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According to the instructions of World Elections Monitors Organization for the organization of monitoring mission to the European Parliament elections, republished and with subsequent amendments and supplements, the World Elections Monitors Organization has presented to EU media a series of administrative–organizational tasks in the context of the preparation and organization of the European parliament elections abroad.


Free and fair elections are the fundamentals of democracy considers WEMO-World Elections Monitors Organization.


The World Elections Monitors Organization (WEMO) informs that the accreditation procedure for foreign media representatives and the accreditation procedure for foreign observers at the elections of 23- 26 May 2019 for the  members to the European Parliament are available on the WEMO website, under the special section dedicated to the European Parliament election (https://eucir.webs.com/worldelectionmonitors.htm ) and (https://europeaninternationalrelation.wordpress.com/world-elections-monitors-organzation/)

Note that this section will be constantly updated, as new information will become available.

World Elections Monitors Organization-WEMO invites members of European Parliaments, from all over Europe to apply as Observers for our upcoming Election Observation Mission to the European Parliament elections.

WEMOWorld Elections Monitors Organization is the only international organization uniting members of parliaments from across the world in support of elections observation missions and democracy support.

The elections will take place on different days in different EU member states between 23 and 26 May 2019.


WEMO President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has officially launched the 2019 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS mission explaining that the monitoring activities will take place in 28 countries (United Kingdom included) in order to assess the full compliance of the national members states of European Union to democratic acceptable values and practices in election process.

The WEMO Mission specifically assesses the conditions under which European members states electorate participate in the electoral process.

World Elections Monitors Organization observation methodology has being a source of inspiration and emulation across the world and implemented in many nations election process.

World Elections Monitors Organization experience in elections issues, our research, observation and assessment focus on the participation of parliamentarians in the process, analyzing the conditions for people to engage in the Elections as voters, candidates, party members, actors in civic advocacy and campaigning, journalists, election administration or support staff, and observers are unique.

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Preliminary Report on Elections (Model)

Final Report on Elections (Model)

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On Election Day(s), the WEMO Mission will deploy its observers in all 28 nation members of the EU to witness opening, voting and tabulating and collating procedures until the final results are announced and presented publicly.

 The findings of the mission will be compiled into a report to be published after deployment and distributed amongst relevant authorities.

In 2018 World Elections Monitors Organization has supported the Kingdom of Cambodia in organizing what was described as the exemplary elections of Asia.



 Moreover, the – World Elections Monitors Organization Mission will provide policy advice to stakeholders by giving recommendations on the best possible way to promote and foster youth participation.

The observation of elections by independent observers contributes to the transparency of the process and is a valuable instrument of democratic oversight.


The overall duration of the – World Elections Monitors Organization teams deployment will be from 18 to 22 May (4 nights) in Brussels and from 23 to 27 May in the residential EU country of the observer (which must be a present day member of the Parliament in any EU country).


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The photo-journals of other Electoral Monitoring Mission for Parliamentary Elections are available here:





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Information about how to organize free and democratic elections are available here:








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Venezuela’s political drifter named Juan Guaido has been stripped of his illegally claimed immunity, in a move that paves the way for the government to arrest and prosecute him for falsely declaring himself “interim president” of the country even though an elected government is in place.

The Venezuela`s National Constituent Assembly (country`s parliament) voted unanimously on April 2, 2019 to approve a measure that strips Guaido of his immunity and authorizes the Supreme Court to criminally prosecute him for illegally and unlawfully proclaiming himself the leader of the country.

Guaido also violated a travel ban and could be prosecuted for that violation as well.

“This formally authorizes the continuation of the trial (of Guaido),” said Constituent Assembly Chief Diosdado Cabello, referring to the measure.

“Justice is necessary for the guarantee of peace.”

Guaido plunged the country into political turmoil in January, when he suddenly declared himself “interim president,” rejecting the outcome of the May 2018 election, which Maduro won.

He has been accusing Maduro of “usurping power” and calling on him to step down.

The assembly revoked Guaido’s immunity a day after the Supreme Court called on the lawmakers to take action against him.


PressTV-Top Venezuela court wants Guaido immunity stripped

Juan Guaido can now be arrested for his criminal activities that plunged Venezuela in  a political crisis in the last months. 


Reacting in defiance, Guaido said on Tuesday that he would not back down from his attempt to violently overthrow Maduro’s legal and democratically elected government.

“We are not going to evade our responsibility,” he said after the vote at the Constituent Assembly. “They thought this would be easy. But it won’t be. If they want to move forward, they will have to assume the consequences.”

The administration of US President Donald Trump, which has recognized Guaido’s self-proclamation as “interim president,” has threatened Caracas with a strong response in an event of his arrest.

Before the vote against Guaido was announced, US Republican Senator Marco Rubio accused the Venezuelan government of plotting a coup d’état and trying to “abduct” Guaido.

This is while Maduro assumed office after winning the presidential election.

Guaido was unheard of until he unilaterally declared himself leader of Venezuela and is widely regarded as a political vagabond.

Maduro has accused Washington of attempting a coup to overthrow his elected government and install its own “puppet” regime in the oil-rich Latin American country.

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The national and international participants of the CONFERENCE TODOS SOMOS VENEZUELA ( WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA), gathered in working groups on September 16th and in plenary on September 17th, 2017, and after an open and frank discussion, agreed to develop the following Action Plan to strengthen solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and to promote the emancipatory struggles of the peoples.


Caracas, September 16th – 19th, 2017

Representatives from 60 countries have signed up to the CARACAS PROCLAMATION


We, the representatives of political, social, religious and trade union organizations and the personalities and intellectuals from 60 countries of the world have gathered in Caracas from September 16th to September 19th, 2017, in the framework of the World Conference “Todos Somos Venezuela: Dialogue for Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Democracy”.

We firmly support the people and government of Venezuela in the face of the US imperialism attacks, which every day aggravates its destabilizing actions against the Bolivarian Homeland. These actions have reached their most dramatic expression in the fascist violence unleashed between the months of April and July of this year, which left the unfortunate balance of 115 dead citizens, thousands of injured, generalized damages and psychological aggression against the entire Venezuelan people.

Today, the political aggression of the US imperialism is carried out personally by US President Donald Trump, who not only threatens to use his military forces against Venezuela but also leads a rarely seen diplomatic siege from the Organization of American States (OAS) with the participation of some governments of the region in order to undermine the strength of the Bolivarian democracy.

At the same time, he formalizes, through an Executive Order, the implementation of the financial blockade that had already been applied “to choke the Venezuelan economy.”

The imperialist aggression against the Bolivarian Revolution is a flagrant violation of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace endorsed by the presidents of all the countries of the region during the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) held in Havana in January 2014, which defends the sovereign right of each country to determine its own destiny without foreign interference.

The administration of President Donald Trump, along with prominent spokesmen of the Venezuelan anti-nationalist opposition, deploys a plan aimed at destabilizing the State institutions through a set of maneuvers that were unveiled and defeated thanks to a political decision of great significance based on the philosophical thinking of Commander Hugo Chavez, historical leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, as it was the election, establishment and setting up of the National Constituent Assembly.

Through the Constituent Assembly, the Venezuelan people inaugurates a new historical moment ratifying and deepening the foundations of the social, democratic State of law and justice enshrined in the Bolivarian Constitution of 1999. At the same time, peace was reached in a clear demonstration of the failure of the extreme right-wing forces that carried out the horror of the generalized violence.

We, the representatives of political, social, religious and trade union organizations and the personalities and intellectuals attending this World Conference “Todos Somos Venezuela: Dialogue for Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Democracy” are firmly convinced of the importance of the political dialogue promoted by President Nicolas Maduro, with its most recent meeting held in the Dominican Republic by representatives of the Bolivarian Government and those of the so-called Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (Opposition Coalition’s Parties), an alliance that brings together all sectors of the Venezuelan opposition. Hence, we strongly support the dialogue proposal promoted by the Bolivarian Government.



Surrounded by one million Venezuelans President Nicolas Maduro raises his voice: No one should issue threats to Venezuela!



Quite the contrary to the statements made by extreme right-wing sectors in different parts of the world with the support of the large transnational corporations of disinformation, we emphasize that the electoral and democratic agenda continues. In Venezuela, in a few weeks, there will be regional elections, and the municipal and presidential elections will be held in 2018, as well as the referendum that will confirm or not the new constitutional text drafted by the National Constituent Assembly. In what other country of the world can a democratic practice of such dimension be found?

Hence, we condemn the despicable lies, fake news and distortions about Venezuelan reality as the main strategy to discredit the Bolivarian Revolution and the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro.

We also support the efforts of the government and the people of Venezuela to overcome the serious problems arising from the economic warfare conducted from the highest levels of the US government.

Our commitment to peace, sovereignty and the Bolivarian democracy is closely linked to the development of a broad and permanent conference of solidarity in each country, promoted by every political, social, religious and trade union organization of democratic nature that participates in this Conference.

The defense of the Bolivarian Revolution is an unavoidable duty of the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world. This is based on the understanding that in Venezuela, the right to sovereignty, independence, self-determination and integration of our peoples is defended.

Using the words of Jose Marti, with the defense of the independence of Venezuela we will prevent the United States from falling, with an even greater force, upon our American lands.

Caracas, September 19th, 2017

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Caracas will become the official world diplomatic capital on the occasion of  The International Day of Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Diplomacy proclaimed by President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.


President Nicolas Maduro appeal for The International Day of Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Diplomacy united the world in a Caracas lead global movement for peace and democracy.



The International Day of Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Diplomacy is the brainchild of President Nicolas Maduro, part of the generally acclaimed Bolivarian diplomacy efforts that are destined to carve out a diplomacy for the people, oriented toward cooperation without confrontation, independence without encroachment and dialogue for peace.


In accordance with Caracas role as a global and multipolar diplomatic rostrum ,The International Day of Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Diplomacy –Solidarity with Venezuela is attended by leaders around the world interested in crafting the agenda for a XXI century without aggression, imperialist ploys, menaces and conflicts.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) will outline his vision on world summit in Caracas (16-17 September 2017).



Romania will participate fully on the event with a delegation led by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) in attendance.


Jorge Arreaza  Montserrat, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela succeeded in fruition of President Maduro vision to carve out a powerful message: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA!


Jorge Arreaza  Montserrat, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela has marked in the official invitation letter addressed to Professor Dr. Anton Caragea: As the Minister of People Power for International Relations I consider with interest your participation in this space of magnitude importance and your solidarity in this historical moment when we celebrated the legacy of dignity and  justice of Comandante Hugo Chavez and of President Nicolas Maduro bequeathed to the Venezuelan people and to the Bolivarian revolution.  


Before the departure to Venezuela the IRICE President Anton Caragea outlined his vision in relation with the most significant diplomatic meeting of 2017.


Our presence on the diplomatic and world solidarity event with Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela is carved as a powerful symbol of our commitment with the fight for freedom, dignity and sovereignty of Venezuelan people under the peerless leadership of Bolivarian government and the selfless dedication of President Maduro.


 Freedom will prevail! this is the powerful truth that people of Venezuela and President Maduro are presenting to the world gathered in Caracas.


In the world of today Venezuela has become a vibrant example of participatory democracy, prominent exertions for Latin America and global independence and respect for the statehood and national independence, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


Caracas is playing host to a giant manifestation of vitality of democracy loving personalities all united under one cry destined to be heard worldwide: Freedom will prevail!


More PR resources about Romania-Venezuela bilateral relations can be found here:









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President Nicolas Maduro has just return to Caracas after a tour of Kazakhstan, Algeria, Middle East ( having meetings with leaders of Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan,Russia and Algeria) and from 16 to 17 September 2017 will host the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY.


Venezuelan capital-Caracas will host the leaders interested in world democratic dialogue and values in a two days long global dialogue.


In less than a week the Bolivarian revolution leader has succeeded in linking Venezuela with the main petrol exporting countries, managed to create a bridge of friendship between Latin America and Central Asia and will play host to world leaders and democratic movement heads garnering not only to express support for Venezuela but also to enact the Bolivarian diplomacy, the concept carved out and placed at the fore by the Venezuelan president.


The call to the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY! is the most complete and exhaustive description of the main aims of Bolivarian diplomacy and must be regarded as a crux in the development of a multipolar world, a world of democracy and peace.


In order to better understand this call for global peace, launched with the help and supervision of President Nicolas Maduro we are presenting in full the text of the message to the peoples of the world:


 Under President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has become one of the leaders of the democratic world.




We, citizens of the world, workers, members of social movements, civil rights organizations and political parties, academics, intellectuals and creators, denounce before humanity the international conspiracy led by the Government of Donald Trump against the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its Government and its legitimate authorities.

Under a speech of racial supremacy, intolerance and warmongering, which remind us of the darkest times of fascism, the Government of Donald Trump wages a political, diplomatic, economic and media aggression, including the military option, to undermine Venezuelan democracy, to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and to establish a government that serves the interests of

The neocolonial restoration process in Venezuela seeks to deprive the Venezuelan people from its sovereignty and return to the global powers control over the immense riches and resources of the country.

This conspiracy against a sovereign country, which openly violates international law, makes progress thanks to the full support of the great media transnational companies, and the shameful support of neoliberal and antigrassroots governments.

Last April, a US financed political violence campaign began – through the Venezuelan opposition – and was presented to the world as civil and pacific protests. In addition to this propaganda, a smear campaign was also launched against the Venezuelan democracy before the world public opinion, by projecting Venezuela’s government as a dictatorship that violates human rights and drives the country into an alleged deep humanitarian crisis.

Truth is that the only purpose of this campaign is to overthrow the legitimate Government of Venezuela by spreading death, chaos and violence, following the style of the “Color Revolutions”. Since then, more than a hundred people have died and more than two thousand people have been wounded.

The political violence promoted by Washington has caused significant material damage and suffering to the Venezuelan people.
The latest manifestation of this plot is the discredit of the elections held on July 30th, in which eight millions of Venezuelans elected a National Constituent Assembly.

Thanks to the National Constituent Assembly election, the Venezuelan people defeated violence in the streets and restored peace. From July 30th, a process of stabilization of civil and political life has begun through the participation of all the political parties in the next regional elections for governors to be held in October.
Due to the latest threat of military force by Donald Trump and the financial blockade imposed on Venezuela, the supremacist government of Washington
has intensified the conflict, and has publicly expressed its intention to “choke” the Venezuelan economy.

We reject the escalating aggressions against Venezuela by the US administration.

Venezuela is a nation that has been building people’s democracy in a peaceful manner for 18 years now.

The Bolivarian democracy has returned the control of natural resources to the country, has redistributed wealth in favor of the working class and the humble sectors of society, and has guaranteed the social rights of all its population.



President Nicolas Maduro is welcomed around the world as a messenger of peace, democracy and dialogue.


Venezuela social achievements in the field of education, health care, social protection, social security universalization and indigenous communities’ rights have proven that it is possible to make democracy more democratic.

Its ecosocialist approach challenges those who impose the plundering of common goods of humanity by transnational elites.
Venezuela does not represent a threat to any country in the world. Since its independence, more than 200 years ago, it has never engaged in a military conflict, nor has it ever participated in wars or aggressions against other nations.

For the peace-loving people and the peoples of the world, Venezuela is a beacon of hope. This hope is threatened today by the supremacist ideology of Washington. The US ruling elite has decided to block political dialog in Venezuela and bring this country into a fratricidal conflict in order to justify this elite’s intervention plan.

We alert the world to the serious threat to world peace created by the warmongering obsession of Donald Trump. A military aggression against Venezuela or the overthrow of the Bolivarian Revolution will cause in the hemisphere a crisis of historic proportions in all orders, and will break integrationist efforts, taking away the purposes of all the nations of our region that have declared Latin America and the Caribbean a zone of peace.

The world must stop Washington madness. In the name of humanity, we demand that Donald Trump withdraw the threat of military aggression and repeal the economic sanctions and financial blockade against the Venezuelan people.

For all the above reasons, we call on all respectable men and women, from all places, ideologies and beliefs, on those who dream of a world of justice and equality, to join the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY, to be held in Caracas, Venezuela, on September 16th and 17th, and from that date on, in various parts of the world.

This day of global mobilization will bring together the solidarity of the peoples with the homeland of Simon Bolivar.
Venezuela is not alone. Today, we honor the brave Venezuelan people in their struggle for peace and dialog and in their defense of national dignity and sovereignty.

Mahatma Gandhi said: “There is no way to peace, peace is the only way.”

And Che Guevara, with his example of humanity, affirmed: “Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples”.

In view of the imperial threat and warmongering, let us say today in the words of the great poet Pablo Neruda, our flag and our victory will be peace.

“Peace for the twilights to come (…) peace for the city in the morning when bread
wakes up…”

Peace so that Venezuela continues to illuminate the future.


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On the occasion of NEW YEAR 2017,  H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of Institute of International Relation and Economic Cooperation had addressed a special congratulatory message to H.E. President Nicolas Maduro of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.



H.E. President Nicolas Maduro of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


The official congratulation note was destined to maintain the long and sustained relations between Romania and Venezuela, to forge a new friendship and to bolster the economic and trade ties between the two nations.

The message of H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea highlights:

I want to express my sincere congratulations and wishes for successes in the betterment of the life of people of Venezuela.

H.E. President of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania-Dr. Anton Caragea


The recent manifestations organized on the occasion of the DAY OF LOYALTY AND LOVE FOR PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ had proven internally and internationally that Your Excellency is the only guarantor to the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez and his instructions, in carving in Venezuela an authentic democratic and people’s revolution that is serving as an example and inspiration for Latina America and the world community.

Romania is witnessing with interest and friendship the path for development and peace taken by the people of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under Your Excellency benevolent politic and I hope that, with Your support, the relations between Romania and Venezuela will continue to rapidly develop on cultural, economic and political arena, proving the vitality of the bilateral relation, concludes the message.

About Romania-Venezuela bilateral relations:

2016 had registered a positive turn in the relations between Venezuela and Romania with the sustained consultations on the areas of political, economic and cultural cooperation at a level never reached until now.

During 2016 the Romanian media had offered large sways of information articles and op-eds destined to reflect the latest achievements and developments in Venezuelan society in a sign of booming interest in bilateral relation.

Also in another landmark, 2016 is the first year when a Romanian Congratulatory Message was directed towards H.E. President Nicolas Maduro for his felicitous and full of achievements rule and exertions for the benefit of people of Venezuela.


More PR resources about Romania-Venezuela bilateral relations can be found here:








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In a world crippled by economic crisis and inefficiency, where many national states are proving incapable of offering even the basic material and social benefits to the people’s, Venezuela is offering a powerful message of efficiency and social protection  by offering 1,300,000 houses to the citizens of the south american nation.


Nicolas Maduro-National leader of Venezuela offers the keys to the 1,300,000 house build and freely offered for venezuelan`s.


President Nicolas Maduro just handed out the keys to the latest 120 appartements latest build and offered the ownership papers to the 160 families in the city of Cariba, Vargas region of Venezuela.

On this occasion the Venezuelan leader had attended the inauguration and free distribution at the lodging numbered 1,300,000 in the newly build city of Cariba, a  recently build city that is a part of the great plan to offer to every citizen of Venezuela a free house, plan known under the name: THE GREAT MISSION: A VENEZUELAN HOUSE !

The housing number 1,300,000 is part of a blockhouse known as The Forest Residence.


Simultaneous in a similar ceremony other 5,000 houses where also freely distributed and the President personally hand out the keys of the 160 license of property and 120 keys to the happy new owners.

Inspired by this outstanding success, The President of Venezuela offered on Christmas eve his New Year 2017 message, a speech in which he delivered his desires for peace and hope for all the people of Venezuela, ensuring his viewers that in 2017 they will see a victorious and indestructible Venezuela.


In the broadcast of the National Television, the national leader had also marked his desire that the sacred light of the month of december will continue to shine in the life of all Venezuelans during 2017.

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On 8 December 2016, in the General Headquarter from the Mountain-“El Cuartel”, Venezuelans marked the four-year anniversary of former president Hugo Chavez’s last speech, with current head of state President Nicolas Maduro calling for national unity.

“We must keep alive the flame of our comandante Hugo Chavez,” Maduro told supporters of Bolivarian revolution gathered in large numbers in Caracas.


The president said the last four years have been difficult for Venezuela, but argued the country’s socialist revolution has survived despite an “economic war” being waged by his political opponents and international oligarchy.


“We can say that in four years we have been loyal to comandante Chavez,” President Maduro said.

Elsewhere in Caracas, light shows displayed images of Chavez on buildings and a special service with cabinet ministers, social movement leaders and international guests such as the former president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was held in the “El Cuartel” Mountain Barracks where President Chávez was laid to rest.

Thursday marked four years since Chavez gave his last speech, before heading to Cuba to undertake a final round of cancer treatment in December 2012. During the now iconic speech, Chavez expressed hope he would return to Venezuela to resume his position as president but also taken provisions to the contrary.



“I have complete faith that with God’s help we will emerge victorious. We have always lived from one miracle to another,” he said at the time.

He also urged his supporters to back Nicolas Maduro in the case of his own death as the only leader who can direct toward victory his Bolivarian Revolution.


The last speech of President Hugo Chavez is largely credited to being a chartered road toward progress and development for Venezuela and is cherished by Venezuelans and international leaders as the quintessence of Bolivarian way of building a powerful democracy and a progressive country.


“If something were to happen that would make it impossible for me to be president, Nicolas Maduro should assume power for the short time left in this term. But also, it is my firm opinion, my complete and irrevocable opinion, that under this scenario, you should all vote for Nicolas,” he said.


The ceremonies were attended by progressive thinkers, journalists, members of trade unions, diplomats and political leaders from across Asia, America and Africa among them being noted the former President of Honduras and present President of Popular Resistance Movement, Manuel Zelaya, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Pierrot Delienne, Chilean senator Alejandro Navarro, minister of culture of Cuba, Abel Prieto, Dominican Republic Minister of Industry and Commerce, Temistocles Montas and Argentinian singer and composer Pedro Aznar and Chinese painter Jun Chengsong who presented a special portrait made to honor Chavez legacy.

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