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Romanian relations with Central Asia are rapidly evolving in the last period. The month of March 2011 was  witnessing extremely important events in the regional dynamics. The cultural relations between Romania and Turkmenistan had entered into new relations with the presence of the 5-the Romanian cultural delegation in Turkmenistan.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea

Under the leadership of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania, a Romanian academic delegation had marked the continuous development of the cultural cooperation between Romania and Turkmenistan. After 5 cultural delegation` s Romania has contributed with ideas and information’s to important academic events held in Turkmenistan under the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov supervision such as: Oguznama International Conference , Ethnography  Congress of Turkmenistan , International Congress of the 15 Anniversary of Turkmenistan Neutrality , Turkmenistan in the Epoch of New Revival and finally the International Congress dedicated to life and work of world renamed Turkmen poet: Nurmuhammet Andalip .

In the Romania-Turkmenistan dialogue was highly appreciated the Romanian scholars academic contribution in promoting the image and the prestige of Turkmenistan in the world based on the cultural and historical richness of the country. Prof.dr.Anton Caragea has held discussion with the President of Uzbekistan Academy reaching an agreement and a calendar of academic exchange after the new Uzbekistan Embassy will be opened in Romania. The President of Uzbekistan Academy has addressed warm appreciation to Professor Anton Caragea on his support in opening the Uzbekistan new Embassy in Romanian and for promoting Uzbekistan image in Romania.

Professor Anton Caragea opening the Andalip Celebrations Festival

Finally Professor Anton Caragea and Romanian delegation visited the world heritage UNESCO site of Konya Urghenche where they participated at the festivity dedicated to the great Turkmen poet Nurmuhammet Andalip works and visited the world renowned monuments of Sultan Tekesh, Sultan Ahmad and famous Sufi philosopher Nedjmedin Kubra.

The cultural relations between Romania and Turkmenistan had become a model in the Central Asian region proving that between two countries of rich cultural legacy and historical wealth the cultural cooperation can sustained political relations based on cultural and historical common understanding.

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