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In the period between 25 to 26 September 2014, at the invitation of local authorities, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Chairman of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) and Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei, from the Economic Committee of Romanian Parliament had visited the Dambovita county in order to analyze the economic, tourist and investment opportunities of the region and to evaluate the inclusion of city of Targoviste in the diplomatic program of IRICE: Discover Romania!


During the visit where highlighted the enormous agricultural, industrial and economic opportunities of the Targoviste region.

The local authorities of the region, asked Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE Chairman to support the promotion and presentation of the regional opportunities in order to reshuffle the economic profile of Targoviste.


In the last span of time, IRICE had organized diplomatic visits in areas such as: Bucovina, Maramures, Hunedoara-Hateg, Danube Delta etc. the visit having as visible economic results.

During his opportunity assessment visit, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had visited landmark historical and cultural monuments of the region such as: Valahia University, Princes Palace of Targoviste, Chindiei Tower, Dealu Monastery etc.


The visit also encompasses assessments of economic centers of the region and mass media presentation and TV interviews at the main TV channels of the Dambovita region.

N.Ceausescu execution place

The place of execution of former Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu during Romanian 1989 Revolution 

In the concluding remarks of his visit, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had assessed the regional potential as a powerful driving force for local development and underlined that the only chance for Targoviste is the development as cultural, academic and research center in the region, attracting foreign capital and investors interested in promoting research activities.

The city of Targoviste is an opportunity that cannot be overlook by diplomatic community, concluded the Chairman of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

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