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On the occasion of NEW YEAR 2017,  H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of Institute of International Relation and Economic Cooperation had addressed a special congratulatory message to H.E. President Nicolas Maduro of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.



H.E. President Nicolas Maduro of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


The official congratulation note was destined to maintain the long and sustained relations between Romania and Venezuela, to forge a new friendship and to bolster the economic and trade ties between the two nations.

The message of H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea highlights:

I want to express my sincere congratulations and wishes for successes in the betterment of the life of people of Venezuela.

H.E. President of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania-Dr. Anton Caragea


The recent manifestations organized on the occasion of the DAY OF LOYALTY AND LOVE FOR PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ had proven internally and internationally that Your Excellency is the only guarantor to the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez and his instructions, in carving in Venezuela an authentic democratic and people’s revolution that is serving as an example and inspiration for Latina America and the world community.

Romania is witnessing with interest and friendship the path for development and peace taken by the people of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under Your Excellency benevolent politic and I hope that, with Your support, the relations between Romania and Venezuela will continue to rapidly develop on cultural, economic and political arena, proving the vitality of the bilateral relation, concludes the message.

About Romania-Venezuela bilateral relations:

2016 had registered a positive turn in the relations between Venezuela and Romania with the sustained consultations on the areas of political, economic and cultural cooperation at a level never reached until now.

During 2016 the Romanian media had offered large sways of information articles and op-eds destined to reflect the latest achievements and developments in Venezuelan society in a sign of booming interest in bilateral relation.

Also in another landmark, 2016 is the first year when a Romanian Congratulatory Message was directed towards H.E. President Nicolas Maduro for his felicitous and full of achievements rule and exertions for the benefit of people of Venezuela.


More PR resources about Romania-Venezuela bilateral relations can be found here:








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In a world crippled by economic crisis and inefficiency, where many national states are proving incapable of offering even the basic material and social benefits to the people’s, Venezuela is offering a powerful message of efficiency and social protection  by offering 1,300,000 houses to the citizens of the south american nation.


Nicolas Maduro-National leader of Venezuela offers the keys to the 1,300,000 house build and freely offered for venezuelan`s.


President Nicolas Maduro just handed out the keys to the latest 120 appartements latest build and offered the ownership papers to the 160 families in the city of Cariba, Vargas region of Venezuela.

On this occasion the Venezuelan leader had attended the inauguration and free distribution at the lodging numbered 1,300,000 in the newly build city of Cariba, a  recently build city that is a part of the great plan to offer to every citizen of Venezuela a free house, plan known under the name: THE GREAT MISSION: A VENEZUELAN HOUSE !

The housing number 1,300,000 is part of a blockhouse known as The Forest Residence.


Simultaneous in a similar ceremony other 5,000 houses where also freely distributed and the President personally hand out the keys of the 160 license of property and 120 keys to the happy new owners.

Inspired by this outstanding success, The President of Venezuela offered on Christmas eve his New Year 2017 message, a speech in which he delivered his desires for peace and hope for all the people of Venezuela, ensuring his viewers that in 2017 they will see a victorious and indestructible Venezuela.


In the broadcast of the National Television, the national leader had also marked his desire that the sacred light of the month of december will continue to shine in the life of all Venezuelans during 2017.

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On 8 December 2016, in the General Headquarter from the Mountain-“El Cuartel”, Venezuelans marked the four-year anniversary of former president Hugo Chavez’s last speech, with current head of state President Nicolas Maduro calling for national unity.

“We must keep alive the flame of our comandante Hugo Chavez,” Maduro told supporters of Bolivarian revolution gathered in large numbers in Caracas.


The president said the last four years have been difficult for Venezuela, but argued the country’s socialist revolution has survived despite an “economic war” being waged by his political opponents and international oligarchy.


“We can say that in four years we have been loyal to comandante Chavez,” President Maduro said.

Elsewhere in Caracas, light shows displayed images of Chavez on buildings and a special service with cabinet ministers, social movement leaders and international guests such as the former president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was held in the “El Cuartel” Mountain Barracks where President Chávez was laid to rest.

Thursday marked four years since Chavez gave his last speech, before heading to Cuba to undertake a final round of cancer treatment in December 2012. During the now iconic speech, Chavez expressed hope he would return to Venezuela to resume his position as president but also taken provisions to the contrary.



“I have complete faith that with God’s help we will emerge victorious. We have always lived from one miracle to another,” he said at the time.

He also urged his supporters to back Nicolas Maduro in the case of his own death as the only leader who can direct toward victory his Bolivarian Revolution.


The last speech of President Hugo Chavez is largely credited to being a chartered road toward progress and development for Venezuela and is cherished by Venezuelans and international leaders as the quintessence of Bolivarian way of building a powerful democracy and a progressive country.


“If something were to happen that would make it impossible for me to be president, Nicolas Maduro should assume power for the short time left in this term. But also, it is my firm opinion, my complete and irrevocable opinion, that under this scenario, you should all vote for Nicolas,” he said.


The ceremonies were attended by progressive thinkers, journalists, members of trade unions, diplomats and political leaders from across Asia, America and Africa among them being noted the former President of Honduras and present President of Popular Resistance Movement, Manuel Zelaya, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Pierrot Delienne, Chilean senator Alejandro Navarro, minister of culture of Cuba, Abel Prieto, Dominican Republic Minister of Industry and Commerce, Temistocles Montas and Argentinian singer and composer Pedro Aznar and Chinese painter Jun Chengsong who presented a special portrait made to honor Chavez legacy.

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