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On 17 November 2014, in a working meeting, H.E. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan-Daulet Batrashev had presented, for the benefit of Romanian side, the reform projects in the field of NGO`s organization of Kazakhstan  and outlined also the Message to the Nation of Kazakhstan of H.E. President of Kazakhstan-Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In his expose, Ambassador Daulet Batrashev had emphasized the new legislative provisions in the field of insuring supplementary performance for private organism`s of Kazakhstan.

This proposed reform bill, will allow the NGO`s to receive state grants and funds in order to buy the necessary equipment s, to educate and train their staff, and also to help them in professionalized their activities.

The reform will also provide better funding and a full independence in activity and will help NGO`s activities in being better focused and concentrated in offering better services to the communities.

Another major aspect, in the ambassador discourse, was outlining the major elements encapsulated in the message of Kazakhstan President-Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The message is carving the projects for further and continuous economic development,  fostering the life standard and improving the administrative structures of Republic of Kazakhstan.

 H.E.Ambassador Daulet Batrashev-President Dr.Anton Caragea

H.E. Kazakhstan Ambassador-Daulet Batrashev receives congratulation from IRICE President General Director-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea

All the major ideas are being build upon the fundamental Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy of Kazakhstan development.

In his answer to the official presentation, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director-General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, had voiced his gratitude on behalf of Romanian side for the information’s presented by the Kazakhstan ambassador.

This presentation from Kazakh side is coming as a perfect response from Romanian side desire to be better informed about the continuous development of our country main political and economic partner from Central Asia region.

For Romanian people, the message of Kazakhstan President, regarding the continuous development of his country is a good news, as Kazakhstan is the main and most serious foreign investor in our country economy, had appreciated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

President Nazarbayev had succeeded by carving out the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy, a strategy that is offering to Romania and Europe a perfect model for economic development, a universal valid model, to avoid economic crisis, to build a modern and powerful state.

This Strategy is validated, as Kazakhstan is today viewed as one of the most developed country, as it is shown yearly by the figures from human development index and world economic freedom index.

In the framework of a rapidly evolving economy, that is offering huge satisfactions for the citizens of wealthy and powerful Kazakhstan, the NGO`S reform project is an important part in this project of a powerful Kazakhstan of tomorrow.

Fallowing this line of reforms, Kazakhstan, which is already a fully flagged and stable democracy, will succeed in developing and a civil society to match the impressive development of the country.

The reform is providing supplementary funding for NGO`S, offering opportunities for personal and institutional development and improving the sphere of activity for all NGO`s bodies, in such a manner that they can fulfill their role in providing quality services for Kazakhstani citizens.

Today Kazakhstan is enjoying a system that is open and full of liberty and the reform on NGO`s field will allow Kazakhstan to obtain high quality services from the area of civil society.

Kazakhstan will rip the benefits, fallowing these reforms, of a civil society, equally in quality to those of recognized liberal and open European societies, concluded his assessment Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The Romanian part had express his gratitude to Ambassador Daulet Batrashev for this continuous consultation and information that is providing substance to the partnership between Romania and Kazakhstan.

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