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Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has presented the First Report for PASDG-Parliamentary Assembly for Sustainable Development Goals 2018 highlighting the need for international cooperation in the implementation of the Agenda 2030, the significance of exchanges of information and good practice lessons in parliamentary actions related to SDG`s and marked the main achievements of world` s parliaments in reaching the ambitious targets of sustainable development goals.




The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes the role of parliaments in holding government accountable for commitments to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development.

The ‘PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS Report 2018’-PASDG 2018 focuses on the role of parliaments in providing oversight and holding governments accountable, including on the SDGs.

The report features examples and lessons learned, such as how PASDG worked with the Cambodia`s parliament to mainstream the SDGs.



The ‘PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (PASDG) and the European Council on International Relations (EUCIR)  have released the firsts ‘Global Parliamentary SDG Report 2018.’

The report highlights the role of parliaments around the world in contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The ‘PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS Report 2018’-PASDG 2018’ focuses on parliament’s role in providing oversight of government and parliament’s power to hold government to account and makes recommendations for strengthening oversight.

Over 250 parliaments around the world contributed to the report, which shares examples and lessons learned on how parliaments and Members of Parliament (MPs) carry out oversight functions in their countries.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes the role of parliaments in holding government accountable for commitments to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development.

According to the report, this mandate offers an opportunity for parliaments and MPs to increase their engagement in national development and monitoring progress towards the SDGs, therefore ensuring better development outcomes for their citizens.

The report provides a list of illustrative questions for assessing parliamentary involvement with the SDGs, ranging from the extent of parliamentary review and debate on documents related to national SDG implementation to parliaments’ ability to ensure government follow-up on recommendations on SDG implementation by global instruments such as the PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.



Parliaments can also advance the SDGs by translating the SDGs into enforceable national laws and monitoring implementation of these laws, among other actions.

In addition to parliaments’ role in providing oversight on the SDGs as a whole, SDG 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions) includes a number of targets relevant to parliaments, including targets on promoting the rule of law (target 16.4), developing effective, accountable and transparent institutions (target 16.6), and ensuring responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels (target 16.7).

EUCIR-European Council on International Relations works in over 20 countries to strengthen parliaments to make them fit for purpose in delivering the 2030 Agenda.

The PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS will implement the lessons learned from the report in its parliamentary strengthening activities.

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Romania has participated in the Autumn Meeting of European Council on Tourism and Trade and to the official celebrations for WORLD TOURISM DAY 2018.


The Romanian delegation was led by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and has fully participated in the world cultural and tourism events.


The main issues debated where the selection of the 2019 host cities for World Tourism Day, the theme of the next year tourism celebration.

This theme will be instrumental also in the selection of new candidates for hosting world tourism awards ceremonies in 2019.


 Phnom Penh, the capital of Kingdom of Cambodia and Djibouti city, the capital of The Republic of Djibouti were selected as the official hosts for World Tourism Day celebrations and official models of tourism.

Both Djibouti and Phnom Penh where in previous years selected as World`s Capital of Culture and Tourism and globally recognized as centers of heritage, tourism and culture.

The city of Phnom Penh has also obtained WORLD`S BEST TOURIST DESTINATION status in 2016 and hosted the World Tourism Awards ceremonies the same year proven himself as a powerful tourism and cultural center of Indochina.


Cambodia and Djibouti have won the honor to be examples in the tourism and cultural world for 2019.


 On the venue of the same event the WORLD TOURISM DAY 2019 theme was decided to be History and Tourism: A symbiotic relation!

The theme is destined not only to enliven tourism during 2019 but also to emphasize that tourism is inextricably linked with historical legacy.

History is the main attraction that is creating tourism demand and visitors expectation is linked with the existence of historical and cultural heritage.

Tourism must also be organized in such a manner to not impede conservation efforts, to support raising awareness on historical monuments and to help to acquire the financial support necessary for historical preservation activities.

Tourism and history are inseparable, are growing from the same tree: the sapling  of culture and civilization.


History is the root of tourism development and tourism must feed and nurture historical preservation as leaves are feeding the tree said Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The next year celebration for World Tourism Day will take place in 27 September 2019, placing under the spotlight the culture and civilization as an integral part of tourism growth and role in the sustainable development goals agenda.


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Romania a participat la reuniunea de toamna a Consiliului European pentru Turism si Comert si la ceremoniile ce au marcat ZIUA MONDIALA A TURISMULUI 2018.


Delegatia romanesca a fost condusa de Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea si  a participat la principalele dezbateri pe agenda reuniunii.

Intre principalele probleme supuse dezbaterii au fost: alegerea oraselor gazda pentru manifestarile Zilei Mondiale a Turismului pentru 2019, alegerea temei sub care se va desfasura anul turistic 2019 si sub care vor fi analizate si decise noile candidaturi pentru premiile mondiale de turism.


Phnom Penh, capitala Regatului Cambodgiei si orasul Djibouti, capitala Republicii Djibouti  au fost selectate drept orasele gazda pentru desfasurarea sarbatorilor ZILEI MONDIALE A TURISMULUI.


Atat Phnom Penh cat si Djibouti au fost recunoscute in anii precedenti drept centre mondiale ale turismului, au fost inscrise pe lista Capitalelor Mondiale ale Culturii si Turismului si recunoscute drept centre de dezvoltare prin turism.



Orasul Phnom Penh a mai obtinut in 2016 si statutul de CEA MAI BUNA DESTINATIE TURISTICA MONDIALA si a gazduit si ceremoniile Premiilor Mondiale de Turism demonstrandu-se ca un centru touristic de prima mana in regiunea Indochina.


Atat Cambodgia cat si Djibouti vor avea onoarea de a fi exemplele turismului si culturii mondiale in 2019.

In cadrul aceluiasi eveniment a fost selectata si tema ZILEI MONDIALE A TURISMULUI 2019: Istoria si Turismul. O relatie benefica!

Motto-ul evenimentului este destinat nu doar sa calauzeasca industria turismului in 2019, dar totodata sa marcheze clar legatura indisolubila dintre mostenirea istorica si dezvoltarea turismului.

Istoria este punctul de atractie care creeaza cererea turistica si creeaza orizontul de asteptare al turistului, iar turismul fara obiective istorice si culturale este de neconceput.

Turismul trebuie astfel organizat incat sa nu impiedice eforturile de conservare, sa sprijine constientizarea importantei mostenirii istorice  si sa sprijine eforturile necesare conservarii si prezervarii mostenirii istorice pentru generatiile viitoare.


Turismul si istoria sunt inseparabile, sunt ramuri ale aceluiasi copac, arbore al culturii si civilizatiei.


Istoria sta la radacina dezvoltarii turismului, iar turismul trebuie sa rasplateasca si sa hraneasca potentialul istoric asa cum frunzele hranesc arborele si radacinile sale, a mai mentionat Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea.

Sarbatorirea Zilei Mondiale a Turismului 2019 va avea loc in 27 septembrie si va plasa sub reflectorul atentiei cultura si civilizatia ca elemente marcante ale dezvoltarii turismului si indeplinirii obiectivelor de dezvoltare globala din Agenda 2030.


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