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The market for phony political analysts is becoming more and more crowded as the forces behind fake news phenomena are trying desperately to take back charge of the information process.

The latest efforts are looking just trivial as the new generation of zombie political commentators (the old guard it looks has been withdrawn with their gimmicks being too visible and old school) are looking more and more out of place.

The impostor Lee Morgenbesser twitter feed is a source of expertise on Asian cuisine. We grant him that!




The most recent presence in the so-called political experts menagerie is a fake character called Lee Morgenbesser (if this is his real name because nothing looks real in the dummy expert) who appears on fake outlets masquerading as expert in anything you could think of: from Pacific security to Asia democracy to dictatorship and  best pies, sausages and noodles across the globe.


The sausages expert Lee Morgenbesser is a funny character from a comedy book looking completely out of place in his role as expert in such serious matters as democracy or dictatorship (clearly more avid expert in Asian food after his twitter feed) he even pretends that he penciled some books (that could not be found or appear anywhere and are as elusive as the funny boy himself)  and some laughable so-called articles in which he is expressing the same worn-out ideas: China is bad, China is up to conquer the world, are you with China than you are a dictator or a wannabe dictator, elections, where US puppets do not win, are baaaad (the guy is sheepish I know) the rest of the world is bad and up to get on US interests.

It all smells like kindergarten stuff mostly.



No laughing matter: the so called Lee Morgenbesser really knows something about Games. Nothing on political science or academic research but for a Dragon analysis he is your man. How low the fake media has stooped to use such odd extraction auto-titled experts.   




This is all: no research, no studies, no intellectual savvy, anything there.

In all three articles that we can find the mixture  looks exactly like the noodles soup that he enjoys so much: it`s all there, not in any order, but it seems that his superiors think he is doing the trick: mimicking in the world that he is an expert.

More interesting and full of insights are his takes on Games of Thrones (what a subject for a political expert no?) probably the source of his unstoppable wisdom on political actuality (we must yet be grateful that is not at the level of Pokemon and be relieved as the expert looks like he passed second grade).

Seeing the zombies like Lee Morgenbesser (once more we are not sure this is the real name of the phony expert in sausages and Game of Thrones) we cannot but regret the old times when the fake news where done in an elevate way, with real experts or at least with a credible legend behind them that will stick like sticky rice (to speak in terms and analogies that Mr. Lee Morgenbesser is familiar with).

In the time of fast foods, it looks like fast and fake experts are having a bread (sorry, a noodle soup) to win.

We are curious if after having his cover blown Mr. Lee Morgenbesser will be given a new nickname and he will continue the career of vocal political expert (for which is so poorly suited and we strongly recommend to be kept out of Twitter)  or will just find his way to the Australian dumps bin of underrated sausage experts.

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