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Danube Delta will be the center, for a third year in a row, of DISCOVER ROMANIA 2018 summer trip of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRCE), the program destined to acquaint diplomats and international friends of Romania with the country historical patrimony and leisure opportunities and destinations.

The destination selection was made keeping in balance the international rename of the area of Danube Delta, the breathtaking beauty of the region and the celebrations destined to mark in 2018 and 2019 the YEAR OF SAINT EPICTETUS AND ASTION.

We hope that 2018 will be a continuation of the successful declaration of 2017 as THE YEAR TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA.

The successful promotion campaign has managed to attract on Danube Delta a record of 120.000 visitors in 2017 compared to 71.000 last year stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

In 2017 PUFLENE RESORT and Mihai Puflene are being honored with the prestigious title of DIPLOMATIC PARTNERS.

At the heart of this sensibilization campaign aimed at informing Romanian public with regards to the extraordinary tourism potential of the Danube Delta was Mr. Mihai Puflene the General Director of PUFLENE RESORT and an avid and ardent promoter of the Danube beauties and potential, bent of sharing them with the world.


For his role in promoting Danube Delta as a center for relaxation and discovery for the entire Dobrogea(Dobrudja) region during 2016 and 2017 diplomatic trips, Mr. Mihai Puflene and PUFLENE RESORT where named OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC PARTNERS of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE).


PUFLENE RESORT: the creation of the Danube Delta connoisseur Mr. Mihai Puflene has become the center of Danube Delta discoveries journeys.

If we can transform 2018 in another the year of discovery for Danube Delta and we could elicit Romanian tourists and foreign diplomats in uncovering this treasure it is all due to Mr. Mihai Puflene and his efforts that attracted tourists and development in the area.

PUFLENE RESORT has also succeeded in setting a new standard for hospitality and elegance in the region and of public diplomacy, we must also be grateful to PUFLENE RESORT for the support offered in bringing diplomats in Danube Delta in discovery trips in 2016 and 2017 and now once more in 2018.


We have to give thanks to PUFLENE RESORT dedicated staff for an outstanding hospitality that we recommend to all those who want to discover Delta and to Mr. Mihai Puflene, the lover and connoisseur of Danube Delta, the man that aims to bring all Romanians to know and share the beauties of Danube we can only wish him Good look and we are continuously by your side, concluded Professor Dr.Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

The Summer 2018 Diplomatic trip will take place from 10th August to 15th August and will be dedicated to diplomats and foreign friends and partners of Institute of international Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania and will be carved as an opportunity and invitation to discover Danube Delta heritage, history, culture, hospitality and cuisine treasures.

The full photo journal of the 2017 Summer Diplomatic Trip can be observed here: IRICE PRESIDENT OFFICE

The full photo journal of the 2016 Summer Diplomatic Trip can be observed here: PRESIDENT OFFICE

The Journal of 2011 Ambassadors Visit to DANUBE DELTA is available here:

The Journals of previous visits to Moldavia can be observed here: Iasi and Bucovina

More about PUFLENE RESORT can be read out here:



More about PUFLENE RESORT and the main attractions to be discovered in Danube Delta can be discovered here:


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The status of  WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION continues to add value and dramatically improve tourism recipes, draw international investors and bring development and economic prowess.

The latest country to register the benefits of tourism related development are Zimbabwe and Laos countries that top the world tourism growth in the last years.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe is expressing his gratitude for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status for his country.

Zimbabwe tourism has registered an outstanding change of fortune after being selected WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION IN 2014 by the world tourism institution-European Council on Tourism and Trade .

We have registered an increase in annual earnings to $1,5 billion after an improvement in international sentiment, said.  Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, chief executive Karikoga Kaseke.

This is coming from tourism bringing only $827 million to the state revenues which is almost an 80% increase in tourism related revenues.

Visitors are flocking to Victoria Falls in record numbers, after the visit of European Council on Tourism and Trade President and his retinue and this is a sure sign that Zimbabwe tourism is turning a corner, an industry leader says.

Helicopter ride over Zambezi

President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and his retinue visiting Victoria Falls, now the center of tourism rebirth of Zimbabwe.

Latest figures reveal hotel occupancy rates at Victoria Falls are  hitting an all time high, sitting at 77.6 per cent last month, compared to 62.6 per cent during August last year.

Ross Kennedy said the boom in tourists had impacted across all sectors, from 2 star to 5 star accommodation, and big hotels to exclusive boutique properties.

Most performance benchmarks, including revenue earned and visitor numbers, had been smashed during the month of August.

The figures are based on industry data across ten Victoria Falls hotels, including the Elephant Hills Hotel, Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Hotel and the A’Zambezi.

Bookings for 2014 and 2015  were very healthy and the number of different countries where visitors are coming from is steadily growing, further enhancing demand and reputation, he said.

The data showed most visitors to the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge were from the United States, followed by Australia, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. “It all adds up to a bright picture ahead,” Mr Kennedy said.

 “In comparison to current world tourism trends, these statistics are simply staggering, and a powerful reminder of the positive impact that a strong tourism industry can have on an economy.”

Dialogue between Prof.Caragea and Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong-web

Laos has become WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2013-Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong and President Dr. Anton Caragea.

After being elected WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2013 and Favorite Cultural Destination in 2013 Laos has become a beacon of tourism in the Indochina region.

Already 40 hotels, including five international chains, are scheduled to open in Laos over the next five years as the country becomes a more popular tourist destination.

Yang Fu Ning, general manager of Don Chan Palace, a luxury hotel in Vientiane, said international brands Ramada, InterContinental, Crown Plaza, Sofitel and Marriott were set to open hotels in the capital by 2019.

Three global brands – Mercure, Ibis and Best Western – have already opened their doors in Vientiane, and one regional brand has entered the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang to cash in the World Best Tourist Destination status of the country.

Furthermore, 25-30 three- and four-star hotels are set to open in the capital, with some in other tourist cities.

In the first year after receiving World`s Favorite Cultural Destination ” we registered 3.7 million arrivals last year, generating income of US$600 million.

The government aims for 3.9 million tourists this year. The number of arrivals should reach 10 million within five years but we need another success in WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION to consolidate our status.

Professor dr.Anton Caragea and Lao PDR Government-web


The number of American and European tourists has significantly increased in recent years.

Currently, seven foreign airlines, including Thai Airways International, AirAsia and Bangkok Airways, and two local carriers are operating in and out Laos. Some of these airlines run charter flights during high season.

Two years ago, the European Council on Tourism and Trade named Laos the “World’s Best Tourist Destination for 2013”, which put the country on the global tourism map especially for its rich history, culture, traditions and natural beauty.

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H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid : UAE is one of the best countries in the world in all fields.

On 1 December 2011 a Romanian media delegation, headed by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and attending United Arab Emirates National Day Celebration,  was received  by  H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

The delegation headed by professor Dr. Anton Caragea witnessed the extraordinary and charged with love atmosphere of the meeting between Dubai Ruler and Vice-President of United Arab Emirates and the people of Emirates .

H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid-Vice-President of United Arab Emirates, prime -Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed welcomed his guests by reciting a short poem in which he reflected his nationalistic feelings of the UAE’s 40th National Day and his pride in the second of December which forms a turning point for the UAE people and leadership.

Addressing the audience, especially the young people who were born after the union, Sheikh Mohammed said that the age of 40 is the age of maturity, that’s why God sent down His revelation on his Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when he reached 40 years.

Sheikh Mohammed said that the 40th national day is the stage of maturity for our country which has made great achievements at the national, cultural and humanitarian levels. Through these achievements, he said, the UAE has not only vied with others but has also set an example for others to follow and learn from its long experience.

He added that contrary to what others, who live in prosperity and luxury today, believe, the way was not planted with flowers, but it was full of challenges and dangers in addition to other outside influences, which without Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid’s resolve and national sense such a union would not have been possible.

Sheikh Mohammed went on to point out that the most important achievement made during the time of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid and sustained today by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is man, especially the youth who represent the highest percentage of the UAE citizens. He added that the youth are the future and we, as leaders, rely on them and their ability to shoulder the responsibility and take the initiative to build their future and the future of the generations to come to achieve the national goals, hopes and aspirations of their people.

Sheikh Mohammed expressed hope that when the UAE celebrates its 50th national day it will be ranked as one of the best countries the world in all fields; our people, amongst the most civilized and forward looking of nations, by God’s guidance and the support of its leadership.

Speaking about his wishes before the establishment of the modern state many of which, he said, have been achieved today, Sheikh Mohammed said that when he had visited European and non European countries for study or tourism and saw great achievements in those countries ‘ infrastructures, armies, cultural and educational institutions and others; he wished such achievements would be made at home.

Talking further about his dreams and wishes, Sheikh Mohammed went on to say that he dreamed of a strong country, strong people, strong leadership, strong economy, and strong achievements, adding that when he saw the fighter planes during the Dubai Air Show, he wished his country would have this kind of weapon; now I tell you that our factory in Al Ain manufactures spare parts for these planes; this national factory is part of my national dreams.

Talking with pride about the perseverance and heritage of the fathers and ancestors, Sheikh Mohammed said that the people and the leadership of the country inherited perseverance from our fathers and forefathers, who have suffered hardship to keep alive and provide their children with food and drink. They used to dive in the dangerous sea to bring the fish to their children. They lived with all kinds of challenges in the Arabian Peninsula from which they started their journey to the world spreading Islam; they are the pioneers who defended their island and their land. I would like to tell you, young people, that despite all the challenges achievements were made and you, in the UAE, are harvesting the fruit of the challenges your fathers and forefathers had endured and overcome.

H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid-Vice-President of United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Mohammed went further to touch on the invasion of the Gulf region by foreign powers, which brought about devastation and havoc to the land and the sea, and destruction and exploitation of the riches and which adopted other colonial and abhorrent methods, forcing the people of the region to fight those occupiers and expel them to attain independence. After liberating their land from the enemies, our grandparents returned to fishing and diving for pearls. As a result, the pearl industry flourished and the people felt a kind of prosperity. Those people survived and resisted until they have become in line with developed countries, able to have influence on and make change in the world’s economic and political map.

He warned the youth against despair, calling on them to equip themselves with patience, perseverance and determination to achieve their ambitions through reviving the heritage of their grandparents and ancestors.

Sheikh Mohammed briefed his guests about the differences and difficulties the rulers of the emirates faced before signing of the Union’s constitution and the declaration of the state of the United Arab Emirates. In this regard, he said that the late Sheikh Zayed and the late Sheikh Rashid met in a tent in the Al Sameeh area on the borders between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, accompanied by some other people and I was among those who witnessed the meeting and the signing of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rahshid on the draft constitution, despite the reluctance of the rest of the rulers of the Emirates; Ras Al Khaimah was the last to sign.

He touched on the role of the British in fueling negative feelings among some rulers, using the method of “divide and rule”, taking advantage of the marginal disputes that prevailed during the consultations and meetings held by Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid with the other rulers; Sheikh Zayed managed lastly through his expertise, patience, wisdom and patriotism to convince them to join him and his brother, Sheikh Rashid and sign on the interim constitution, and then, he announced the Union on the second of December, 1971 at the Union House in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed went on to relate to his guests the various challenges , which faced the union, which without the perseverance and insistence of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid, our dream to live today under one leadership and one flag and have a stable, sovereign and an independent country, would not have been possible.

Commenting on what others write and say about the country and its people, denying us our values, culture, history and heritage and claiming that we are merely an oil country and luxury loving people, Sheikh Mohammed responded: yes, we are a rich and an oil producing country; nevertheless, we have our own civilization, Arab and Islamic culture and a history that is rich in achievements.

We possess all elements of a decent life based on equality, justice, humanity, and we reach out to all people of the world who need our support. “Concluding his lecture, Sheikh Mohammed recited some love and nationalistic poems, adding an atmosphere of intimacy to the gathering and knocking down barriers between His Highness and the young people who were happy with this talk and proud of their leader, wishing him and the UAE leadership all good health and glory.

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Between 23 and 26 June 2011 the ROMEXPO Public Exhibition Company will host the International Exhibition : DANUBE & DANUBE DELTA.

It is the first edition of such an exhibition and as the organizers are stating, it hopes to provide real support in erecting a platform to encourage and support fostering new initiatives and partnerships between local and regional authorities , private and state entities , environmental protection foundation in order to further develop the economic power of the Danube region .

The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania will offer his High Patronage of the event for an International Conference : DANUBE AND DANUBE DELTA : OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES that will be held on 23 of June 2011, 15:00 hours in C1 Pavilion.

In the framework of this conference will speak important Romanian and international personalities among we name a few: professor dr. Anton Caragea , director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, Dr. Petru Lificiu, Vice-president of  National Agency for Energy and President of Ecological Forum, Professor dr. Mircea Dutu, president of Ecological University. Among the foreign dignitaries we welcome  : H.E Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani – United Arab Emirates Ambassador, H.E Salem al Jaber-  Ambassador of State of Qatar etc.

At this important event in the benefit of Danube Delta are invited to attend as exhibition members : the local authorities , public institutions, regional institution involved in implementing , coordinating and apliyng  regional cooperation programs in all important areas of Danube Strategy : transport, energy, tourism, environmental protection, local development, communication technologies , culture, education and research but also business and non- governmental actors has stated Mrs. Diana Popa , project manager of the Exhibition.

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Monday 8 March was taking place the inaugural moment of the publicity campaign: SYRIA THE FAVORITE DESTINATIONS FOR ROMANIANS IN 2010.

 The publicity campaign will be supervised by the PR and Public Campaign Firm: Arena Communications at the special orders of the Syrian specialized tourism company headed by Mr. Gheorghe Stoian and under the technical supervision of the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation headed by Professor Anton Caragea. Syria is a destination that offers history, culture and the highest standards of quality in tourism with a warm and welcoming population. The new opened destinations will offer a large range of leisure opportunity from short time vacations, long time leisure program`s and cultural excursion programs offering to the interested tourist the image of one  of the most beautiful  country  on Mediterranean shores .

Gheorge Stoian- the new CEO

It considered that the new PR campaign will draw more than 10.000 new tourists with a total of 15 million euro business plan. Also as a plus, the management of this new destinations will be under the control of Mr. Gheorghe Stoian a specialist in Arab area tourism, that already succeeded in imposing Tunisia as a top destination for Romanian tourists .    In the inaugural speech of the campaign Mr. Gheorghe Stoian has declared that this event: ”could not have existed without the efforts of Professor Anton Caragea to promote this destination and without the April 2009 visit , organized by his Institute  that was the necessary trust step that made business community confident to invest in opening a new destination”. In concluding the event professor Anton Caragea stated that:”despite the wintery weather I declared open the season for Easter Celebration with the opening of a new religious destination: Syria”     

Read more by clicking here 


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