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The 2012 summer diplomatic trip was held on 6-9 July 2012 bringing ambassadors to the special place, world recognized as a perfect tourist destination, the heartland of Romania: Hateg –Retezat County.

At the invitation of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, a group of ambassadors and their families where invited to attend the regular DISCOVER ROMANIA program.

Ambassadors of United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Venezuela together with prof.dr.Anton Caragea at Retezat Waterfall 

As usually the diplomats were selected in recognition of their efforts in the previous year to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between their countries and Romania.

The diplomatic trip was managed by the renamed ecotourism and mountain team of WILD TIME lead by the leading conservationist Gabriel Paun.

Retezat Waterfall: monuments of nature 

  The travel route, in the Discover Hateg beauties theme trip, had concentrated on discovering the natural protected area`s (who`s World Goodwill Ambassador is professor dr. Anton Caragea starting from December 2011) but also to historical areas in which the Romanian people was born from the mist of times.

The ambassadors group has a perfect guide in the perfect team of WILD TIME travel agency lead by ecotourism expert Gabriel Paun and the manger of the WILD TIME team Mrs. Raluca Nicolae.

The WILD TIME team had carved a program in full accordance with his motto: live nature in harmony.

We must emphasize that WILD TIME has being chosen as official partner for public diplomacy for 2012/2013, in recognition of their exertions and professionalism in forging the eco friendly tourism concept in Romania.

The Hunyadi Castle in Hunedoara was the center of ambassadors attention. 

The diplomatic trip had concentrated in uncovering rare beauties areas such as: Hunedoara Cave, Morii River Natural Reservation, Retezat Natural Park, the former capital of roman Dacia province: Sarmizegetusa Regia, Densus Church       (the oldest Christianity Church in Central and East Europe), Hunyadi Castle from Hunedoara, Cheile Butii area, Lainici Monastery, founded by Caragea family, the Carpathian buffalo reserve, ceramic peasants factory`s, objectives from Ramnicu Valcea etc.

The Ambassadors Group at Densus-the oldest church in East and Center Europe.

Among the most special and treasured moments of the diplomats trip we can highlight : the special subterranean meal taken in Hunedoara cave where the ambassador core had enjoyed a special treatments with kindle lights and natural food products along the shore of a submerged river, the meeting with regional authorities in the heart of Retezat Natural Area, attending the rare event of delivery of a buffalo baby born in Natural Reserve and the ambassadors visit to Caragea family historical legacy: Lainici Monastery, where professor dr.Anton Caragea had presented special moments in the family and Romania`s history.

Lainici Monastery- Caragea family historical legacy 

The trip was a success in combining useful meetings and pleasant times, the ambassadors who taken part in the diplomatic trip had express their gratitude for the rare opportunity to discover a region so beautiful and rich in landscape and scenic spots.

The Ambassador group is traditionally welcomed with bread and salt .

The ambassadors who taken part in the diplomatic trip hold the unique privilege to reconstruct the road of discovery taken by Prince Charles of Great Britain in his Retezat trip and also they fallowed on the footsteps of famous travel documentary crew: Wild Carpathians.

Professor Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania expressed his determination to make the new diplomatic trip for this summer in the Bucovina area, in order to further support the regional development and to enhance international recognition for Romanian tourism and to express romanian side appreciation for the efforts made by ambassadors  working in Romania.

Natural Charpatian Bufallo Rezerve had attracted the interest of ambassadors from Diplomatic Trip  

Ambassadors from Kazakhstan and Venezuela and Kazahstan and their families visiting the famous Kiss Gate of Constantin Brancusi from Targu Jiu

Kazakhstan Ambassador protecting nature in Rezervat .

United Arab Emirates Ambassador presenting a flower to the participants in the Summer 2012 Diplomatic Trip 

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