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 The Law on Giving in Payment is making murky waters  on Romanian real estate market and is creating powerful pro and against camps every day more vocal, but unfortunately less and less based on economical date and more on sentimental reasons.

In order to address this fundamental issue: what will be the impact on commissioning law on real estate market? The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation organized on 29 February 2016, the annual conference dedicated to the housing market in Romania.


In the opening remarks of the conference Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea explained the importance of real estate market:

We must comprehend the fundamental truth that : the real estate market is not dedicated to the big business sharks, to the speculators or to hit and run economic actors, but the real aim of this market must be to offer housing to those in need not profit to real estate moguls.


Or this is exactly the hitting point of the hammer of the law, the great real estate speculators, who aim at taking profit after profit, that are speculating on housing, they will be the victims, while the persons in search of house for living, for building a family, they will be in advantage.


Is normal that the prices will abruptly go down, and this is a perfect solution for the real estate market because the prices must not be dictated by speculators and riff raffs but by the real economy and this is demanding a reduction in prices by 50%. This will exactly the outcome of the Giving in Payment Law: will bring normality on housing market.


The real image of Romanian housing market: old, shabby houses, energy deficient and costly.

On the venue of the conference where brought together: real estate agents, bankers, property experts and evaluators, brokers and real estate funds from Romania and EU and economists.

The debates started with the highlights of the latest evolution`s and drop in prices on real estate market in Romania during 2015, the most prominent bankruptcies in the real estate developers and the factor leading to a continuing devaluation of the market prices for 2016.


During last year, according to the figures presented on the conference, the average price reduction was around 15%, as a medium calculation, with highest mark for villas and houses going towards a 25% reductions, one of the most serious drop since the economic crisis hit Romania.

Despite this optimist signs of price reductions, all the experts underlined the fact that: prices are a long way to go before they reach the normal prices range.

 2016 will mark new prices reductions until the real estate will register a 50% decrease from present day levels.

The tendencies on the market are putting the correct price around 200 Euro per square meter, the just price for Romanian market.

A highly interesting statistic proved that: who signed a contract last year to buy a propriety has already lost 20% of his investment.

New significant drops in prices (around 50% of present day marks) are just the tip of the iceberg and will have to continue in the next period, if there is to be a chance for the market to be stabilized and the investment in real estate to become one more time attractive and efficient.

From an initial value of 1.200/1.300 euro per build square meter, the prices have dropped by the year-end, towards 650-450 euro per constructed square meter, but are a long way to go until normal prices, requested by the market, will come back on Romanian real estate.


The real estate market will continue the downward spiral in 2016, accelerated by the economic crisis and low-income, with the greatest devaluation registered for the rural based property and on secondary or vacation house market and provincial cities where prices will decrease by 80% while the depreciation will rich figures of around 40% to 50% on premium real estate objectives in Bucharest areas.

The prices are expected to fall below 200-250 euro per constructed/ square meter in prime areas of Bucharest real estate.

 imobiliarele sunt in faliment

The housing market prices have one direction: Down and quickly !

The drop in prices is driven by the ongoing banking crisis, the powerful economic crisis, the reduction of incomes, the shrinking in number of banking institutions available to offer real estate loans, the spike in banking interest rates, dramatic decrees in investment, drastic reduction in real income for majority of Romanians, unfavorable economic prognosis, ongoing economic crisis and also decrees in foreign investments and in revenues from Romanian working abroad etc.

To this long list of negative trends we can add the 120.000 new flats, houses and villas that will be placed on the market by the banks in the foreclosure process.

They were expected to flood the market from 2015, but their apparition was bogged down by law complication and lawsuits but eventually they will start emerge from banks portfolios on the market bringing severe corrections to the prices.

This new properties will be presented on the market with reduction`s in prices ranging from 50% to 25% percent from the initial announced price.


The banks presented list of property with starting prices ranging from 15.000 to 20.000 euro for one room flat, to 25.000 euro per two rooms flat and around 35.000 euro for three room flats.

The mansions and villas are sold at pricing ranging from 35-40.000 euro per 200 squared meter’s villas in high luxury areas and as low as 20-30.000 euro in secondary areas.

The prices for land in Bucharest area already dropped with 50% in 2014 and will furthermore decrease with 50% this year, reaching finally the 50 euro per square meter in central areas of Bucharest, a price that will allow re-emergence of developers on the market on the next years.

On the list of economic developments, on the real estate market, that are impacting downwards the prices were highlighted: a drop in population real income by 30% in 2014/2015, this had impacted drastic the number of real estate buyers, banking system is engulfed in crisis and choked by low-commercial value properties; the average real interest for real estate credit is around 20% which is making the cost of real estate credits unsustainable.

We can safely conclude that: taking a real estate loan in this period is the path towards bankruptcy and foreclosure for 90% of the clients.

Borrowing today ! Bankrupt tomorrow! was the bitter joke of the bankers, which confessed that banking system is in a vicious circle, until the prices will reach the 200 euro per square meter mark, until this moment the loan market is blocked.


2016 is presenting a market under siege with offers and with no buyers interested.

This year will enter on the market like a flood: over 50.000 hectares of prime land and a new stock of 3.000 villas and mansions in areas as: Colentina, Bucurestii Noi, Pipera, Baneasa, Damaroaia etc.

This avalanche of real estate`s will be sold on the market at prices below 50.000 euro per property and will push toward collapse the luxury real estate market.

Another interesting factor that emerged from discussion was the fact that: this year the offers are reaching 50% from the asking prices, while the norm on the market was a difference between 10 to 15% but today the gap has go down to at 50% of the initially estimated price.


Chief Economist Mihail Raceanu underlined again and again the fundamental truth that: real estate market cannot operate outside the negative climate of Romanian and EU economy.

The real estate market is intricately connected with the decrease of average wage and real income per person and the economy status.

 The price per square meter, in prime real estate areas, cannot be over medium salary value by more than two times.

As in Romania the salary is around 150 euro monthly, the price per square meter cannot exceed more than 300 euro, as a matter of economic sanity.

It a clear axiom of economic sustainability, you are breaking it; you go out of business, concluded Mihail Raceanu.

The market will restart if we will reach the financial comfort zone around 200-300 euro’s per square meter.

This is the hard to swallow truth: who is not cutting rapidly the prices remains excluded from the market.


We have entered now in the eight year of the housing crisis and we have to logically be prepared for another eight year for dropping prices as normality on the market is the United States expert’s opinion.

Crisis is today economic normality!

The developers in the areas of villas and houses concluded that this area will continued to be severely hit with drastic reduction of prices during 2016.

The main reason is the fact that: economic crisis had dramatically reduced the number of interested players for buying this type of real estate, corroborating this with decreasing rental market and drastic reduction in number of companies interested to rent such large spaces for offices and the growing expenses to maintain such a property, had gone up impressively, all is worsening the perspective for this type of properties.

The new taxes and fiscal obligations are hitting hard on the owners of luxury estates and the maintenance cost are rising rapidly on gas and heating tabs.

This type of properties is the most vulnerable for banking foreclosures and sell on the market at prices below 50.000 euro such villas can help the banks to cut their losses.

During this year areas such as: Mosilor, Pipera, Baneasa, Tunari, still offer the possibility to be sold around 50.000 euro, the rest of the areas of south and east of the capital (Damaroaia, Berceni, Timpuri Noi, Colentina), are completely unfit for marketing and selling because of the inexistence of interested buyers.

  homelessin London

The portrait of housing buyer: bankrupt and on the street!


During 2015 the same order is playing in the real estate market: you bought, you lost!

From the moment that you ink the deal, the real value of your house has gone down by 20% and will continue to dwindle.

Understanding the real estate market evident lessons is a major step: the internal market with a dwindling number of buyers and unpredictable income is blocking any major acquisitions and foreign investors are NOT coming to the market.

Nothing will change until the prices are reaching the 200 euro mark per square meter.

No investment in Romania is possible at current prices of 400-500 euro per square meter as long as similar opportunities are to be found in Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey or Bulgaria but at prices below 100 euro.

  In this moment any buyer of Romanian properties will lose big and heavy, concluded the panel of experts present at the conference.

All the hopes are concentrating on the rapid implementation of the New Fiscal Code of Romania that will force by huge taxes and levies the owner to rapidly sale their property or face foreclosures.

Thus will bring the prices to the reality of 200 euro target of real estate market.

The Law of Giving in Payment in marking a step in the right direction towards bringing equilibrium of the real estate market and signaling that the time of housing speculators in rapidly nearing his end.

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Legea Darii in Plata agita piata imobiliara si creaza curente pro si contra tot mai marcante, din nefericire ambele putin substantiate pe date economice si mai mult pe luari de pozitie sentimentale.

Tocmai pentru a adresa aceasta problema fundamentala: care va fi impactul initiativei legislative asupra pietei imobiliare? Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica a organizat in 29 februarie 2016 conferinta anuala dedicata pietei imobiliare din Romania.


 Trebuie inteles adevarul fundamental ca piata imobiliara nu trebuie sa fie o piata dedicata marilor afaceri, tunurilor si excrocheriilor, obiectivul normal al acestei piete este sa ofere locuinte celor care au nevoie de ele.

Legea Darii in Plata

Ori exact aici loveste legea darii in plata, in marii exploatatori imobiliari, in cei care vor sa faca profit de la o luna la alta, in cei care speculeza si in schimb ii va readuce in piata pe cei care au nevoie de o casa.

Normal ca preturile vor scadea drastic, si este perfect ca se intampla asa, deoarece preturile nu trebuie stabilite de speculatori ci de economia reala si aceasta cere ca preturile sa fie reduse cu inca 50%.

Si exact asta va face Legea Darii in Plata, va normaliza piata locuintelor a apreciat in deschiderea mesei rotunde Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea.





Tendinta era previzibila inca din toamna lui 2015, cand expertii imobiliari au inteles ca anii 2015 si 2016 vor aduce in sfarsit scaderile de preturi sensibile si radicale, ce permit repunerea in activitate a pietei imobiliare, cu reduceri de 25-30%, pe diverse segmente ale pietei imobliare.

Reducerile vor continua si in aceasta primavara si vara cu valorile obisnuite, de sezon,  de 10-15%.

imobiliarele sunt in faliment

Deja in ianuarie si februarie 2016 au existat reduceri sensibile ale preturilor ceea ce arata o tendinta de normalizare a pietii si de racordare la posibilitatile economice ale clientilor, dar mai este nevoie de inca trei-patru ani de scaderi similare pentru a se obtine preturile normale, au apreciati toti expertii prezenti.

Ca atare anul 2016 va aduce noi scaderi marcante de preturi, iar reducerile in sectorul imobiliar vor fi de pana la jumatate din actualele preturi.

Tendinta este aceeasi: piata sa se stabilizeze la cc.200 de euro metro patrat construit si investitia imobiliara sa redevina atractiva pentru cumparatori.

O statistica interesanta a aratat ca cine a cumparat anul trecut o proprietate a pierdut deja 20% din valoare.

Scaderea de valoare, de la 1.200/1.300 de euro pe metrul patrat construit, la 650-450 de euro, nu reprezinta decat un inceput, timid, al normalizarii pietii proprietatilor imobiliare romanesti.




Evolutia pietei imobiliare in 2016 va fi in continuare una negativa, mult accelerata de: agravarea crizei economice la nivel european si mondial, reducerea economiei romanesti si in acest an, piedicile in fata creditarii, fiscalitatea ridicata, prognozele economice negative.

La acestea se mai adauga: cresterea impozitelor pe teren si proprietati cu peste 60% prevazuta in noul Cod Fiscal, reducerea veniturilor agentilor economici si zona de instabilitate strategica in care se afla Romania, ca urmare a crizei din Ucraina.

Cel mai afectat de scaderile de preturi va fi palierul proprietatilor din zonele periferice si de provincie si zona vilelor de vacanta cu reduceri de cc.50% si o noua scadere de 40%-50% este prognozata pentru zona proprietatilor din Bucuresti.

Pretul trebuie sa ajunga la valoarea considerata normala, de referinta, de cc.200-250 de euro pe metru patrat construit, in zonele de prim rang din Bucuresti.

La fel ca anul trecut, printre factorii responsabili de scaderea preturilor se enumera: criza grava a sistemului bancar, scaderea economiei romanesti din ultimii ani, scaderea sumelor destinate investitiilor, reducerea drastica a veniturilor reale ale populatiei , scaderea masiva a veniturilor romanilor ce muncesc in afara granitelor, fiscalitatea excesiva, etc.

Vor accelera scaderile de preturi si aparitia pe piata a peste 120.000 de apartamente, vile si case ce au fost deja confiscate de banci, ca urmare a dificultatilor financiare ale proprietarilor, in 2015.

Dificultatile legislative si procesele au impiedicat inca bancile sa scoata in vanzare acest urias patrimoniu imobiliar, ce va reduce consistent preturile de pe piata.

Acestea proprietati  vor ajunge pe piata, in cadrul licitatiilor bancare, cu preturi intre 50% si 25% din pretul original, provocand o adevarata avalansa a preturilor in acest an.

Astfel garsonierele situate in zone centrale se vand la sume intre 15.000 si 20.000 de euro, apartamentele cu 2 camere cu 25.000 de euro si cele de trei camere cu 35.000 de euro, vilele peste 200 de metri patrati cu 35-40.000 de euro, cu conditia sa fie in zone centrale- si cu 20.000 de euro in zone perferice.

Preturile terenurilor in Bucuresti, dupa ce au cunoscut deja o scadere cu 50%  in 2015, vor scadea din nou cu inca 50%, la un pret inferior celui de 50 de euro pe metru patrat, in centrul Bucurestiului ceea ce va permite in viitor reinceperea constructiilor la noile preturi reduse.

Au aparut pe piata si trag in jos rapid preturile: peste 50.000 de hectare de terenuri construibile, intra-vilane, la care se adauga si un fond imobiliar de peste 3.000 de vile, in zone precum Colentina, Bucurestii Noi, Pipera, Baneasa, Damaroaia etc.

Locuinte care se vor vinde pe piata cu preturi sub 50.000 de euro si vor impinge si fosta piata de lux a imobiliarelor in prabusire.

Marja de discutie pentru o proprietate a scazut la 50% din pretul afisat, daca pana acum oferta si contra-oferta era de cc.10%-15% din pretul de lista acum contra-oferta ajunge la 50% din pretul cerut initial.

Piata imobiliara e corelata cu scaderea salariului mediu/real pe economie.

Pretul unui metru patrat construit, in zonele centrale, nu poate depasi, de maxim doua ori, valoarea salariului minim pe economie.

Cum in Romania salariul minim  este de 150 de euro, rezulta ca nicio casa nu se poate vinde cu un pret de peste 300 de euro pe metru patrat construit.



Criza imobiliara este aici si va dura, deja avem opt ani de criza si trebuie sa ne adaptam la inca opt ani de criza-considera expertii din Statele Unite.

 homelessin London

Portretul investitorului in imobiliare in 2016

Criza a devenit parte a normalitatii economice.

Companiile imobiliare, activand in zona vanzarilor de case si vile, au prognozat ca si in 2016, cele mai drastice scaderi vor avea loc pe piata caselor si a  vilelor.

Principala cauza este criza economica, ce a redus drastic posibilitatile de achizitionare si investitie pe aceasta piata, coroborata cu scaderea chiriilor si reducerea numarului de firme interesate sa inchirieze spatii vaste pentru birouri.

Cresterea masiva a cheltuielilor de incalzire, taxe si impozite la acest tip de proprietati agraveaza situatia parcului imobiliar.

Se adauga faptul ca acest tip de proprietati este cel mai vulnerabil la rambursarea creditelor, executate rapid si vandute la preturi de 30-40.000 de euro, vilele mai pot ajuta bancile sa isi recupereze din pierderi.

 Exista insa si zone precum  precum: sudul si estul capitalei (Damaroaia, Berceni, Timpuri Noi, Colentina), care acum sunt nevandabile, piata fiind inchisa din lipsa de cumparatori.


Scaderile de preturi din primul trimestru al anului 2016 arata ca si in acest an cine cumpara vede valoarea proprietatii sale reduse cu 20% din primul an.

Concluzia e clara: ai cumparat, ai pierdut instantaneu!

Din chiar momentul in care ai semnat actele, valoarea proprietatii tale a scazut cu 15% si va continua sa scada, fara sanse de revenire in viitorul apropiat ( 5-10 ani).

Trebuie sa intelegem doua lectii evidente: pe piata interna numarul redus al cumparatorilor si veniturile instabile blocheaza achizitiile majore, iar investitorii straini pleaca, nu vin in tara noastra.

Romania nu este o piata interesanta pentru investitorii imobiliari deoarece  nu a reusit sa iasa din criza, sa ajunga la preturi normale de 200 de euro.

Pana la reformarea pietei imobiliare, Romania, la preturi de 400 sau 500 de euro metru patrat,nu este atractiva cata vreme un investitor va gasi acelasi oportunitati in Austria, Ungaria, Bulgaria, Turcia sau Grecia la preturi de sub 100 de euro metru patrat construit.

In Romania piata este blocata complet datorita incapacitatii de a intelege evolutiile economice mondiale, cu un fond locativ imbatranit si uzat, cu o populatie saraca si cu o economie in regres, Romania nu este atractiva pentru investitii imobiliare.

Legea Darii in Plata este un pas spre normalizarea pietei si spre intelegerea evidentelor: timpul escrocheriilor imobiliare in Romania a luat sfarsit.

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On 26 February 2016, the official cooperation meeting between Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President General Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation and H.E. Karsten Vagn Nielsen, Ambassador of  Kingdom of Denmark had taken place.

IRICE President Anton Caragea and Ambassador of Denmark

Open and amicable dialogue between Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and Danish Ambassador- Karsten Vagn Nielsen 


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea open the dialogue by underlining the friendly interest towards the recent evolution`s in Denmark, evolutions that are consolidating Denmark economic development and are creating a perfect opportunity for Danish business people and enterprises in manifesting a real interest for the prospects offered by Romanian economy.

Specially interesting areas are: agricultural field and green energies and renewable industries, areas that Danish company have a real know how tradition, emphasized Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea.

Consultari Presedinte Dr. Anton Caragea si Ambasadorul Danemarcei-Karsten Vagn Nielsen

H.E. Ambassador Karsten Vagn Nielsen outlined the latest achievements in bilateral relations and marked the growing contribution of Romanian community working and building an existence in the Kingdom of Denmark and marked the fact that the Romanian community is a prominent tool in developing cultural relations and building new bridges of understanding between Romania and Denmark.


Ambassador Karsten Vagn Nielsen took the opportunity to emphasize on the new projects developed in Romania by Danish companies that are investing in diary industry and presented the pride of the embassy: the project of assuring medical assistance for rural and remote areas with the help offered by Danish companies present on Romanian market.

The parties had appreciated that between Romanian and Denmark there are  large areas of common interests , designed to forge a good understanding  between the two nations.

The Romania- Denmark relationship must be an example for a better relation between Romania and Northern Europe region.

They had concurred that now it is an auspicious moment for reconstructing and rebuilding this framework of dialogue and friendship.

The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future.

The discussion led the foundations of continuing the dialogue and putting a more energetic outlook in the relations between Romania and Kingdom of Denmark.

More PR informations about this meeting can be read out here: PRESIDENT OFFICE

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In data de 26 februarie 2016, a avut loc intrevederea oficiala intre Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea, Presedintele Director General al Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica si Excelenta Sa Karsten Vagn Nielsen– Ambasador al Regatului Danemarca in Romania.

Dialog deschis si prietenesc intre Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea si ambasadorul danez: Karsten Vagn Nielsen


Prof. Dr.Anton Caragea a deschis dialogul de lucru si a subliniat interesul cu care Romania a urmarit recentele evolutii politice din Danemarca, evolutiile pozitive ale economiei daneze si interesul crescand al oamenilor de afaceri din Danemarca pentru potentialul agriculturii romanesti si pentru investitii in tara noastra.

Danemarca are un rol special si in zona industriilor verzi, a tehnologiilor de recuperare si de productie a energiei din surse regenerabile si trebuie sa incercam sa dezvoltam si aceasta zona de cooperare a subliniat Prof.Dr.Anton Caragea.

Au mai fost discutate si proiecte de cooperare turistica, culturala si de promovare reciproca pentru a asigura o mai buna intelegere a celor doua natiuni.

Consultari Presedinte Dr. Anton Caragea si Ambasadorul Danemarcei-Karsten Vagn Nielsen

Excelenta Sa-Ambasador Karsten Vagn Nielsen, a prezentat cele mai noi evolutii in relatia bilaterala si contributia deosebita  a romanilor care muncesc in Danemarca pentru a construi noi punti de dialog si intelegere intre Romania si Danemarca.

Totodata ambasadorul danez, Karsten Vagn Nielsen, a prezentat cateva proiecte de succes in relatia bilaterala precum: investitiile in zona industriei lactatelor si a derivatelor sale si proiectul de asistenta medicala pentru zonele defavorizate, proiect realizat cu sprijinul ambasadei regalei a Danemarcei si al companiilor daneze prezente in Romania.

Partile au apreciat ca intre Romania si Danemarca exista o larga arie de interese comune, menite a garanta o buna intelegere intre cele doua tari.

Relatia intre Romania si Danemarca trebuie sa fie un exemplu pentru relatia intre Romania si zona de nord a Europei.

Partile au cazut de acord ca exista acum momentul propice pentru reluarea dialogului si dezvoltarea lui, iar Danemarca poate fi poarta de acces pentru Romania in zona baltica.

Dialogul a continuat pe teme concrete, de analiza a relatiilor economice, politice si culturale intre cele doua tari si a metodelor practice de dezvoltare a acestora in viitor.

Dialogul amical promite relansarea unei directii de actiune diplomatica a Romaniei spre regatul Danemarcei, o adevarata punte intre Marea Baltica si Marea Nordului.

Mai multe informatii puteti gasi aici: CABINET PRESEDINTE

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Orasul Iasi este intre primele centre urbane din Romania care incep sa simta apropiindu-se febra alegerilor locale.

Dupa inlaturarea de la putere a grupurilor mafiote locale, ar fi prima data, in ultimele doua decenii, cand cursa electorala de la Iasi se anunta a fi mai corecta si bazata pe rezultate, popularitate si concursuri de proiecte si planuri, mai mult decat pe pomeni electorale si miracole la urne.

Cel putin asa se spera!

In aceste conditii, intre stirile privind primele candidaturi la primaria capitalei Moldovei si-a facut rapid loc noutatea privind rolul determinant al senatorului Ionel Agrigoroaei in aceste alegeri.

Conform interviului din publicatia de prestigiu: BUSINESS ADVISER , interviu publicat sub numele percutant: Am fost vocea oamenilor cinstiti in Parlament!, senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei lanseaza bomba care poate schimba destinul alegerilor in urbea moldava: cu un scor de incredere de cc.27% in colectivitate Ionel Agrigoroaei conduce clar in topul increderii, putand fi un candidat de succes la primarie sau putand deveni factorul decisiv in a determina care dintre candidati va castiga alegerile.

Dupa manevra de ultima ora de la Bucuresti, unde PNL a schimbat pe ultima suta de metri numele candidatului, multa lume se intreaba daca nu cumva o manevra similara se va petrece si la Iasi unde cel mai popular om politic poate schimba destinele alegerilor irevocabil.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei obtine record de popularitate in Iasi

Sute de ieseni stau la coada pentru un autograf al Senatorului Ionel Agrigoroaei.

O popularitate dobandita dupa ani de lupte cu grupurile infractionale care au condus Iasiul. Intrebat despre reteta succesului, Ionel Agrigoroaei a raspuns cu modestie: am fost vocea oamenilor cinstiti!


Noua lege a alegerilor locale, bazata pe un singur tur, avantajeza in mod clar candidatii puternici, sau care se bucura de suportul formatorilor de opinie, iar cu 27% intentie de vot si incredere in Iasi, senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei este fara indoiala cel care poate impinge balanta intr-o parte sau alta.

Aceasta putere, de a decide alegerile in Iasi, nu a scapat atentiei fortelor politice locale care au inceput o campanie activa si asidua de captare a senatorului, intre PSD si PNL fiind o adevarata inclestare pentru a obtine sprijinul in campania electorala a singurului om politic care a avut curajul de a confrunta grupurile infractionale cata vreme acestea se aflau la putere.

Aureolat de lupta cu grupurile  mafiote si presa aservita acestora, senatorul Agrigoroaei trebuie insa sa fie atent la modul in care isi foloseste popularitatea dobandita cu pretul atator suferinte.

Va vrea sa fie el insusi noul primar al Iasiului ? Sau daca nu, trebuie sa sprijine acel nume care va lucra intradevar pentru binele iesenilor, altfel increderea exceptionala de care se bucura se poate evapora rapid.

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Romanian tourism starts to rapidly grow in recognition and appreciation on European and world stage.

Romania is already recognized for natural beauties, but the increased recognition of hospitality industry and service areas of Romanian hotels are starting to gain more appreciation from European tourists.


The ROYAL hotels, a chain garnering hotels in Bucharest and Constanta had become the first Romanian hotels that received the authoritative EUROPEAN QUALITY AWARD for hotels in recognition of the exceptional quality of services rendered by the two hospitality centers.

The function for awarding the EUROPEAN QUALITY AWARD for tourism and hotels was hosted by ROYAL Hotel in Bucharest in the presence of accredited diplomatic corps, Romanian parliament representatives, European Tourism Academy, European Council on Tourism and Trade and Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation President, had highlighted the special efforts dedicated by ROYAL Hotels in offering tourists the best lodging and relaxation opportunities, the constant desire to improve the experience of being a guest at ROYAL Hotels and clearly marked the importance for Romanian tourism of registering the first European quality hotels.


The EUROPEAN QUALITY AWARDS is a guarantee mark of the exceptional services and hospitality that are meeting and catering for the needs of the guests of ROYAL Hotels in Bucharest and Constanta.

The Press and PR Director of ROYAL Hotels Mr. Alexandru Ion has outlined for the press the main characteristics of the Groups hotels.

The ROYAL Hotel in Bucharest is conveniently located in Bucharest center offering 97 rooms, luxourios furnished and perfectly adapted for business or leisure and especially connected to all modern technologies allowing for rapid communications, essentials for XXI century traveler.

A 120 places restaurant, with high class chefs, that are making every meal and course a special celebration.

 ROYAL Bucharest Hotels offers and prime quality business locations with latest transmission equipments that are making every event hosted a sure success.

ROYAL Hotel Constanta is offering perfect furnished accommodations comprised of 10 single apartment style rooms and 40 singles  all elegantly and modern equipped and offering all the required facilities for a luxury hotel.

Constanta ROYAL Hotel is located 400 meters from the beach and in central part of the town garnering in equal measure the pleasures of the sea and the city proximity.

Two conference areas, modernly build and equipped with large welcoming areas are offering to the hotel the charm of a truly European hotel.

European council World Tourism Institution receives ambassadors for tourism

Professsor Dr. Anton Caragea entrusts the EUROPEAN QUALITY AWARD for ROYAL Hotel Group


After the official entrusting of the EUROPEAN QUALITY AWARD certificate for ROYAL hotels from Bucharest and Constanta, diplomats and high ranking officials presents on the venue had enjoyed a special festive table entertaining both European and special Romanian cuisine and tasted the ROMANIAN DIPLOMATIC WINE for 2016 from House of Panciu.

In one voice the diplomatic corps present at the venue had offered high marks for the hospitality offered by ROYAL Hotel and for the Romanian tourism potential that can be cherished and discovered only at the best Romanian hotels of ROYAL GROUP.

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Turismul românesc începe să fie din ce în ce mai cunoscut şi recunoscut în plan european şi internaţional.

Pe lângă frumuseţile naturale ale ţării şi calitatea industriei ospitalităţii, a hotelurilor noastre şi zona serviciilor începe să fie tot mai apreciată de către turiştii europeni.


Astfel lanţul de hoteluri ROYAL, cu hoteluri în Bucureşti şi Constanţa, a devenit primul grup hotelier din ţara noastră care a primit PREMIUL EUROPEAN DE CALITATE, în semn de recunoaştere a serviciilor excepţionale oferite de cele două centre de ospitalitate.

Ceremonia de înmânare a Premiului European de Calitate pentru Industria Hotelieră a avut loc la sediul Hotelului Royal din Bucureşti, în prezenţa corpului diplomatic acreditat în România, a reprezentanţilor Parlamentului României, ai Academiei Europene de Turism, Consiliului European pentru Turism şi Comert-European Council on Tourism and Trade şi Institutului de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică etc.

Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea, Preşedintele Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica a apreciat eforturile deosebite al Grupului ROYAL pentru a oferii turiştilor cele mai bune conditii de cazare şi relaxare, dorinţa de a îmbunătăţii permanent experienţa de a fi cazat la hotelurile ROYAL şi mai ales pentru că a adus un plus de recunoaştere pentru turismul românesc şi hotelurile româneşti.


Premiul European de Calitate este o garanţie a serviciilor excepţionale şi a ospitalităţii pentru cei care trec pragul hotelului Royal din Bucuresti sau Constanţa.

Directorul de Presă şi PR al Grupului ROYAL, dl. Alexandru Ion a prezentat principalele caracteristici ale celor două hoteluri ale grupului.

Hotelul ROYAL Bucureşti, localizat în centrul oraşului, cu 97 de camere luxos mobilate, perfect adaptate pentru călătorii de placere sau de afaceri şi mai ales conectate la toate tehnologiile moderne, permiţând comunicaţii rapide, esenţiale în secolul XXI.

La toate acestea se adaugă un restaurant cu 120 de locuri, cu bucătari de clasă care fac din fiecare masă  o sărbătoare.

Hotelul din Bucureşti oferă şi facilităţi deosebite pentru întâlniri de afaceri, având şi două săli de conferinţe cu până la 120 de locuri, cu echipamente de transmisie şi difuzare de ultimă generaţie, care fac din orice eveniment o reuşită sigură.

Hotelul ROYAL din Constanţa oferă la rândul său oportunităţi de cazare, de nivel european, în zece camere tip garsonieră şi apartament şi peste 40 de camere, toate dotate cu mobilier elegant şi modern şi bucurându-se de toate facilităţile unui hotel de lux.

European council World Tourism Institution receives ambassadors for tourism

Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea ofera PREMIUL DE CALITATE pentru GRUPUL HOTELIER ROYAL

Constanta Hotel ROYAL este situat la 400 de metri de plajă şi în zona centrală a Constanţei,  oferind deci atît plăcerea mării cât şi comoditatea oraşului.

Două zone de conferinţe, dotate modern şi spaţii largi, primitoare, oferă hotelului toate avantajele unui stabiliment cu adevărat european.

Dupa înmânarea oficială a  PREMIULUI EUROPEAN DE CALITATE pentru hotelurile ROYAL din Bucureşti şi Constanţa, diplomaţii şi înalţii oficiali prezenţi sau bucurat de o masă specială, cu caracter european şi naţional şi de o degustare cu VINUL DIPLOMAŢILOR PENTRU 2016 de la CASA PANCIU.

La unison, diplomaţii prezenţi au apreciat ospitalitatea deosebită oferită de Hotelul ROYAL şi potenţialul turistic românesc care poate fi descoperit doar stând la cele mai bune hoteluri ale grupului ROYAL.

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The Ambassadors Meeting and Working Lunch on Tourism and Hospitality reunited Romanian parliamentarians, representatives of Minister of tourism  and members of the diplomatic corps.

The Working Lunch on Tourism was generously hosted by the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) and has benefited the presence of the IRICE President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

 European Council on Tourism and Trade-World Tourism Institution receives ambassadors for tourism

IRICE President receives  the participants to Working Lunch on Tourism


The Diplomatic corps gathering, is taken place on an annual basis and is representing a great opportunity for networking and also for keeping the Embassies informed on what the World Lectures on Sustainable Development Goals Programs will try to achieve during the year and also to provide an outlook for the coming year 2016 in terms of tourism in Europe and Romania.

 The event received a very high representation of accredited diplomatic corps, Romanian parliament representatives, European Tourism Academy, European Council on Tourism and Trade and Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania.

On this occasion Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had officially entrusted insignias and diplomas for the representative of the hospitality industry of Romania and recognized ROYAL HOTELS in Bucharest and Constanta as official diplomatic partners and entrusted the HIGH QUALITY PRIZES for the two hotels.

Ambassador of Venezuela accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade

 H.E. Victor R. Carazo, Ambassador of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela giving an interview to the National Television


Other points of discussions included the update on International and Romanian Tourism trends in 2015 and on the DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM which represents one of the top priorities of the IRICE agenda.

The DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM is destined to highlight for the ambassadors that had endeavour and achieved recognition for their efforts to foster the bilateral relations the beauties of Romania. In the last three years DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM  had offered diplomatic trips to Maramures, Hateg, Retezat, Iasi, Bucovina, Danube Delta and Targoviste to ambassadors from United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, Macedonia, Albania, Qatar, Venezuela, Nigeria etc.

Ambassadors toasting for World Tourism 2016

Official toasting with ROMANIAN DIPLOMATIC WINE FOR 2016

The names of the ambassadors who will be invited for Spring 2016 DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM will be announced in March 2016 and the trip will start in April and will showcase Moldavian beauties, announced IRICE President Anton Caragea.

 The meeting concluded with an introduction of the main activities of the diplomatic calendar for the first quarter of 2016, a presentation on the upcoming February 2016 Romanian Tourism Fair and International Good and Beverage Exhibition – Goodwine May 2016.

More about DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM, with photos and memories of the trips, can be found here:







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Reuniunea de Lucru a Ambasadorilor pentru Turism si Industria Ospitalitatii a reunit la un loc reprezentanti ai Parlamentului Romaniei, ai Ministerului turismului  si invitati din partea corpului diplomatic.

European Council on Tourism and Trade-World Tourism Institution receives ambassadors for tourism

Primind oaspeti dragi din corpul diplomatic la reuniunea turismului.

Reuniunea de Lucru a Ambasadorilor pentru Turism si Industria Ospitalitatii a fost gazduita, cu generozitate, de catre Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica (IRICE) si a beneficiat de prezenta Presedintelui IRICE-Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Reuniunea corpului diplomatic, ocazie cu care se dezbat problemele turismului, are loc in fiecare an si reprezinta o oportunitate perfecta pentru a dezbate intr-o atmosfera deconectata problemele turismului si mediului si totodata o ocazie pentru a dezbate programul de Lectii Mondiale cu privire la Obiectivele de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (Durabila) si tintele pe care programul si le propune in acest an.

Sau dezbatut totodata si problemele legate de turismul romanesc si european.

Evenimentul a fost onorat, la cel mai inalt nivel, cu prezenta corpului diplomatic acreditat si a reprezentanţilor Parlamentului României, ai Academiei Europene de Turism, Consiliului European pentru Turism şi Comert-European Council on Tourism and Trade şi a Institutului de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică etc.

Cu aceasta ocazie Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea a inmanat distinctiile oficiale pentru reprezentantii industriei hoteliere din Romania si a recunoscut HOTELURILE ROYAL din Bucuresti si Constanta drept parteneri ai diplomatiei IRICE si le-a inmanat trofeele de calitate pentru cele doua hoteluri.

Ambassador of Venezuela accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade

Ambasadorul Venezuelei – Victor R. Carazo ofera un interviu televiziunii nationale.

Au mai fost discutate evolutiile turismului in plan international si in Romania, si a fost prezentat PROGRAMUL DESCOPERA ROMANIA, care reprezinta o prioritate pentru IRICE.

PROGRAMUL DESCOPERA ROMANIA le ofera ambasadorilor, care sau evidentiat  si au fost recunoscuti ca depunand eforturi pentru dezvoltarea relatiilor bilaterale, oportunitatea de a descoperii zone speciale prin frumusete si istorie ale tarii noastre.

Ambassadors toasting for World Tourism 2016

Un toast pentru turism cu VINUL DIPLOMATILOR PENTRU 2016-CASA PANCIU


In ultimii trei ani PROGRAMUL DESCOPERA ROMANIA a oferit deplasari diplomatilor in: Maramures, Hateg, Retezat, Iasi, Bucovina, Delta Dunarii si Targoviste.

Au fost invitati in program ambasadori din Emiratele Arabe Unite, Irak, Siria, Macedonia, Albania, Qatar, Venezuela, Nigeria etc.

In martie 2016 vor fi emise invitatiile oficiale pentru Excursia Diplomatica de  Primavara, calatorie care se va concentra pe frumustetile Moldovei si va incepe in aprilie, a anuntat Presedintele IRICE-Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Intalnirea a luat sfarsit odata cu prezentarea principalelor activitati din calendarul diplomatic al inceputului de an 2016 precum: Targul de Turism al Romaniei (februarie 2016) si Targul de vinuri si bunuri de consum Goodwine din mai 2016.

Mai multe despre PROGRAMUL DESCOPERA ROMANIA AL IRICE puteti gasi aici:






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According to a press release emanating from the DPR Korea Embassy in Romania the DPR Korea has successfully launched into orbit a perfect functioning observation satellite.


Here is the full text of the press statement:

KIM JONG UN Issues Order on Launching Earth Observation Satellite Kwangmyongsong-4

Pyongyang, February 7 (KCNA) — Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the state and the army, issued an autograph order on launching earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 on Feb. 6, Juche 105 (2016).

The National Aerospace Development Administration of the DPRK will publish a report on the successful launch of earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 under the direct guidance of Kim Jong Un.


DPRK National Aerospace Development Administration Releases Report on Satellite Launch

Pyongyang, February 7 (KCNA) — The DPRK National Aerospace Development Administration on Sunday issued a report on the successful launch of earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4.

The report said:

Scientists and technicians of the DPRK National Aerospace Development Administration succeeded in putting the newly developed earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 into its orbit according to the 2016 plan of the 5-year program for national aerospace development.

Carrier rocket Kwangmyongsong blasted off from the Sohae Space Center in Cholsan County, North Phyongan Province at 09:00 on February 7, Juche 105(2016).

The satellite entered its preset orbit at 09:09:46, 9 minutes and 46 seconds after the liftoff.

The satellite is going round the polar orbit at 494.6 km perigee altitude and 500 km
apogee altitude at the angle of inclination of 97.4 degrees. Its cycle is 94 minutes and 24 seconds.

Installed in Kwangmyongsong-4 are measuring apparatuses and telecommunications
apparatuses needed for observing the earth.

The complete success made in the Kwangmyongsong-4 lift-off is the proud fruition
of the great Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy on attaching importance to science and
technology and an epochal event in developing the country’s science, technology,
economy and defense capability by legitimately exercising the right to use space for independent and peaceful purposes.

The fascinating vapor of Juche satellite trailing in the clear and blue sky in spring of
February on the threshold of the Day of the Shining Star, the greatest national holiday of Kim Il Sung’s Korea, is a gift of most intense loyalty presented by our space scientists and technicians to the great Comrade Kim Jong Un, our dignified party, state and people.

The National Aerospace Development Administration of the DPRK will in the
future, too, launch more satellites of Juche into the space, true to the great Workers’
Party of Korea’s policy of attaching importance to science and technology.

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