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Diplomatic community has hailed the selection of a new diplomatic partner for Romania as a new step towards recognizing and upholding the inventivity and creativity of Romanian entrepreneurial elite.


GENTLEMEN`S CORNER is the most recently selected new diplomatic partner in bolstering Romania`s image across the world.

The title of OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC PARTNER of The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation comes to salute the exertions of GENTLEMEN`S CORNER and his founding father Mr. Sorin Preda to educate the Romanian consumer, to offer high-quality products and in the same time incorporating the brimming creativity of Romanian fashion creators.

The DIPLOMATIC PARTNER designation is the highest honor to be bestowed upon Romanian entrepreneurs and creators in order to signify their condition as true ambassadors in the world for Romanian industry.

The official ceremony has taken place on February 21, 2018, and gathers in a festive moment: representatives of Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Government united in the recognition of a modern phenomenon: the Romanian fashion designers taken the world by storm.



DIPLOMATIC  PARTNERS CEREMONY (left to right): Mr. Sorin Preda-GENTLEMEN`S CORNER creator, Mr. Marius Budai Chairman Economic Committee Romanian Parliament, H.E. President of Romania (1996-2000) Dr. Emil Constantinescu, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.


The latest in this string of successes are the designer creations of GENTLEMEN`S CORNER, creations that top the fashion industry claiming the coveted 2017 INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD.

This is the moment for Romania to embrace his values, stated IRICE President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

In France the designer of perfume creators are recognized as members of Legion of Honor or in Great Britain they will be knights of the realm as it is in them that we salute the desire for a better future, to overcome our own limits and the best of what a nation has to offer.


In Romania we have carved out this diplomatic partnership status in order to better showcase the richness of our country and our values, values build around these personalities as they are ambassadors of fashion, creators of national pride and plus value stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Romanian president (1996-2000) professor Emil Constantinescu underlined the fact that the reasons for his decision as a president to reinstate this diplomatic awards was the need to pinpoint the elites and the positive models for society to follow.

A society that turns a blind eye to his values, that does not pay them the necessary respect is a lost society. The only way to confront today’s crises of values and identity is to clearly mark down true values such: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER and the new Romania`s fashion ambassador: Mr. Sorin Preda.

At the same time London and Bucharest where celebrating fashion creators: a sign of normality and values blending.

Queen Elizabeth II has at the same time with our ceremony decorated the British fashion creators, and we here today we are decorating the foremost fashion creator of our country: Mr. Sorin Preda.

It is an example that our country is strongly enshrined in the great modern currents and in London or Bucharest we recognize the same values.


The Chairman of Economic Committee of Romanian Parliament Mr. Budai Marius underlined that The Parliament is honored to salute in GENTLEMEN`S CORNER the new country diplomatic partner that will help build a healthy image of Romania and our economy cannot develop without the creativity and success model offered by Mr. Sorin Preda, a model of success on a European scale.


Vice-President Catalin Nechifor has marked the Romanian Parliament appreciation for diplomatic corps presence in significant numbers on the venues of NEW DIPLOMATIC PARTNER: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER.

GENTLEMEN`S CORNER is etching better than any the Romanian values, the Romanian normality and the stellar integration of our country on the world top echelons by fashion and inventivity.


The ceremony was TV broadcasted and among others took the floor ambassadors of the Republic of Armenia (H.E. Sergey Minasyan) , Republic of Belarus (H.E. Andrei M. Grienkevich), Republic of Cuba (H.E. Roberto Cesar Hamilton), People`s Democratic Republic of Korea (H.E. Ri Pyong Du), Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (H.E. Victor R. Carazo), Palestine representative and other diplomats.

The ceremony has concluded with a tasting of Romanian natural products and a line of canapes and the guests took their time to admire the new fashion creations signed by Mr. Sorin Preda and GENTLEMEN`S CORNER team.


Ambassador of Republic of Cuba (H.E. Roberto Cesar Hamilton)

Ambassador of Republic of Armenia (H.E. Sergey Minasyan)

Ambassador of Republic of Belarus (H.E. Andrei M. Grienkevich)

Ambassador of People`s Democratic Republic of Korea (H.E. Ri Pyong Du-photo center)



H.E. Professor Dr. Emil Constantinescu, President of Romania (1996-2000) in a friendly shake hand with the Ambassador of Venezuela H.E. Victor R. Carazo under the watchful eye of IRICE President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Press Dossier for DIPLOMATIC PARTNERSHIP CEREMONY can be accessed here:




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Comunitatea diplomatica a salutat alegerea GENTLEMEN`S CORNER drept noul partener diplomatic pentru promovarea imaginii Romaniei in lume si sustinerea inventivitatii si a creativitatii intreprinzatorilor romani.


Titlul de PARTENER DIPLOMATIC oficial al Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica vine drept o recunoastere a eforturilor GENTLEMEN`S CORNER si a fondatorului acestuia dl. Sorin Preda de a educa consumatorul roman, de a oferi produse de cea mai inalta calitate, dar care sa incorporeze si creativitatea si fantezia creatorilor de moda romani.

Titlul de PARTENER DIPLOMATIC este cea mai inalta distinctie de merit pentru creatorii si intreprinzatorii ce reprezinta Romania si tot ceea ce are tara noastra mai de pret in lume.

Ceremonia oficiala a avut loc in data de 21 februarie 2018 si a reunit, intr-un moment festiv, reprezentanti ai corpului diplomatic acreditat in Romania, reprezentanti ai Camerei Deputatilor si Senatului si ai guvernului Romaniei, uniti in recunoasterea unui fenomen modern: al creatorilor de moda romani ce cuceresc lumea.


Fenomen reprezentat acum de creatiile GENTLEMEN`S CORNER, creatii care au obtint in toamna lui 2017 prestigiosul PREMIUL INTERNATIONAL DE CALITATE in cadrul festivalului modei.


CEREMONIA PARTENERILOR DIPLOMATIEI IRICE: Din stanga in dreapta: Dl. Sorin Preda-noul partener diplomatic, Presedinte Marius Budai-Camera Deputatilor/Comisia Economica, Presedintele Romaniei (1996-2000) Emil Constantinescu, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea Presedinte IRICE.



 Este momentul in care Romania trebuie sa isi recunoasca valorile a declarat Presedintele Director general IRICE, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, in Franta creatorii parfumurilor si cei ce obtin premii in lumea modei devin membrii ai Legiunii de onoare, in Marea Britanie primesc titlul de cavaleri ai regatului, deoarece in ei salutam energia, dorinta de mai bine si de autodepasire si tot ceea ce are mai bun un popor.


In Romania am creat exact acest statut de partener diplomatic pentru a ilustra ca imaginea tarii noastre este construita prin eforturile acestor personalitati, ei sunt ambasadori ai modei, ai bunului gust, ei aduc mandrie si plusvaloare Romaniei a declarat prof.dr. Anton Caragea.

Presedintele Romaniei (1996-2000) Prof. Emil Constantinescu a mentionat la randul sau ca a construit aceste premii de recunoastere diplomatica din nevoia de ilustra prin elite si modele concrete varfurile societatii.


O societate care isi ignora valorile, care nu le respecta este o societate pierduta si nu putem lupta impotriva actualei crize de respect fata de valori si identitate decat marcand adevaratele valori precum GENTLEMEN`S CORNER si noul ambasador al modei romanesti Dl. Sorin Preda.


In acelasi timp in Londra si la Bucuresti creatorii de moda erau decorati: un gest de normalitate si integrare.   

Astazi regina Elisabeta a Marii Britanii tocmai a decorat in acelasi timp cu noi creatorii de moda ai regatului, iar noi aici decoram pe cel mai important creator de moda al Romaniei: dl. Sorin Preda.

Este un exemplu ca tara noastra face parte din marile curente moderne si la Londra sau la Bucuresti invatam sa recunoastem valorile.

Deputatul Budai Marius, Presedinte al Comisiei Economice din Parlamentul Romaniei a subliniat ca Parlamentul este onorat sa salute in GENTLEMEN`S CORNER un nou partner diplomatic, un partener pentru a construi o noua imagine a Romaniei, pentru a da un exemplu de crestere economica sanatoasa, bazata pe inventivitate si creativitate si a marcat ca economia Romaniei nu poate creste fara exemple, fara modele de reusita si putem saluta in dl. Sorin Preda un astfel de model de reusita la scara europeana.

Vice-Presedintele Catalin Nechifor a prezentat salutul Parlamentului pentru corpul diplomatic acreditat in Romania si pentru noul partener diplomatic: GENTLEMEN`S CORNER ce ilustreaza cel mai bine si valorile romanesti si normalitatea si integrarea tarii noastre in lume prin inventivitate si creatii de moda.

La ceremonie au participat si sutinut alocutiuni intre altii si ambasadorii Republicii Armenia (E.S. Sergey Minasyan), Republicii Belarus (E.S. Andrei M. Grienkevich), Republicii Cuba (E.S.Roberto Cesar Hamilton) , Republicii Populare Democrate Coreea (E.S. Ri Pyong Du), Republica Bolivariana a Venezuelei (E.S. Victor Carazo), reprezentantul Palestina etc. Diplomatii au primit si ocazia de a se adresa prin intermediul televiziunii si unei audiente generale si au oferit interviuri presei acreditate la eveniment etc.

Au fost apoi degustate produse naturale romanesti si invitatii au putut admira cele mai noi colectii de moda semnate de Sorin Preda si GENTLEMEN`S CORNER-noii parteneri ai diplomatiei.


Ambasadorul Republicii Cuba (E.S. Roberto Cesar Hamilton)

Ambasadorul Republicii Armenia (E.S.  Sergey Minasyan)

Ambasadorul Republicii Belarus (E.S. Andrei M. Grienkevich)

Ambasadorul Republicii Populare Democrate Coreea (E.S. Ri Pyong Du – in centrul imaginii)

Presedintele Emil Constantinescu intr-o strangere de mana prieteneasca cu Ambasadorul Venezuelei: Victor R. Carazo.






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