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Today we are here to celebrate the Grand Opening of Romania-Laos Business Council. It is a moment to look into the past and into the future.


Academician Mircea Constantinescu


The bilateral relations between Romania and Lao People’s Democratic Republic entered a new era, developing beyond the usual traditional diplomatic, political, economical and cultural standards.

Romania is a trustworthy member of European Union, integrating itself into the large family of European nations. The highly trained specialists are appreciated all over the world and the boundaries of European Union are only symbolic limits in a globalizing world. And Romania is going global too.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic is a continuously growing and fast developing country. It has all the attributes of a modern nation. The political stability of the country allowed foreign investments and economical relations and partnerships in all areas of activity.

Lao people have access to local and global information, and people all over the world got directly access to information about Lao, about the Lao men and women, about Lao economical potential, culture, religion, history and natural beauties.

During the last years tourism, as an important component of the Lao economy, developed at a tremendous pace. 2012 was the boom in tourism. Prof. dr. Bosengkham Vongdara, the Lao Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism underlined that “tourist arrivals climbed to 3.3 million in 2012, generating income of about US$500 million. Political stability, improved transport and the country’s picturesque scenery make Laos an attractive tourist destination.” This reality is a proof of the synergetic effect of putting information, culture and tourism under the same umbrella, under the same leadership, as part of the Laos national strategic development plan.

We are very proud that Lao People’s Democratic Republic was awarded this year in May, ”The 2013 Best World Destination”, and we are confident that the new Romania-Laos Business Council will bring a significant contribution to the economy of both countries, for the benefit of the well being of the people of Romania and Lao.

We congratulate Mr. Mihai Prundianu, the Council president, for the initiative, and wish him and his team a successful activity together with our Laos partners.

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On 10-th of December 2012 the working meeting between Professor dr. Anton, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic and UAE Ambassador- Yacoub Yousif Al Hosani had taken place.


Professor dr. Anton Caragea had emphasized, in his speech, the Romanian side openness towards friendly dialogue, consistent and productive towards United Arab Emirates , expressing his interest in expanding bilateral economic exchanges and fostering political and cultural dialogue between the two countries.

Romania is seeking to re-ignite the long economic and political cooperation tradition towards UAE and is considering United Arab Emirates as a privileged partner in this world region, stated prof.Anton Caragea.

Answering to comments made by Professor dr. Anton Caragea, H.E. Ambassador  Yacoub Yousif Al Hosani, underlined that United Arab Emirates are also interested in political, cultural and economic cooperation with Romania and the encouragement received are extremely important in launching the bilateral dialogue.

The meeting had continued with a large area of issues raised in open dialogue between Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and Ambassador Yacoub Yousif Al Hosani.

The parties had agreed in opening a Parliamentary Friendship Group Romania-UAE in Romanian Parliament and a similar group in United Arab Emirates Parliament, also the opening a Romanian Support Group for Dubai candidature for EXPO 2020 was discussed to duplicate the success story of Astana-capital of Kazakhstan and host of EXPO 2017 .

The long and open dialogue, full of substance, was considered as extremely useful for the parties and the desire to continue this dialogue in the next period was underlined by the parties.

Romania-United Arab Emirates

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On the occasion of 20 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Tajikistan, the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation is celebrating this moment by a round table dedicated to commemorate this 20 years of continuous economic, politic and cultural relations between Romania and Tajikistan.

H.E. President of Tajikistan -Emomali Rahmon and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea  

On 20 December 1991 Romania officially recognized the statehood of Republic of Tajikistan and on 20 July 2012 the diplomatic relations have being fully established. These 20 years of diplomatic relations opened for Romania the opportunity to engage in economic developments projects in Tajikistan and after the end of the civil war (1997) cultural and political relations had emerged.

Today  Romanian people observes, with brotherhood fillings, the full development of Tajikistan in a modern country, with a strong economy, a hub for commerce in the region and a stable and democratic society in a volatile area.

2011 had marked an impressive re-launch in the political, cultural and economic cooperation with the visit of   Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation delegation, headed by prof. Dr. Anton Caragea.

New political, cultural and economic programs are steadily developed and this 20 years anniversary of diplomatic relations is just marking the special fillings of friendship and cooperation between Romania and Tajikistan.

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In data de 1 octombrie se sarbatoreste in mod traditional Ziua Nationala a Republicii Federale a Nigeriei ,  anul acesta sarbatoarea a cunoscut o amploare deosebita putandu-se vorbi despre o adevarata luna dedicata  Republicii Federale a Nigeriei.


Presedintele Republicii Federale a Nigeriei-Umaru Musa Yar’Adua

In ultima perioada Republica Nigeria a devenit un pol de stabilitate in Africa de Vest:  incheierea unui armistitiu pentru zona Deltei Nigerului, cresterea economica continua, imbunatatirea calitatii vietii si transformarea orasului Abuja intr-un centru diplomatic regional, toate acestea au facut din Nigeria un partener special pentru Uniunea Europeana si pentru Romania. De altfel in ultimii doi ani, gratie eforturilor pline de abnegatie ale Ambasadorului Mba Ama Mba , relatiile Romania- Republica Federala a Nigeriei au cunoscut o amplificare fara precedent: delegatii economice, politice si culturale au alcatuit un pod intre Bucuresti si Abuja si au dus la o crestere istorica a volumului schimburilor economice si politice intre cele doua tari. In luna octombrie, o luna dedicata Republicii Federale a Nigeriei , Excelenta Sa Ambasadorul Mba Ama Mba a acordat o serie de interviuri presei romane si a desfasurat o activitate sustinuta de prezentare a Republicii Federale a Nigeriei in comunitatea economica si mass media din Romania. Se apreciaza ca aceasta sarbatoare a Republicii Federale a Nigeriei,  cu o amploare ne mai vazuta pana acum, a facut din luna octombrie, luna Nigeriei  in Romania.



On  1-th of October is traditionally to celebrate the National Day of Federal Republic of Nigeria, but this year the celebration has being more grandiose then in any other year , so we can say that the month of October is really a month dedicated to Federal Republic of Nigeria.


President of Federal Republic of Nigeria-Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, the arhitect of Nigeria new status

In the last period the Republic of Nigeria has become a poll of stability in West Africa: the peace in the Niger Delta, continuous economic growth (in spite of economic crisis), a better life standard and the transformation of capital of Nigeria- Abuja in a diplomatic center of the region, all this has made Nigeria a special partner to European Union and Romania.

Also in the last two years, with the dedication and commitments of the Nigerian Ambassador in Romania, Mba Ama Mba, the relations between Romania and Federal Republic of Nigeria has being radically transformed: exchanges of political, cultural and economic delegations has build a bridge between Bucharest and Abuja and   we have witnessed a historical increase of economic and political exchanges between the two countries. In the month of October , a month dedicated to Federal Republic of Nigeria , His Excellency Ambassador Mba Ama Mba has made a public relations campaign presenting to Romanian press and economic community the Nigerian cultural and economic opportunities . It is appreciated that by his efforts this year the Federal Republic of Nigeria national day has being transformed in a month of Nigeria in Romania.

Poza corecta

H.E. Ambassador of Nigeria – Mba Ama Mba

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Friday 18 September 2009 HE. Ambassador of Federal Republic of Nigeria Mba Ama Mba and Professor Anton Caragea,  have a long dialogue on Africa-Europe relationship. The discussion was concentrated in an evaluation of European Union role in stabilizing and promoting democracy in Africa and on Nigeria role in development of Africa. Ambassador Mba Ama Mba has promoted in the last year a strong economic and cultural diplomacy between Romania and Nigeria. With his support more than 10 political, economic, cultural and social delegation   and events where hosted by the Federal Republic of Nigeria Embassy offering a new image to the African country in Romania. The reaction of Romanian economic environment was a very energetic one, with the help of ambassador Mba Ama Mba , the economic exchange between the two countries has sharply increase. At the end of the encounter professor Anton Caragea   has praised Ambassador Mba efforts for developing Nigeria-Romania cooperation and said that Africa will be a priority for Romania in the next ten years not only in the Barcelona Process framework but even on a national agenda.  




Vineri 18 septembrie 2009 Excelenta Sa Ambasadorul Republicii Federale a Nigeriei, Mba Ama Mba si profesorul Anton Caragea,  au avut un lung dialog cu privire la relatiile intre Romania si Nigeria si intre Europa si Africa. Discutia s-a concentrat pe evaluarea rolului Uniunii Europene in stabilizarea si promovarea democratiei in Africa si a rolului Nigeriei in dezvoltarea Africii. Ambasadorul Mba Ama Mba a promovat in ultimul an dezvoltarea rapida a relatiilor culturale si economice intre Romania si Nigeria . Cu suportul ambasadei Nigeriei la Bucuresti mai mult de 10 delegatii economice, culturale , sociale si alte diverse evenimente au avut loc in ultima perioada,  creionand o noua imagine acestei tari africane in mediul romanesc  . Reactia mediului economic  din Romania a fost extrem de favorabila, cu ajutorul ambasadorului Mba Ama Mba schimburile economice intre cele doua tari au crescut rapid. La finalul intalnirii profesorul Anton Caragea  a laudat rolul Ambasadorului Mba in dezvoltarea cooperarii intre Nigeria si Romania si a apreciat ca in perioada urmatoare Africa va fi o prioritate a agendei Romaniei nu doar in cadrul procesului Barcelona al Uniunii Europene , proces la care suntem parte,  dar si in planul interesului national.          


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