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A new international recognition of the constant exertions of Romanian diplomacy in tireless promoting peace and development on international arena has come with the nomination of Professor dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, as MAN OF THE YEAR 2012 for his diplomatic achievements and international activity.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea receiving a decoration for his role in promoting inter-faith dialogue.

The decision was taking in consideration, according to Mr. C.A Mitchell the Chief of Governing Body of United States Institute of Biographical Research , ″the opinion of prominent business, media resources, universities and organizations around the world″  and the decision was taken ″after a careful global evaluation.″

Among the reasons for this high honor we can count the powerful diplomatic action promoted by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea towards Central Asia region and especially towards Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, the important stance taken at Seoul Nuclear Security Summit in the favor of establishing an International Bank for Uranium Resources and a batch of proposal to safeguard nuclear security and prevent nuclear terrorism and the promotion of a nuclear free world.

Finally, the unabated work in promoting reform of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( OSCE) and in promoting a New Helsinki Agreement destined to insure a Europe of peace, real democracy and the promotion of human rights have being all taken under consideration.

″The honor is not dedicated only to me, but to immutable faith in peace and direct democracy and to Romanian efforts in promoting these concepts across the world. Our stance in central core issues such as the need for urgent reform of OSCE and the re-evaluation of Helsinki Accord to make this important pillars efficient and relevant in today world and to avoid to be used for interference in internal affairs of other country are the one who are appreciated″, stated professor Anton Caragea.

Among other honors in 2010 Professor dr. Anton Caragea was declared PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR for his efforts in promoting the concepts of new open diplomacy in the world and was also awarded for his efforts in promoting inter-faith dialogue between Christianity and Islamic world.

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