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In a powerful open letter to Boeing executives, former US Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader makes a compelling case for BOEING 737 MAX model to be banned forever as the airplane is inherently faulty.



This is all that was left from the ill-fated BOEING 737 MAX and his crew and passengers bound for Nairobi-Kenya.


The letter comes in the light of the preliminary report on the terrible Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes that took the life of 346 innocent passengers and crew members.

Ralph Nader does not mince his words on the responsibility inherent with Boeing actions:

Step by step, Boeing’s criminal negligence, driven by a race to make profits, worsened.

Before and after the fatal crashes, Boeing did not reveal, did not warn, did not train, and did not address the basic defective aerodynamic design. It gagged everyone that it could. Boeing still insists that the 737 Max is safe and is building two a day, while pushing to end the grounding.” 

The law suits had already started with a wrongful death case that was filed against Boeing on the same day that a preliminary investigation into last month’s Ethiopian Airlines crash revealed damning details about the aircraft manufacturer and raised new questions about whether it gave pilots proper instructions for navigating new software.

The findings were released Thursday in Ethiopia, based on the analysis of a team of 18 investigators, less than a month after the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash killed all 157 people on board.

The report found similarities in the technical issues experienced by pilots on both the Ethiopian Airlines flight and October’s Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610, which also crashed just minutes after takeoff, killing all 189 people on board.

Both flights were on a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

What of the near future? ask Ralph Nader.

“Airline passengers should organize a consumer boycott of the Boeing 737 Max 8 to avoid having to fly on these planes in the coming decade.

Once Boeing realizes that this brand has a deep marketing stigma, it may move more quickly to the drawing boards, so as to not alienate airline carriers”.


Latest analysis of the inherent problems that are making  Boeing 737 Max 8 an unsafe airplane that no amount of software upgrading can fix can be accessed here: 


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Venezuela’s political drifter named Juan Guaido has been stripped of his illegally claimed immunity, in a move that paves the way for the government to arrest and prosecute him for falsely declaring himself “interim president” of the country even though an elected government is in place.

The Venezuela`s National Constituent Assembly (country`s parliament) voted unanimously on April 2, 2019 to approve a measure that strips Guaido of his immunity and authorizes the Supreme Court to criminally prosecute him for illegally and unlawfully proclaiming himself the leader of the country.

Guaido also violated a travel ban and could be prosecuted for that violation as well.

“This formally authorizes the continuation of the trial (of Guaido),” said Constituent Assembly Chief Diosdado Cabello, referring to the measure.

“Justice is necessary for the guarantee of peace.”

Guaido plunged the country into political turmoil in January, when he suddenly declared himself “interim president,” rejecting the outcome of the May 2018 election, which Maduro won.

He has been accusing Maduro of “usurping power” and calling on him to step down.

The assembly revoked Guaido’s immunity a day after the Supreme Court called on the lawmakers to take action against him.


PressTV-Top Venezuela court wants Guaido immunity stripped

Juan Guaido can now be arrested for his criminal activities that plunged Venezuela in  a political crisis in the last months. 


Reacting in defiance, Guaido said on Tuesday that he would not back down from his attempt to violently overthrow Maduro’s legal and democratically elected government.

“We are not going to evade our responsibility,” he said after the vote at the Constituent Assembly. “They thought this would be easy. But it won’t be. If they want to move forward, they will have to assume the consequences.”

The administration of US President Donald Trump, which has recognized Guaido’s self-proclamation as “interim president,” has threatened Caracas with a strong response in an event of his arrest.

Before the vote against Guaido was announced, US Republican Senator Marco Rubio accused the Venezuelan government of plotting a coup d’état and trying to “abduct” Guaido.

This is while Maduro assumed office after winning the presidential election.

Guaido was unheard of until he unilaterally declared himself leader of Venezuela and is widely regarded as a political vagabond.

Maduro has accused Washington of attempting a coup to overthrow his elected government and install its own “puppet” regime in the oil-rich Latin American country.

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Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen on Friday met with Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Peace Palace, where he lauded last year’s national election (2018) as “free, just and non-violent” and a reflection of the will of Cambodian people.


Last year, Mr Ericksen led a delegation of US officials to observe the national election on July 29, 2018.


Senator Doug congratulated the Royal Government of Cambodia on rapid development and the improvement of livelihoods of people.




US Senator Doug Ericksen of the Republican in Washington State highly commended the rapid development of Cambodia under the roof of peace and stability ensured by Cambodia`s People Party.

Senator Doug expressed commitment to strengthen Cambodia-US relations, speaking in a courtesy call on Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on March 22, 2019 at Phnom Penh’s Peace Palace.

Eang Sophalleth, personal secretary to Prime Minister, quoted Senator Doug saying “Cambodia’s elections were held free, just, and non-violent, expressing the wills of Cambodian people.”

Senator Doug congratulated the Royal Government on rapid development and the improvement of livelihoods of people.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Information about July 29, 2018 VI NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ELECTION considered free and fair by the international community, without the fear of CNRP terrorism in Cambodia, can be accessed here:







♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Senator Doug, in his previous visit in late May 2018, stated that no countries in the world could order Cambodia to do anything. As a sovereign state, Cambodia chooses her own path and determines the destiny for the nation and her people.


The Senator stressed that he wants to see Cambodia-US relation and economic cooperation strengthened and stronger people-to-people ties.

Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked Doug for speaking the truth of Cambodia.

He reiterated the Royal Government’s commitment to continue the cooperation with the US in the search for remains of American soldiers based on humanitarian and human rights grounds, particularly the sentiments of victims’ families.

It is worth nothing that a total of 80 American soldiers had gone missing in Cambodia during the Vietnam War and that only 40 had been found so far.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

More about Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) terrorist activities can be discovered here:




♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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With the inauguration of the 45th President Washington gets in a festive mood and tourism industry starts garnering hopes.


As Donald John Trump is taking office, he promised a bright future for US tourism: getting the country on World Best Tourism Destination list, making historical cities on Eastern Coast of United States to be recognized as World Capital of Culture, all are on the to do list of the new administration drafted by the new President on his first day in office, writes European Journal of Tourism Washington correspondent.



United States President Donald Trump and Kingdom of Cambodia Prime Minister, Academician HUN SEN (Cambodia has won WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status in 2016)


But the analysts are not so convinced that Trump effect on tourism will be this positive. The Telegraph ask the readers : Who will visit an America ruled by Donald Trump? – and make a prophecy that not too many.

The New York Times in a central editorial make`s the same point: What Impact Will Trump Have on Tourism?


The analysis result sounds cautious: new immigration procedures that make the customs and border process harder, the scrutiny of particular groups of people); and the perception of how welcoming and safe (or not) the United States is are growing to weigh heavily on the future of US tourism.



Donald Trump promises that he will put his managerial skills in the benefit of world tourism.


Others cited in the article are right a way tenebrous: attendees at the World Travel Market London conference were coming up and “offering condolences.”( Gary Leff).


The list of worries on tourism faith under Donald Trump is long and wide spanning from: banning of minority groups, hostile policies towards Middle Eastern travellers, Cuban policy, US dollar strength in ratings, air fares tariffs, immigration policies and what role the Trump hotels will have in the great scheme of things.

Tourism is all about optimism and confidence and the new US President Donald Trump Jr. promised in his inaugural address that: hee will make US a World Best Tourist Destination country and a great country for all !

Let`s wait and see! The competition is still open after all!

More about World Tourism can be found here: WORLD&TOURISM

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You have to know that: the world’s favourite museum isn’t the Louvre. Or the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art or London Museum.

According to world tourism institution-European Council on Tourism and Trade, the highest rated museum is the Addis Ababa Ethiopian National Museum, home to the world oldest hominids Lucy and Selam, universally acclaimed  as grandfathers of humanity and garnering the world most impressive collection of African eastern orthodox icons.

After crunching the numbers in the algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews for museums worldwide Ethiopian National Museum ranked as the most respected in cultural community.

On the arguments that put the Museum on the right track in the cultural world where the refurbishing of a new wing destined to conserve their countries priceless artifacts and cultural patrimony.

The judges did not escape the fact that te museum received during 2015 landmarks visits like European Council delegations and United States delegations, a moment that was not achieved by any other cultural institution during this year.

Uniting Europe, America and Africa around Lucy-the skeleton of the first hominid, is a success that only Ethiopian National Museum registered, during 2015.

obama-visit-lucyAto Amin Abdulkadir - Minister of Tourism and Culture and President Dr. Anton Caragea meeting with Lucy-the oldes woman in the world

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ETHIOPIA is the only world museum that received the visit of American and European delegations during the same year. All around Lucy-the first human skeleton.

On December 15, 2015, on the function of the official opening of the2016 World Tourism, Culture and Travel Awards, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea announced the Ethiopian National Museum of Addis Ababa is recognized as a WORLD`S FAVORITE MUSEUM for his priceless artefacts and outstanding contribution to the human civilization understanding.

The Ethiopia National Museum made it on the list of WORLD`S FAVORITE MUSEUM on the account of garnering the most relevant artefacts of the incredible history of Ethiopia.

The Museum is having in his exhibitions an outstanding treasure of crowns and objects pertaining to the long list of emperors of Ethiopia, coronation artefacts, imperial insignia and memorabilia.

National Museum of Ethiopia-Selam

Selam-the body of the second most old hominide male.

The museum has also prided himself with impressive collections of weaponry, agricultural and everyday life objects from all the national groups and minorities from the territory of today Ethiopia, this makes it one of the largest ethnographic collection in the world and spawning for two millennia.

Of course, the crowning jewels of the permanent exhibitions at the Ethiopian National Museum are the outstandingly preserved bodies of Lucy and Salem (the oldest human remains in the world).

National Museum of Ethiopia-general image

National Museum of Ethiopia: a most stop for every world tourist.

If Ethiopia is proudly named the “cradle of the civilisation” and “the place where it all begins” than a visit to the WORLD`S FAVORITE MUSEUM-the place where the forefathers of humanity are placed is a must for any human being.

In 2015 the Ethiopian National Museum received the visits of the United States delegates led by President Barack Obama, who praised the outstanding humanity’s legacy of Ethiopia and of the European Council on Tourism and Trade delegates led by President Anton Caragea.

National Museum of Ethiopia-King Solomon

Religious art of Ethiopia: a must see and enjoy!

This visits where a proof that: the Ethiopian National Museum has become a lynchpin of culture and a most see stop over for all the citizens of the world.

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The month of July 2015 had entered in the annals of Ethiopian history, as a fast period of the recent times.

At the beginning of July 2015, the European Council on Tourism and Trade announced that had selected Ethiopia as WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2015, the world highest tourism recognition, and between 9 to 15 July an European delegation lead by ECTT President-Anton Caragea toured Ethiopia, fallowed, quickly after, by the arrival of US President Barack Obama for a three day visit (27 to 29 July 2015) in Addis Ababa. This chain of connected events, succeeded in putting the country on the limelight of international trade and tourism, and in the forefront of international diplomacy.

President Obama-in-Ethiopia

President Obama starts his journey into ETHIOPIA-WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION

We present to you the chronic of the two visits that marked Ethiopia`s place in recent African history.

On the landmark occasion, of the universal proclamation of World Best Tourist Destination for 2015, a top ranking delegation from European Council on Tourism and Trade was invited for a discovery tour of Ethiopia, the receiver of this year most influential tourism designation.

Ethiopia national anthem for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015

We are WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION is the hymn of Ethiopia ! A perfect song for a perfect destination!

The visit took place between 9 to 15 July, 2015 and included an important political and diplomatic dimension, with European Council on Tourism and Trade President -Professor Dr. Anton Caragea holding discussions with Minister of Trade-Yaekob Yalla,Minister of Foreign Affairs-Berhane Gebre-Christosand H.E. Amin Abdulkadir – Minister of Culture and Tourism of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopiaand an inclusive and profusely dialogue with Prime Minister of F.D.R. Ethiopia- Academician Hailemariam Desalegn.

H.E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and H.E. President Dr. Anton Caragea

Ethiopia tourism is having a perfect future ! with the hand shake between Prime Minister of Ethiopia-Hailemariam Desalegn and ECTT President-Professor dr. Anton Caragea.

The inclusive dialogue, concentrated on promoting bilateral trade, investment and economic cooperation, supporting business people and firms from both regions in cooperating and promoting the exchange of techniques, skills and economic goods.

Obama dinnerObama dinner

United States President Barack Obama at the Gala Dinner in Addis Ababa

United States President Barack Obama hold meetings with Ethiopian Prime Minister-Hailemariam Desalegn, Ethiopian Minister of Culture and Tourism-Amin Abdulkadir and Ethiopian President and was treated with an official dinner by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Dinner in honor of European Council on Tourism and Trade President

Gala dinner for European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) President and his high ranking delegation. (from right to left): Minister of Culture and Tourism – Amin Abdulkadir, H.E. Prime Minister – Academician Hailemariam Desalegn, H.E. ECTT President – Professor Dr. Anton Caragea , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia-Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

On diplomatic arena a cooperation and further developing of honorary consul’s network across the world, was established, with a view to foster tourism, cultural and economic cooperation.

Creating a network of Ambassadors for Tourism and Culture, promoting tourism and the image of Ethiopia, where also tabled, based on other successful examples of actions of tourism promotion carved by European Council on Tourism and Trade.

H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea proclaimes ETHIOPIA-WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION IN 2015

ETHIOPIA IS THE LAND CHOSEN BY GOD ! an WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015 proclaimed President  Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

On July 10, 2015 European Council on Tourism and Trade President -Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had presented the World Best Tourist Destination for 2015 insignia to Prime Minister of Ethiopia- Academician Hailemariam Desalegn.

President Anton Caragea, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Minister of Culture and Tourism-Amin Abdulkadir

H.E. ECTT President – Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Minister of Culture and Tourism – Amin Abdulkadir,H.E. Prime Minister – Academician Hailemariam Desalegn, are directing the proceedings for World Tourism Awards Ceremony  for 2015.


The President also presented the main speech of the world tourism ceremony titled: Ethiopia-the land chosen by God!

European Tourism Academy Director- Academician Mircea Constantinescu, announced also that after receiving the letter destined to World Leaders of Tourism-Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn will represent Ethiopia, as the newest honorary members of European Tourism Academy.


Academician Mircea Constantinescu, Director of European Tourism Academy is presenting the Honorary Academician Title to Prime Minister of Ethiopia- Hailemariam Desalegn.

The ceremony for World Best Tourist Destination for 2015 included also folk dances, Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony and academic presentations, supported by leading figures of Ethiopian cultural establishment.

H.E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and H.E. President Dr. Anton Caragea and Government of FDR Ethiopia

H.E. Prime Minister and Academician Hailemariam Desalegn and European Council on Tourism and Trade  President- Professor Dr. Anton Caragea in the center of Ethiopian government and European Council on Tourism and Trade visiting delegation.

In the mean time President Barack Obama schedule contained a visit to African union headquarter and a meeting with African Union chairwoman and a visit on the streets of Addis Ababa and a tour of the Faffa Food factory in Ethiopia`s capital and a tour of the National Palace where WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION ceremony for Ethiopia was held.

Obama visit Lucy

No visit in Ethiopia is complete without paying a visit to Lucy-the grandmother of humanity: President Barack Obama on the first photo and President Dr. Anton Caragea on the latter photo. 


The ceremony for World Best Tourist Destination in 2015 was live broadcasted and viewed by more than 200 millions viewers and will continued to be presented across Europe for the next year.


Axum Cathedral: the place of coronation for Emperors of Ethiopia. The last emperor to be crowned here was Haile Selassie I

From 10th July, the European Council on Tourism and Trade President and his delegation embarked in a cultural and tourism program visiting Axum-the first capital of Christian Africa and the centre of a world power in 100 to 400 BC that controlled trade across the Read Sea.

Anton Caragea-European president looking at Axum

Anton Caragea-President of European Council on Tourism and Trade looking over Axum-the first capital of Ethiopian empire (300 a.Chr.)

In Axum, the delegation visit the royal tombs, the Church of the Arch of Covenant, the Saint Mary Imperial Basilica, where the emperors of Ethiopia were crowned.

Specially for European delegates, were opened the gates of the imperial museum, containing the priceless treasures of  ten Ethiopian emperors from garments, to crown adorned with jewels and the robes used for imperial investiture.

Getinet Amare welcoming European delegation

Dances and flowers: welcoming at Gondar airport, European delegates with Mayor Getinet Amare.

From Axum, the old imperial city, the delegation led by President Anton Caragea has being directed to Gondar, the capital of Ethiopia from XVII century to XIX century.

Here they have a chance to admire the fiery Amharic dances, in a wonderful welcoming ceremony, offered by the local authorities, enjoyed the fabulous gondarine cuisine at famous Four sisters’ restaurant and toured the imperial city.

ECTT President touring Gondar Imperial Compound

European Tourism delegation is touring the outstandingly preserved Imperial compound of Gondar- Ethiopian empire capital from 17 to 19 century. Behind is the the world famous Fasil Ghibli-Palace of Emperor Fasilides.

Gondar is also world renamed for his architecture and for housing almost ten  emperors, in a period of glory for Abyssinia, as Ethiopia was known in that time.

Garnering Portuguese influence, with Indian and English architectural designs, Gondar is nicknamed as African Camelot for his strange, but perfect architecture.

European President Anton Caragea welcomed at Lalibela-capital of christian Ethiopia

Welcoming in Lalibela with flowers and the beautiful children of Ethiopia: Anton Caragea- European Tourism President and European Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei.

European Council on Tourism and Trade delegates were received with a religious ceremony in Lalibela, the holiest Christian city in Africa and the second Jerusalem, as in worldly known.

More than 5000 pilgrims, priests and deacons, welcomed President Dr. Anton Caragea and offered to him and his delegation, special ceremonial robes, to mark their entrance in the holy city.

European Council President Dr. Anton Caragea speking to the people of Lalibela

European Tourism President-Dr. Anton Caragea addressing  to priests, pilgrims and believers at Lalibela-the capital of Christian Africa.

On this occasion, President Anton Caragea held his gratitude speech known as:  To The People of Lalibela, a discourse that quickly captured the imagination of the inhabitants of Lalibela.

An impressive tour of six of the eleven rock hewn churches was conducted, including the famous grave of Saint Lalibela, the church of Medhane Alem (Our Saviour) and Holy Cross Church.

Rock hewn churches of Lalibela

Lalibela is a city greater than words, nothing can prepare you for his atmosphere and nothing can describe it!-President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

In the final leg of the trip, European Council on Tourism and Trade President and his party were treated with a wonderful welcoming to the bustling and sunny south of Ethiopia and with his famous Lake District city of Hawassa.

The delegates were welcomed to music and a fire display by the head of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State of Ethiopia and enjoyed a tour of Lake Hawassa, a discovery of the city landmarks and a special night show that touched their hearts.

Hawassa lake

Boat trip along the Hawassa lake shores.

The Rift  Valley Lakes of Ethiopia are an internal sea, that can be perfectly used for tourism and leisure.

A special surprised was offered by HE. Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia, Amin Abdulkadir, who arranged for ECTT President Dr. Anton Caragea delegation a special discovery tour of Harar-the fourth most holy Islamic site.

Mosque in Harar

Mihai Prundianu, ECTT Trade Chairman pose for a photo in front of famous Harar landmark-Grand Jami Mosque.

The city comprises more than 82 mosques and 4000 saints tombs known in the Islamic world as Medinat Al Awliya- the city of saints and a UNESCO heritage site.

The delegates were welcomed with a coffee ceremony and a tour of famous city enclosure, known as Jugal, and a visit to famous French poet Arthur Rimbaud house in Harar.

Harar Traditional House

A short moment of tranquility in a dense schedule: in a famous traditional Gay Ger (house) in Harar.

The visit, to extraordinary city of Harar, was the perfect gift for our delegates, appreciated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The European delegation official visit to Ethiopia is a sign of the country inclusive development, political, clout and prominence in Africa and a mark of the country taking the rightful place that is deserved amidst the most cultural and historical developed country in the world, concluded his remarks, President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


Hawassa City of Diversity

Mrs. Almaz Beyero-Head of Bureau for Culture and Tourism of SNNPRS

Sidamo Cultural Tower

President Anton Caragea at Lalibela Airport

President Dr. Anton Caragea receives Fesil Gebril macheta from Mayor of Gondar-Mr. Getinet Amare

President Dr. Anton Caragea received by Mr. Muhyadin Ahmed-Head of Harari Regional Culture ,Heritage and Tourism Bureau

European Council on Tourism and Trade high ranking delegation at World Best Tourist Destination Ceremony

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A report of the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies was released on Saturday amid concern and expectation of the public at home and abroad.

It reflects the characteristics of the socialist system, human rights policy pursued in the DPRK and the actual human rights performance in the country.

    The world is showing increasing concern for human rights issue and there are widespread actions for genuine human rights in all fabrics of social life.

    What is getting all the more undisguised on the international arena at present are political pressures on specified countries and attempts at interference in the internal affairs of those countries by abusing the inviolable human rights. A typical example is the vicious human rights racket against the DPRK.

    The hostile forces are persistently peddling the “human rights issue” in the DPRK in a bid to tarnish its image and bring down the social system and ideology chosen by the Korean people. They are becoming all the more undisguised in these moves as the days go by.

    Wild rumors and fictions about the DPRK are afloat in the international community due to the hostile forces’ despicable human rights racket to slander and hurt the DPRK.

    Under this situation the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies released a report on human rights performance in the country to help the public properly know about the efforts exerted by the DPRK to protect and promote human rights and about the actual human rights performance and lay bare the false and reactionary nature of the reckless anti-DPRK “human rights” racket kicked up by the hostile forces and thus wipe out the prejudice and misunderstanding.

    The five-chapter all-inclusive report was worked out with the cooperation among several domestic institutions and NGO organizations, academic institutions and human rights experts in various fields.

    The first chapter deals with the ideological foundation of the state human rights system as regards the human rights system in the DPRK and the course of its formation and development.

    The second chapter deals with all legal and practical measures taken by the state after the foundation of the country to guarantee the rights of people and protect and promote them and human rights enjoyed by the citizens.

Human Rights on Korea

    The third and fourth chapters deal with the stand and efforts made by the DPRK for human rights in the world and major difficulties lying in the way of guaranteeing human rights in the DPRK.

    The fifth chapter deals with data studied by the Association as regards the prospect for guaranteeing human rights in the DPRK.

    As mentioned in the report, the DPRK has consistently enforced policies for the people from the very day of its foundation on the principle of putting the rights and interests of the popular masses above all and making them absolute and has exerted every possible effort to guarantee the people genuine rights.

    All the people in the DPRK, therefore, feel proud of the world’s most advantageous human rights system and policies such as universal compulsory education, free medical care and free provision of housings that are enforced in the country, and are striving hard to defend and further consolidate the man-centered socialist system.

    By clearly reflecting the human rights system and situation in the DPRK, the report proves that the anti-DPRK human rights campaign of the U.S. and hostile forces is acts detrimental to guaranteeing and promoting the rights of the people.

    The report also clarifies the efforts and stand of the DPRK on international cooperation for promoting human rights.

    Consistent is the stand of the DPRK to have genuine dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights and contribute to promoting human rights in the world. The DPRK has never opposed dialogue on human rights but maintained the stand to have a candid exchange of views with the countries truly concerned for the human rights issue.

    But genuine human rights dialogue and cooperation have not been effected due to those forces abusing the human rights issue as a means for attaining such sinister politically-motivated purposes as interference in internal affairs and overturn of social systems.

    The release of the study report on the human rights situation in the country is an indication of its will to creditably fulfill its responsibility in the field of human rights and a positive measure to promote international cooperation.

    The report will help clearly understand how false and unrealistic the rumors about the DPRK floated by hostile forces on the basis of fabrications.

    The major source of misinformation about human rights performance in the DPRK are “testimonies” notably made by anti-DPRK fanatics who defected from the north. Those who cook up groundless stories about human rights to get a petty amount of money are without exception criminals who fled to the south for fear of facing a legal punishment after committing indelible crimes in their hometowns and immoral guys who are disqualified to talk about human rights.

    Their inhuman nature will be disclosed sooner or later.

    Whoever echoes what was uttered by the riff-raffs even after reading the report released by the Association must be imbeciles lacking the ability to judge the reality or tricksters seeking to attain sinister purposes even by making far-fetched assertions.

    The U.S. and other Western countries should not pull up the DPRK over its human rights but face up to the situation as it is and repent of their own poor human rights records.

    The DPRK will continue to exert its utmost efforts to foil the anti-DPRK human rights campaign of the hostile forces and meet all their challenges, step up the peaceful economic construction, steadily improve the people’s living standard and thus provide the people with better conditions for enjoying their rights.

The report will help set right the wrong views by widely introducing the DPRK’s human rights policies and situation and contribute to promoting genuine cooperation in the field of human rights.

You can read the full report on DPR KOREA-HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION HERE

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On 10 February 2014, the annual real estate conference was held under the patronage of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania.

The tile of the conference was self explaining: REAL ESTATE IN ROMANIA IN 2014. BETWEEN DEVELOPERS BANKRUPTCY AND CRUMBLING PRICES. The conference was a get together of real estate agents, bankers, property experts and evaluators, brokers and real estate funds from Romania and EU and economists.

CASE DE VANZARE-Preturi reduse



The debates started by highlighting the latest evolution`s and drop in prices on real estate market in Romania during 2013.

The average price reduction was around 35% last year, the biggest drop since the economic crisis hit Romania, but the prices are still a long way to go before they reach the real estate real potential. New significant drops in prices (around 50% of present day marks) are expected, until the market will stabilized and the investment in real estate will become one more time attractive and efficient.

From an initial value of 1.200/1.300 euro per build square meter the prices have dropped by the year end, towards 650-450 euro per constructed square meter, but is a long way to go until normal prices, requested by the market, will come back on Romanian real estate.

The real dimensions of real estate crisis in Romania where made public: real estate frozen projects are reaching a staggering value of 8 billion euro, the bankruptcy numbers in the real estate developer`s field reach 80% of the initial investor`s numbers and 4 billion euro, announced to be invested in real estate market never materialized .


CASE DE VANZARE-evacuatiBanks don`t need homes. People do ! are crying this British evacuees from their houses. 

The real estate market will continue the downward spiral in 2014, accelerated by the economic crisis and low income, with prices decreased by 80% on rural areas and on secondary or vacation house market and provincial cities and around 40% to 50% on premium real estate objectives in Bucharest areas.

The prices are expected to fall below 200-250 euro per constructed/ square meter in prime areas of Bucharest real estate.

The falling in prices is fueled by the ongoing banking crisis, the reduction of banking institutions available to offer real estate loans, the spike in banking interest rates, high inflation, dramatic decrees in investment, drastic reduction in real income for majority of Romanians, unfavorable economic prognosis, ongoing economic crisis and also decrees in foreign investments and in revenues from Romanian working abroad etc.

To this long list of negative trends we can add the 120.000 new flats, houses and villas that will be placed on the market by the banks in the foreclosure process.

This new properties, that will be launched on the market from April/May 2014 will be sold with reduction`s in prices ranging from 50% to 25% percent from the initial announced price.

Already the banks presented the auctions starting prices as ranging fro 15.000 to 20.000 euro for one room flat, to 25.000 euro per two rooms flat and around 35.000 euro for three room flats. The mansions and villas are sold at pricing ranging from 35-40.000 euro per 200 squared meter’s villas in high luxury areas and as low as 20-30.000 euro in secondary areas.

The prices for land in Bucharest area already dropped with 50% in 2013 and will furthermore decrease with 50% this year, bellow 50 euro per square meter in central areas of Bucharest.

Other phenomena presented during conference, that are impacting downwards the prices are: a drop in population real income by 30% in 2013, this had impacted drastic the number of real estate buyers ( from a maximum of 1 million Romanians active on real estate market before the crisis to 20.000 persons to date).

The banking system is engulfed in crisis and choked by low-commercial value properties; the average real interest for real estate credit is around 20% which is making the cost of real estate credits unsustainable.

We can safely conclude that taking a real estate loan in this period is the path towards bankruptcy and foreclosure for 90% of the clients.

Who borrows today goes bankrupt tomorrow, was the bitter joke of the bankers, that confessed that banking system is in a vicious circle until the prices will reach the 200 euro per square meter mark, until this moment the loan market is blocked.



During 2014 the real estate collapse will continue and be aggravated on the count of individual properties foreclosures and also company bankruptcy that will flood the market with over 50.000 hectares of prime land that will press down the prices during this year.

Overcrowding the market a new stock of 3.000 villas and mansions, will also appear on the market during 2014, in areas as: Colentina, Bucurestii Noi, Pipera, Baneasa, Damaroaia etc.

This will be sold on the market at prices bellow 50.000 euro per property and will push toward collapse the luxury real estate market.

This are conservative estimates, based on property values information, listed  already on the market by the banks on the foreclosure process, already put on sale at 50% of the initially estimated price and will be further reduced at 25%, accordingly to foreclosure law, stated Lo Petersen from banking consortium active on Romanian market for more than 12 years.

 The decrease in economic activity forecasted for this year will only aggravate the situation, and new properties will be under banking foreclosure, during 2014, concluded the official.

Chief Economist Mihail Racaceanu underlined again and again the fundamental truth that: real estate market can not operate outside the negative climate of Romanian and EU economy.

The real estate market is intricately connected with the decrease of average wage and real income per person and the economy status.

 The price per square meter, in prime real estate areas, cannot be over medium salary value by more than two times. As in Romania the salary is around 150 euro a price per square meter can not exceed more than 300 euro per square meter.

It a clear axiom of economic sustainability, you are breaking it; you go out of business, concluded Mihail Racaceanu.

The responsibility of real estate crisis is resting mostly on the lack of education of Romanian real estate agencies and agents.

 The real estate agent must emphasize the necessity of a rapid reduction of prices in order to mend the crisis on real estate market. The market will restart if we will reach the financial comfort zone around 200-300 euro’s per square meter. If we don’t play honesty and sincerity, the collapse of real estate market will be a never ending story, concluded the chief economist.

This is the hard to swallow truth: who is not cutting rapidly the prices remains excluded from the market.



15 more years of more depression on real estate market is the United States experts opinion.

The developers in the areas of villas and houses concluded that this area will be severely hit with drastic reduction of prices during 2014.

The main reason is the fact that: economic crisis had dramatically reduced the number of interested players for buying this type of real estate, corroborating this with decreasing rental market and drastic reduction in number of companies interested to rent such large spaces for offices and the growing expenses to maintain such a property, had gone up impressively, all is worsening the perspective for this type of properties.

This type of properties is the most vulnerable for banking foreclosures because rapid prosecuted and sell on the market at prices below 50.000 euro such villas can help the banks to cut their losses.

During this year areas such as: Mosilor, Pipera, Baneasa, Tunari, still offer the possibility to be sold around 50.000 euro, the rest of the areas of south and east of the capital (Damaroaia, Berceni, Timpuri Noi, Colentina), are completely unfit for marketing and selling because of the inexistence of interested buyers .

The foreclosures will open the market for villas at below 50.000 euro, concluded the panel of experts that also appreciated that around 80% of the total of transaction on real estate will belong to banking auctions and foreclosures .



Unfortunately during 2014 the same order is playing in the real estate market: you bought, you lost.

From the moment that you ink the deal the real value of your house has gone down by 15% and will continue to dwindle.

In order to reignite the real estate market, the key role is belonging to the real estate agencies.  They must apply the necessary pressure to bring down the prices by at least 50% and to lead the properties owners from the la la land fantasies prices to a real assessment of the value of their properties, in order to restart financial operations and re-emergence of profit on the market.

We should understand two self evident lessons: the internal market with a dwindling number of buyers and unpredictable income is blocking any major acquisitions and foreign investors are NOT coming to the market.

No investment in Romania is possible at prices of 400-500 euro per square meter as long as similar opportunities are to be found in Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey or Bulgaria but at prices below 100 euro.  In this moment any buyer of Romanian properties will lose big and heavy, concluded the panel of experts present at the conference.

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Intalnire artistica internationala la Bucuresti

afis Expozitie arta-

New York, Paris si Toronto isi dau intalnire pentru prima oara la Bucuresti, regrupand o suta de opere ale pictorului Gevork Chubaryan, sculptorului Françoise Abraham si ale pictorului Costa Dvorezky.

Gevork Chubaryan, artist american de origine armeana, nascut in Rusia in 1985, locuieste din 1994 in New York, unde a absolvit in 2007 Scoala de Arte Vizuale. Provine dintr-o familie cu o mare traditie artistica, bunicul sau, Gukas Chubaryan fiind unanim recunoscut ca un adevarat patriarh al sculpturii armene moderne. In 2006, 2008 si 2009 a avut expozitii personale in Wisconsin, New York si Texas.


Francoise Abraham are, incepand cu 1997, expozitii personale in Europa, Asia si Statele Unite. Este cunoscuta si apreciata cel mai mult pentru tehnica sa personala, rasina colorata, pe care a introdus-o si dezvoltat-o prin lucrarile sale. Aceasta noua tehnica este unica pe piata de arta, amestecand in mod reusit un decor original cu o picatura de neobisnuit.

 Nascut in Rusia in 1968, Costa Dvorezky traieste si creeaza in Canada. A absolvit Academia Stroganov din Moscova in 1993 si a articipat la numeroase expozitii in Europa si America de Nord. O mare parte din operele sale se gasesc actualmente in colectii particulare din Franta, Elvetia, Germania, Spania, Canada si Statele Unite.

Expozitia va fi deschisa publicului intre 4 si 12 octombrie 2013, vernisajul avand loc vineri 4 octombrie la orele 19.00, in prezenta celor trei artisti, la Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei din Bucuresti, Bulevardul Unirii nr.22, intrarea din Bulevardul Mircea Voda. Intrarea este libera.

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Economic forecast: Romanian economy in 2013. GDP, Inflation, Bankruptcy.

Wednesday 30 of January 2013 at the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation headquarters was held the first conference of 2013: The evolution of Romanian economy in 2013. The aggravating crisis!


Beggars on the street of Romania: a sign of failed economic policy 

The conference has joined economical experts from Romania and European Union, economical supervisors and personalities of political, economical and academic life of Romania.

2009- 2012 –the first period of crisis.

The conference started with an evaluation of the impact of economic crisis in the last period: 2009-2012.

In 2009 the economic crisis has affected the vital areas of economic life: the collapse has started with construction industry and construction material factories and collapse continued by the real estate market shrinking. Others affected sectors where: insurance, banking and stock exchange and in all the financial sector was strongly shaken down. The consumer confidence has fallen sharply and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has being reduced with 10% in 2010 and 8% in 2011.

The decrease in Romanian economy has being so devastating that now we are below the 2000 level. Unfortunately the economic collapse of 2010-2012 has laid the foundation for a crisis without equivalent in Romanian history that will affect the country in 2013.

Discutii inainte de conferintaProfessor dr. Anton Caragea-Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation chairing the romanian economist`s meeting.

2011-2012: The period of economic earthquake.

2011 and 2012 will be remembered as the worst years of economic turmoil in Romania, had appreciated in one voice all the experts present at the gathering.

First of all the 2011 has being the year in which the Romanian economy had collected all the hard hits from all the economic collapse of the last years. The financial system has being especially hard hit and this had made the fragile Romanian economy to reach the breaking point. The inflation had resurfaced and the experts appreciate that a 10% percent yearly inflation is unavoidable.

The resurgence of inflation had put a dramatic pressure on population economy and had made any recovery unthinkable for the next 4-8 years.

The collapse in economic system, the internal and external investments had being reduced to minimum, the credit on internal market has being practically suspended and all this had provoke for 2012 an economic decrease of more than 15% of GDP or even 18% of GDP after others opinions. A factor not to be neglected in amplification of the crisis is the governmental incompetence that by increasing the taxes, legislative chaos and a deliberate politics of destroying the middle class investors in the favor of big companies all did nothing ells than to aggravate the economic crisis.

2013 – European economic crisis will impact hard on Romania.

The 2013 will be a decisive year to on how will be affected the Romanian economy by the European meltdown.

Until now the Romanian economy was hit hard by his own faults like: reduced productivity and competitiveness, chaos in the governmental policy, crippling inflation etc. In 2013 Romania will be affected by the decay in European economic activity.

Crisis hit Spain, Greece, and Ireland and slowing down economy of Germany, France and Great Britain, will impact negative on Romanian chances to get access to European funds and foreign investments.

Romanian economy and policy maker are not yet conceptual prepared to understand that Romanian EU membership had became a liability and a negative factor in the future of Romania, appreciated the representative of Foreign Export Company Association Mr. Marcel Alexandru.

The negative impact of European Union financial and confidence crisis will account for a 2-5% percent reduction in Romanian GDP this year.

 2013 will be without a doubt a period of a new catastrophic decline. It must be very clear, all economic experts underlined, that the present economic decline will last for at least a decade at European level, so all those opinions that declared that Romania will start a new economic growth before the next 10 years; either don’t know what they are saying, either is bluntly laying.

All the European statistics are speaking about the lost decade of Europe between 2010 and 2020 , term referring to the blocking of economic development at continental level and the frozen of present situation for a decade.

Those that are declaring that Romania will surpass the period of recovering of  France or Great Britain economy , are telling stories that are unbelievable , stated chief economist- Mihail Racaceanu. What is important is to succeed that we have in 2013 a decrease in real economy of less than 10% and in the interval between 2013 and 2018 to stop the decline and in 2020 to come back to pre-crisis level.

homelessin London

Homeless and hungry in Great Britain. How EU crisis will affect Romania ?

2013 budget- a budget of economic decline.

In 2013 the Romanian economy is coming to the fore not only with the negatives trends of the last years and a crippling inflation but also with a budget of austerity that will direct Romania to plunge into a new economic meltdown.

The 2013 budget is the first budget in the eight year period that is not approved prior to 1-th of January, a negative record that is impacting Romanian economic stability and is giving a sign of chaos in the government economic policy.

The budget expected deficit of 2, 4% percent of GDP it not offering any chance for a real economic recovery, massive investment projects are abandoned and the decline in the economy is estimated by independent economist around 8-10% percent of the GDP by the year’s end.

What is dramatic is the reduction in the direct investment in the economy, with less than 8 billion euro investment planned for this year the Romanian economy had to struggle for sustainability. Reduced foreign investment and dramatically shrinking internal private investment means that Romania will have now more that 10 billion euro (in an optimistic assessment) for investment programs. The country needs at least 20 billion per year to modernize the economy and to have a decent growth rate of 1-2% percent per year. He present day budget is not only of severe austerity but of severe contraction stated the economists present at the meeting.

Romanian economy recover postponed to 2050.

This assessment was a strong one, keeping in mind that the pre-crisis governmental statistic declared that in 2025 Romania will succeed in recuperating the gap and reach the level of industrial activity prior to 1989 Revolution.

This perspective is no longer feasible, a new perspective is appearing after the crisis and after the lost decade and a cumulative GDP decrease of more than 60% from 2007 economy level.

This economic recession will be hard to recuperate in the context of zero governmental involvement, the general economic climate of recession and finally the worst factor of all: the burden of external debt.

The resurgence of inflation will put a dramatic pressing on population economy and will make any recovery unthinkable for the next 1-2 years. The collapse in economic system, the internal and external investments will be reduced to minimum, the credit on internal market will be suspended and all this will provoke next year an economic decrease of more than 15% of GDP or even 18% of GDP after others opinions. A factor not to be neglected in amplification of the crisis in the governmental incompetence that by: increasing the taxes, legislative chaos and a deliberate politics of destroying the middle class investor in the favor of big companies all did nothing ells than to aggravate the economic crisis.

External debt risk can plunge Romania into financial meltdown.

The fear factor that will suffocate Romanian economy in the next period will be, after 2015, the foreign debt crisis.

The Emil Boc government has careless accepted more than 36 billion dollars credit and in total the private and state debt of Romania is reaching the unbelievable sum of 95 billion dollars, this only if the government will no longer accept new loans.

In 2012 the Mihai Razvan Ungureanu government succeeded in just a few months to reduce the National bank Reserves by 20 billion euro, an unprecedented squandering of public money in Romanian history.

Despite the writing on the wall, in all of cases like Greece, Spain and Ireland, Romania is accepting new loan from International Monetary Fund, loans that will not be invested in developing and modernizing the economy but in salaries and pensions. This consumer invested loans at extortionate interest rates will suffocate completely an ailing and failed economy as Romanian economy is.

Unemployment: with a rate of registered unemployment of more than 12% of the active population and with another 15% percent of the population already left out of the governmental unemployment aide, Romania tops many EU member countries with a real unemployment figure of more than 25% of the population. This figure must be put in perspective with more that 50% of the population below the poverty line and the full picture of the economic meltdown and social tragedy could be analyzed. Romania economy is in crises and no plans for a future development had not being adopted.

2013: The worsening of economic crisis.

The conclusion of the most important economic experts of Romania was clear: the crisis is not over by far, but has entered in a more difficult faze that will affect financial and banking system and economic fundament`s. The economic crisis will continue until 2017 at the earliest and a coming back cycle that will last until 2025. This decade will be without a doubt the lost decade of Romania but if the necessary measures are not rapidly taken to re-establish control on economic decline than we risk that Romania economy will not come back not even in 2025.

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