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 Desert or promise land

Pope visit to Holy Land (Jordan, Israel, Syria and Lebanon) marks an important step toward building a new relation between Christianity and Islam. After the last 10 years when the war in Iraq and the tensions between Israel and Palestine had soured relations  among Christian and Islamic community the two weeks visit of Pope Benedict XVI promise to transform radically this views of clash of civilizations.

The end of clash of civilizations.

One of the most important reasons of Pope visit to Holy Land is to symbolic mark the end of the clash of civilization theory that prophecies’ an imminent clash between Christianity and Islam. By itself the program of Pope visit gives a new definition of Holy land that is no longer just Israel but Jordan, Syria and Lebanon as well, all marked by Christianity and Islam become now the new and correct frontier of the Holy Land. The greater Holy Land of Pope Benedict is speaking by itself about the dialog of civilization and shared faith and community between Christian and Islam in the Middle East.

Geopolitics and faith in Pope visit.

Not only history is going in this direction, today geopolitics realities are lighting the same way. Today Christianity and Islam are sharing the energy reserves and the energy market of Europe and Middle East and are involved in controlling the strategic vital area of Mediterranean Sea and Middle East. Also in Europe is getting birth a community of more the 40 million Muslims which must adapt to their presence in a predominant Christian society an also in Middle East is a strong and historically viable community of more the 18 millions Christians that must have a life in a majority Muslim countries. So regarding at this realities Christianity and Islam are condemned to work together for creating a new life for Islamic community in Europe and for Christians in the   Middle East.

The end of confrontational vision

At the speech in Al Hussein Mosque in Amman Pope Benedict XVI  announce the end of the vision of a confrontation between Islam and Christianity. Pope Benedict stress on the long connection between Islam and Christianity and the fact that Islam is the only religion that recommends to his followers to have friendship relations with Christians. In Quran, the word of Allah, Muslims are recommended to have Christian friends because the will be more sympathetic with Muslims because they have monks and are humble. Also Quran have a sura dedicated to Holy Virgin Mary and to Jesus (Sura of family of Imran) and Jesus, John the Baptist are regarded as prophets and models for Islamic community and in Hadith (Words and action of Prophet Mohammed) Jesus will marked the coming of the end of days and Prophet Mohammed confess that Jesus is among the prophets the most closes to him. In the light of all this Quranic and Islamic testimony to create the image of a confrontation between Islamic and Christianity is false. Also the Pope declared in his trip to Christians that is having a profound respect for Islam.


Voices of discontent.

The new message of Pope Benedict XVI is making a lot of persons that took advantage of the confrontational vision of two major religions unsatisfied. Radical Islamic organization tried to play on the fear of crusades and Christian offensive and they wanted to poison the atmosphere of papal visit spreading   rumors about Christian’s missions in Afghanistan trying to convert Muslims. But the radicals have no success in this spread of lies and the Afghanistan controversy did not match the cartoon controversy. In Israel also fearing closer ties between Christianity and Islam the far right extremist menace to protest violently and disrupt Papal visit .Until now all this attempts have failed a prove that on both shores of Mediterranean sea the vision of clash o civilization has collapsed and a new dialog between Christianity and Islam will resolved many of the frozen conflicts of the region promising a new era of downfall of radicals in the Middle East. The time of cooperation has begun.

Professor Anton Caragea MA, FINS, PhD

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In fiecare an la 17 aprilie, odata cu sosirea primaverii , Republica Araba Siria sarbatoreste ziua independentei , zi care marcheaza nasterea unui pol al stabilitatii si dezvoltarii in regiunea Orientului Mijlociu: Siria.

In ultimii ani, prin pozitiile adoptate in principalele probleme ale regiunii, Republica Siria a contribuit la cresterea securitatii in regiune, la dezvoltarea relatiilor intre statele Orientului Mijlociu si a oferit sansa unei paci stabile si durabile in regiune transformandu-se intr-un actor regional deosebit de important. Totodata in ultimii ani, sub impulsul Excelentei sale domnului Ambasador dr. Walid Othman, relatiile intre Romania si Siria au cunoscut o permanenta dezvoltare, culminand cu vizita la nivel inalt efectuata de Presedintele Romaniei la  Damasc  in 2008, vizita care a adus  relatiile intre cele doua tari la cel mai bun nivel din ultimii 20 de ani.

In acest an ziua nationala a Siriei a fost sarbatorita in mod special la Bucuresti, timp de trei zile televiziunile  National TV si televiziunea de stiri N24 au oferit telespectatorilor romani imagini din Siria , informatii despre aceasta tara si fragmente din interviul oferit cu acest prilej de catre Excelenta sa dl. Walid Othman. Totodata presa economica a oferit informatii despre posibilitatile de investitii in acesta tara  si despre dezvoltarea economica marcanta a Siriei in ultimii ani.  Manifestarile dedicate zilei nationale a Siriei vor dura toata luna aprilie, fiind cele mai complexe din ultimii 20 de ani , marturie a relatiilor tot mai bune intre R.A. Siria si Romania.




Each year on 17-th of April , with the arrival of spring, Syrian Arab Republic celebrates the national day of independence, a day that marks  the birth of a stability and development center in the Middle East region: Syria.

In the last years by his stands on the key issues of the region the Republic of Syria has contributed to an increase of the security in the region, to develop the relation between Middle East states and has offered the chance of a long lasting peace in the region becoming a very important player in the region. Also in the last years, a good credit for this  to H.E. Ambassador Walid Othman, the relations between Romania and Syria had increase rapidly all culminating with the high level visit of President of Romania to R.A. Syria in 2008 , visit that marks the best relations between  Romania and Syria in the last 20 years. In this year the National Day of Syria was celebrated in  a special manner in Bucharest , during the last three (3) days the NATIONAL TV and News Channel N24 had presented to Romanian viewers image and information`s from this country and also fragments from the interview offered by H.E. Walid Othman, Ambassador of Syria with this occasion. Also economic press  has offered information`s about investments opportunity in this country and information`s about the rapid economic development of Syria in the last years. The celebration to mark the National Day of Syria will last all the month of April , being the most complex in the last 20 years, a testimony of ever better relation between Arab Republic of Syria and Romania

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