freedom to vote and freedom to choose our own destiny.

Everywhere in the world Europe is a major trading partner, a major investor and we are proudly launching here BEST OF EUROPE/BEST OF WORLD program.

Climate change is another example of Europe prowess and a dear subject to myself as Ambassador for World Protected Areas .

On 22 April 2016, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement in New York. Fifteen countries deposited their instruments of ratification on the same day sending a signal to the international community on the paramount importance of the implementation of the Agreement.

Our Ambassador office is committed to continue to work closely with all the nations on climate change, not only alongside it in international negotiations, but also as a key partner – providing support for mitigation and adjusting, and on the implementation of the Paris Agreement – the next big challenge.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

I want to welcome you this evening not only to the Europe Day Reception, but also to our exhibition showcasing our engagement in tourism, trade and development across the world.

With WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION and WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM programs we succeeded in the last ten years to bring over 6 billion euro investments in tourism, development and growth sector in Africa and Asia and we created more than 100.000 jobs in tertiary sectors of all the countries that have being supported by EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE and EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY programs.

 I would like to thank all our development implementing partners for their contributions to the exhibition and for their efforts.

I hope that everyone will take time to discover the breadth and depth of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE co-operation with developing world.

I would like to express my gratitude in particular to key partners of ours in this day, as DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE who offered you not only wonderful gifts but provided you with a symbol of what Europe stand`s for culture like Salvador Dali works and the joy of living embodied by wonderful perfumes and also a word of gratitude to our European Diplomatic Wine`s partners like HOUSE OF PANCIU who unveiled for you the best European sparkling wines and HOUSE OF WINES COTNARI who had offered you the gift of incredible European wines.

A word of gratitude to the 23 masters of pastry and cakes, who created the incredible cakes that we will taste tonight.

I will no longer stay between you and the incredible cake awaiting us!

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy Europe Day!

Bbahut Dhanyawad, Shukran, Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Danke.”

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With the inauguration of the 45th President Washington gets in a festive mood and tourism industry starts garnering hopes.


As Donald John Trump is taking office, he promised a bright future for US tourism: getting the country on World Best Tourism Destination list, making historical cities on Eastern Coast of United States to be recognized as World Capital of Culture, all are on the to do list of the new administration drafted by the new President on his first day in office, writes European Journal of Tourism Washington correspondent.



United States President Donald Trump and Kingdom of Cambodia Prime Minister, Academician HUN SEN (Cambodia has won WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status in 2016)


But the analysts are not so convinced that Trump effect on tourism will be this positive. The Telegraph ask the readers : Who will visit an America ruled by Donald Trump? – and make a prophecy that not too many.

The New York Times in a central editorial make`s the same point: What Impact Will Trump Have on Tourism?


The analysis result sounds cautious: new immigration procedures that make the customs and border process harder, the scrutiny of particular groups of people); and the perception of how welcoming and safe (or not) the United States is are growing to weigh heavily on the future of US tourism.



Donald Trump promises that he will put his managerial skills in the benefit of world tourism.


Others cited in the article are right a way tenebrous: attendees at the World Travel Market London conference were coming up and “offering condolences.”( Gary Leff).


The list of worries on tourism faith under Donald Trump is long and wide spanning from: banning of minority groups, hostile policies towards Middle Eastern travellers, Cuban policy, US dollar strength in ratings, air fares tariffs, immigration policies and what role the Trump hotels will have in the great scheme of things.

Tourism is all about optimism and confidence and the new US President Donald Trump Jr. promised in his inaugural address that: hee will make US a World Best Tourist Destination country and a great country for all !

Let`s wait and see! The competition is still open after all!

More about World Tourism can be found here: WORLD&TOURISM

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The status of  WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION continues to add value and dramatically improve tourism recipes, draw international investors and bring development and economic prowess.

The latest country to register the benefits of tourism related development are Zimbabwe and Laos countries that top the world tourism growth in the last years.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe is expressing his gratitude for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status for his country.

Zimbabwe tourism has registered an outstanding change of fortune after being selected WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION IN 2014 by the world tourism institution-European Council on Tourism and Trade .

We have registered an increase in annual earnings to $1,5 billion after an improvement in international sentiment, said.  Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, chief executive Karikoga Kaseke.

This is coming from tourism bringing only $827 million to the state revenues which is almost an 80% increase in tourism related revenues.

Visitors are flocking to Victoria Falls in record numbers, after the visit of European Council on Tourism and Trade President and his retinue and this is a sure sign that Zimbabwe tourism is turning a corner, an industry leader says.

Helicopter ride over Zambezi

President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and his retinue visiting Victoria Falls, now the center of tourism rebirth of Zimbabwe.

Latest figures reveal hotel occupancy rates at Victoria Falls are  hitting an all time high, sitting at 77.6 per cent last month, compared to 62.6 per cent during August last year.

Ross Kennedy said the boom in tourists had impacted across all sectors, from 2 star to 5 star accommodation, and big hotels to exclusive boutique properties.

Most performance benchmarks, including revenue earned and visitor numbers, had been smashed during the month of August.

The figures are based on industry data across ten Victoria Falls hotels, including the Elephant Hills Hotel, Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Hotel and the A’Zambezi.

Bookings for 2014 and 2015  were very healthy and the number of different countries where visitors are coming from is steadily growing, further enhancing demand and reputation, he said.

The data showed most visitors to the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge were from the United States, followed by Australia, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. “It all adds up to a bright picture ahead,” Mr Kennedy said.

 “In comparison to current world tourism trends, these statistics are simply staggering, and a powerful reminder of the positive impact that a strong tourism industry can have on an economy.”

Dialogue between Prof.Caragea and Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong-web

Laos has become WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2013-Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong and President Dr. Anton Caragea.

After being elected WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2013 and Favorite Cultural Destination in 2013 Laos has become a beacon of tourism in the Indochina region.

Already 40 hotels, including five international chains, are scheduled to open in Laos over the next five years as the country becomes a more popular tourist destination.

Yang Fu Ning, general manager of Don Chan Palace, a luxury hotel in Vientiane, said international brands Ramada, InterContinental, Crown Plaza, Sofitel and Marriott were set to open hotels in the capital by 2019.

Three global brands – Mercure, Ibis and Best Western – have already opened their doors in Vientiane, and one regional brand has entered the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang to cash in the World Best Tourist Destination status of the country.

Furthermore, 25-30 three- and four-star hotels are set to open in the capital, with some in other tourist cities.

In the first year after receiving World`s Favorite Cultural Destination ” we registered 3.7 million arrivals last year, generating income of US$600 million.

The government aims for 3.9 million tourists this year. The number of arrivals should reach 10 million within five years but we need another success in WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION to consolidate our status.

Professor dr.Anton Caragea and Lao PDR Government-web


The number of American and European tourists has significantly increased in recent years.

Currently, seven foreign airlines, including Thai Airways International, AirAsia and Bangkok Airways, and two local carriers are operating in and out Laos. Some of these airlines run charter flights during high season.

Two years ago, the European Council on Tourism and Trade named Laos the “World’s Best Tourist Destination for 2013”, which put the country on the global tourism map especially for its rich history, culture, traditions and natural beauty.

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Prof. univ. dr. Anton Caragea a fost invitat sa deschida ceremoniile pentru PREMIILE DE TURISM MONDIAL, in semn de recunoastere si apreciere, pentru rolul sau instrumental in a acorda Etiopiei titlul de CEA MAI BUNA DESTINATIE TURISTICA MONDIALA  PENTRU 2015 si pentru sprijinul sau acordat in recunoasterea universala a ceremoniei etiopiene a cafelei si a conceptului de « shimgalina» drept parte a patrimoniului imaterial cultural al umanitatii .


European Council on Tourism and Trade President presents the winner of World Best Tourist Destination 2015

Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea prezideaza peste Organizatia de Turism European

Ceremoniile vor avea loc la Addis Abeba, in data de 10 iulie 2015, reunind reprezentanti de inalt nivel , inclusiv sefii de state si de guvern si ministrii turismului, finantelor, afacerilor externe si al dezvoltarii ca si alte relevante institutii, organisme non-guvernamentale si reprezentanti ai sectorului de business.


Delegatia condusa de Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea-Presedinte Director General al IRICE, va deschide si cea de a III-a Conferinta privind Finantarea pentru Dezvoltare ce va avea loc in Addis Abeba, intre 13 si 16 iulie 2015, si in marja conferintei vor avea loc si ample dialoguri cu delegatia din Zimbabwe, in continuarea dialogului bilateral substantial, de anul trecut, realizat cu Presedintele Uniunii Africane si Presedintele Zimbabwe-E.S. Robert Mugabe in cadrul vizitei din Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe and President Caragea

Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea si Presedintele Uniunii Africane si al Republicii Zimbabwe-Dr.Robert Gabriel Mugabe


Delegatia condusa de Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea va avea intrevederi si cu Primul Ministru al Etiopiei-E.S.Halie Mariam Desalegn, Ministrul Culturii si al Turismului-Amin Abdulkadir si Ministrii Energiei si Economiei, pentru a dezvolta relatia bilaterala.


African development


Delegatia se va bucura si de un program cultural sofisticat, incluzand vizite la Lalibela-fosta capitala medievala a Etiopiei in secolul XIII, Gondar-fosta capitala a Etiopiei in perioada epocii moderne  (secolele XVIII-XIX) si mai ales splendidul Axum-capitala Africii crestine, in prímele secole ale crestinismului.



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Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has being invited to open the Ceremony for World Tourism Awards, in sign of recognition and gratitude for his instrumental role in procuring for Ethiopia the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2015 and in supporting the inscription of Ethiopian coffee ceremony and  « shimgalina » concept as part of immaterial humanity cultural heritage.

European Council on Tourism and Trade President presents the winner of World Best Tourist Destination 2015

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE President presiding over European Tourism Conference

The ceremony will be held in Addis Ababa on 10th of July 2015 gathering high-level political representatives, including Heads of State and Government, and Ministers of Tourism, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, as well as all relevant institutional stakeholders, non-governmental organizations and business sector entities.

The delegation headed by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE President will also open the Third International Conference on Financing for Development to be held in Addis Ababa, between 13 to 16 July 2015, and on the side line of the conference IRICE President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea will held separate meetings with Zimbabwe delegation present at the conference, in continuation of last year extensive dialogue with H.E.President Robert Mugabe, African Union President and Zimbabwe President during Professor Dr. Caragea visit to Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe and President Caragea

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE President and H.E. President of Zimbabwe and Chair of African Union-Robert G. Mugabe

The delegation lead by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea will have also meetings with H.E. Ethiopia Prime Minister –Haile Mariam Desalegn, Minister of Culture and Tourism- Mr. Amin Abdulkadir, Ministers of Energy and Economy in order to develop the bilateral relations.

African development

The delegation will also enjoy a sophisticated cultural program including visits to Lalibela-XIII century capital, Gondor-XVIII century capital and Axum the famous capital of Christian Africa in IV to VI centuries.

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In perioada 28 mai-7 iunie 2014, la invitatia Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea, Vice-Presedintele Cotnari SA, dl.Ioan Matei a participat la o delegatie europeana in Zimbabwe-inima Africii, prezentand unul din nestematele vinului romanesc : vinul de la Cotnari.

Vinul de Cotnari a fost prezentat si savurat cu interes in frumoasa tara africana ce a primit titlul de Cea Mai Buna Destinatie Turistica Mondiala pentru 2014.

Vinul de Cotnari cucereste AfricaIoan Matei,Vice-Presedinte COTNARI SA(in dreapta imaginii) si Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea prezinta Grasa de Cotnari (1974) Generalului de Brigada-W.E.Kanhanga-Ministru Republica Zimbabwe


Cu energie, talent si pricepere reprezentantul COTNARI SA a prezentat caracteristicile solului, tipurile de vinuri produse la Cotnari si mai ales deosebita traditie a locului de nastere a vinului romanesc: Cotnari.

La degustarea de Cotnari, Ministrul Turismului si Ospitalitatii din Zimbabwe-Walter Mzembi, a apreciat aroma, dulceata specifica si intensitatea si expresivitatea vinurilor prezentate, declarand vinul romanesc, drept unul din cele mai bune din lume.

Vinul de rezerva, Grasa de Cotnari din 1974, a fost apreciat ca avand o valoare minima de 5.000 de euro pe piata din Zimbabwe, hotelieri, reprezentanti de restaurante si localuri de lux fiind interesati sa importe vinul de Cotnari pentru clientela de lux.

Ioan Matei si senatorul AgrigoroaeiVice-Presedintele COTNARI SA-Ioan Matei si Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei, invitatii de onoare ai Guvernului din Zimbabwe

Ca urmare a interesului deosebit manifestat de industria ospitalitatii (HORECA) fata de vinul romanesc Ministerul Turismului din Zimbabwe va sponsoriza deschiderea unui magazin specializat in vinuri de Cotnari din care reprezentantii HORECA se vor putea aproviziona.

Dl. Vice-Presedinte Ioan Matei a prezentat   sticle speciale din Grasa de Cotnari pentru Ministrul Turismului,Ministerul de Externe, Ministerul Economiei si pentru Excelenta Sa Presedintele Republicii Zimbabwe-Robert Gabriel Mugabe care si-a amintit cu emotie  de prima sa intalnire cu vinul romanesc in 1980, anul independentei Republicii Zimbabwe.

vin de cotnari2Vinul de Cotnari: un cadou potrivit pentru un presedinte: Robert Gabriel Mugabe primeste un cadou special: Grasa de Cotnari 1974.

Intre alte recorduri stabilite acum de vinul de Cotnari: a fost primul vin romanesc prezentat la Victoria Falls-cea mai mare cascada din lume si la cel mai vechi hotel victorian din Africa: Victoria Falls Hotel din 1910, starnind un val de entuziasm prin aroma si dulceata specifica soiurilor Moldovei.

Vin de cotnari in ZimbabweVinul de Cotnari la Cascada Victoria

Vice-Presedinte Ioan Matei la MasvingoVice-Presedintele Cotnari-Dl.Ioan Matei primit la Marele Zimbabwe-Monument UNESCO

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In the period between 29 May-7 June 2014, a Romanian delegation headed by H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania was invited for an official visit to the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The visit was destined to restart the bilateral relation between Romania and the Republic of Zimbabwe and the southern region of Africa, a region in full economic development and with a long tradition of partnership with our country.

President Robert Mugabe

H.E. President Robert Gabriel Mugabe-a true African hero and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea


During the visit Professor Dr. Anton Caragea was welcomed by H.E. President of Republic of Zimbabwe-Robert Gabriel Mugabe who stated that: is exuding with love and gratitude for the visit of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

President Robert Mugabe express his gratitude for Professor Dr. Anton Caragea continuous support in promoting Zimbabwe integration in international tourism arena and stated than: when others where plotting to punish us you think at rewarding us and make us friends. From the profundity of our heart: Tank you Professor !

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea at his turn praised president Mugabe stating that:  the world did not forget the ten years spent in the dungeons of the colonial rule, the world did not forget the 20 years of revolutionary activity at the risk of the life and personal peace, spent in the opposition to the absurd regime of apartheid and segregation of Old time Rhodesia.

As we do not forget the word of reconciliation spoken after this years of struggle, ten years before Nelson Mandela similar example: “If yesterday I fought you as an enemy, today you have become a friend,” “If yesterday you hated me, today you cannot avoid the love that binds me to you.”

We will never forget that 35 years ago from Harare you have called all nations of Africa to wake up from the long colonial sleep to a new and rich life of fulfillment`s.

Your name is and will be forever inscribed for me and for all the honest people of the world along the names of the fathers of free Africa:Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta etc. as a giant of liberation and freedom fight in Africa and the world.

President Mugabe and President Caragea

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea sharing a moment of joy and good humor.  

Other meeting where held by H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea with Hon. J.T.R Majuru- Vice-President of Republic of Zimbabwe, S.K.Moyo-Senior Minister (Prime Minister) of Zimbabwe, Hon. N. Goche-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Tourism Walter Mzembi etc.

During the discussion, foreign policy cooperation, opening of honorary consulate and economic cooperation councils as well as economic and investment opportunities where tabled offering opportunity for Romania to take part in the business boom and bonanza of southern region of Africa and specially the Republic of Zimbabwe buoyant economic environment.

The Romanian delegation enjoyed a sophisticated cultural program with visit to the History Museum of Harare, National Heroes Acre and to the wonderful UNESCO heritage site of Great Zimbabwe-the largest African palatial complex dating from XII century and covering 700 hectares and a chance to discover the world greatest cascade: Victoria waterfall.

In sign of honor Professor Dr. Anton Caragea occupied the Winston Churchill apartment in the famous Victorian hotel of Victoria Falls.

The high level visit, the first after a 25 year hiatus in bilateral relation offered to the parties the opportunity to table concrete cultural, tourism and cooperation projects and to highlight the bilateral support for the development of the social and political cooperation.

The Republic of Zimbabwe becomes now the main political and strategic partner in the region of southern Africa, offering innumerable opportunities for developing friendly ties.

Helicopter ride over ZambeziProfessor Dr. Anton Caragea and his delegation take a helicopter tour over Victoria Fall bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls from the air

Victoria Water Fall observed from helicopter (3.000 meters)

Victoria falls-world greatest cascade

Victoria Falls-the world largest cascade.

Great Zimbabwe visit

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea touring Great Zimbabwe(the biggest African palatial complex dating from XII century)

Visiting Great Zimbabwe

In the heart of Great Zimbabwe historical complex

Elephant safari

Elephant safari in the desert heart of Zimbabwe

Interview for Zimbabwe Television

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea gives an interview to Zimbabwe National Television

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 In perioada 29 mai-7 iunie 2014, o delegatie romaneasca, condusa de E.S. Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director al Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica a efectuat o vizita oficiala in Republica Zimbabwe.

Vizita a fost destinata sa restabileasca relatia bilaterala, dintre Romania si Republica Zimbabwe si intreaga regiune de sud a Africii, o regiune in plina dezvoltare economica si legata prin conexiuni traditionale de tara noastra.

President Robert Mugabe

Excelenta Sa Presedintele Republicii Zimbabwe –Robert Gabriel Mugabe-un adevarat erou african si Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea-Director IRICE


In timpul vizitei Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea a avut o intalnire cu Excelenta Sa Presedintele Republicii Zimbabwe –Robert Gabriel Mugabe care a declarat ca vizita Profesorului Dr. Anton Caragea ne face stralucim de bucurie si dragoste.

Presedintele Robert Mugabe a multumit totodata Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea pentru sprijinul sau permanent in promovarea turismului in Zimbabwe declarand ca: atunci cand altii se gandeau sa ne pedepseasca, dvs. va gandeati sa ne rasplatiti si sa ne faceti prieteni. Va multumim din inima stimate profesor!

La randul sau, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea a declarat ca intalnirea cu presedintele Mugabe este extraordinara si ca nu a uitat niciodata cei zece ani petrecuti de Presedintele R.G. Mugabe in inchisorile coloniale, ca intreaga lumea nu a uitat cei 20 de ani de activitate revolutionara cu riscul vietii si al linistii, in opozitie fata de absurdul regim de apartheid si segregatie din vechea Rhodesia.

Tot asa, nu uitam vorbele de reconciliere spuse dupa ani de lupta, cu zece ani inainte de Nelson Mandela: ″Daca ieri ne-am infruntat ca niste inamici acum suntem prieteni, daca ieri ma urati, astazi nu puteti sa evitati dragostea care ne leaga.

Nu vom uitat niciodata ca acum 35 de ani, de la Harare, dvs ati chemat toate natiunile Africii sa se trezeasca din lungul somn al colonialismului catre o viata noua de impliniri.

Numele vostru va fi pentru totdeauna inscris pentru mine si pentru toti oamenii onesti din lume alaturi de parintii libertatii africane:  Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta ca un gigant al libertatii si luptei pentru egalitate in Africa si in intrega lume″.

Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea a mai avut intalniri cu J.T.R Majuru- Vice-Presedinte al Republicii Zimbabwe, S.K.Moyo- Ministru Principal  ( Prim Minister) al Zimbabwe, N. Goche-Ministru al Afacerilor Externe si Ministrul Turismului -Walter Mzembi etc.

President Mugabe and President Caragea

Un moment de destindere si veselie intre Presedintele Robert Gabriel Mugabe si Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea 


In timpul discutiilor a fost stabilit cadrul cooperarii culturale, deschiderea de consulate onorifice si de consilii de afaceri bilaterale precum si oportunitati de investitii si cooperare intre Republica Zimbabwe, regiunea de sud a Africii si Romania.

Delegatia romaneasca s-a bucurat de un sofisticat program cultural, incluzand vizite la Muzeul de Istorie din Harare, Arcul Eroilor Nationali si minunatul oras din secolulul XII, Marele Zimbabwe,  inscris pe lista UNESCO si acoperind mai mult de 700 de hectare si apoi oportunitatea de a descoperi cea mai mare cascada din lume: Victoria.

In semn de apreciere, Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea a ocupat apartamentul Winston Churchill din faimosul hotel victorian din Victoria Falls.

Vizita la nivel inalt, prima dupa 25 de ani de absenta in relatia bilaterala, a oferit partilor oportunitatea de a discuta proiecte concrete culturale, turistice si de cooperare si pentru a sublinia sprijinul bilateral pentru dezvoltarea relatiei sociale si politice.

Republica Zimbabwe devine acum principalul partener strategic in regiunea de sud a Africii, oferind nenumarate oportunitati in dezvoltarea unei relatii prietenesti.

Helicopter ride over ZambeziProfesor Dr. Anton Caragea si delegatia sa fac un tur cu elicopetrul al Cascadei Victoria intre Zimbabwe si Zambia

Victoria Falls from the air

Casacada Victoria vazuta din elicopter ( 3.000 de metri)

Victoria falls-world greatest cascade

Cascada Victoria-cea mai mare cascada din lume.

Great Zimbabwe visit

Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea vizitand Marele Zimbabwe ( cel mai mare complex palatial din Africa (sec.XII)

Visiting Great Zimbabwe

In inima complexului Marele Zimbabwe

Elephant safari

Safari pe elefanti in inima desertului din Zimbabwe

Interview for Zimbabwe Television

Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea da un interviu la Televiziunea Nationala din Zimbabwe

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