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On 3 June 2010 was the moment when Romanian international activity enrolled another representative of Romanian values: Corcova wines. On 3 June was held the official presentation of Corcova wines for Romanian and international market .From the beginning the author of this renaissance, Mr. Serban Damboviceanu has stated that: I was convinced of the wine potential of Romania and I often regretted that the Romanian wines are not well known abroad. For this reason I have proposed myself to make an excellent Romanian wine and to restore to Corcova the former glory and also to Romanian wine, we might add.

Corcova Roy&Damboviceanu, the new brand that leads the offensive for re-conquering the world market for Romanian wine appears on the market with high quality and world renowned wine category as:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Merlot Rose, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon Blanc and Black Feteasca. In this offensive of re-establishing  the values of Romanian wine on international markets based on quality the Roy & Damboviceanu Winery comes with strong argument`s : 55 hectares of ecological and traditional manner cultivated grapes , an experience of over 300 years , an exploitation dating back to Roman Empire time and a modern investment in technology of over 3 million euro. As a supplementary plus all this investment is under the supervision of a strong, dynamic and young team composed of Michel Roy and Serban Damboviceanu   that also gives the name of the high quality brand of Roy and Damboviceanu.

Finally this experience already succeeded in achieving the title of the official partner of Romanian international activities from Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation. This prestigious title awarded to Roy & Damboviceanu Winery already nominates Roy & Damboviceanu as a renowned ambassador of Romania used in all protocol and international activity to represent Romania.


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Corcova  Roy & Damboviceanu cucereste piata romaneasca.

In data de 3 iunie 2010 a avut loc relansarea celebrelor vinuri de Corcova pe piata romaneasca si pe piata internationala. Inca de la inceput, autorul acestei renasteri, domnul Serban Damboviceanu a declarat ca:”am fost convins de potentialul viticol al Romaniei si deseori am regretat ca vinurile romanesti nu sunt cunoscute peste hotare. De aceea mi-am propus sa fac un excelent vin romanesc si sa redau Corcovei gloria de odinioara” si am adauga noi si vinului romanesc prestanta din alte vremuri.

Corcova  Roy & Damboviceanu, noul brand sub care vinul romanesc incepe ofensiva de recucerire a lumii apare pe piata cu soiuri rare si celebre precum : Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Chardonnay, Merlot Rose , Pinot Noir , Syrah, Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon Blanc si Feteasca Neagra. In ofensiva de recucerire a pietei internationale si de restabilire a prestigiului bazat pe calitate a vinului romanesc Viticola Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu vine cu argumente imbatabile: 55 de hectare cultivate dupa reguli traditional-ecologice, o experienta de 300 de ani , o vechime a  exploatarii din vremea geto-dacilor si o investitie moderna de 3 milioane de euro si nu in ultimul rand un colectiv entuziast si plin de tinerete si energie condus de Michel Roy si Serban Damboviceanu care dau si numele brandului ce pare a cuceri prin calitate piata vinului:  Roy & Damboviceanu.

In final sa nu uitam ca  Vinul de Corcova si-a primit deja certificatul de botez prin acordarea titlului de partener oficial al activitatilor de diplomatie publica desfasurate de Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica . Prin acest prestigios titlu  Vinul de Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu a devenit deja un ambasador de renume al Romaniei. Sa-i uram succes in continuare.      


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