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The Palace of Parliament has opened his gates to allow for the members of the diplomatic corps, foreign diplomats in visit to Romania and members of Parliament to meet the ambassador of Romanian wine, THE BEST WINE OF ROMANIA FOR 2015-the wine created by COTNARI House of Wine.


THE BEST WINE OF ROMANIA FOR 2015 was tasted at the Palace of Parliament by the diplomatic and political elite.

The event has taken place on 3 March 2015 and has being attended by dozens of parliamentarians.

Together with the leaders of the Parliament, on the presentation of the ROMANIAN DIPLOMATIC WINE where present also 23 diplomatic representatives and amongst the Romanian personalities that had enjoyed the perfect wine where: Senate Leader-Florin Constantinescu-Chairman of the Energy, Industry and Transport Committee of the Parliament, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-President General Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania, Senator Marcel Dumitru Bujor-President of the Committee for Romanians Abroad and International Relations, Deputy Costel Alexe-Chairman of the Romania-Kazakhstan Parliamentary Friendship Group, UNESCO Committee-Senator Constantin Popa, senators Ionel Agrigoroaei and Ciprian Rogojan from Defense Committee and European Affairs Committee.

The DIPLOMATIC WINE, the achievement of COTNARI House of Wine had mesmerized the political and diplomatic elite from Europe, Romania and the world, elite that have the opportunity to taste the aroma, perfume and the long-lasting taste of wines from DOMINIUM and COLOCQUIUM series of wine.

 Degustare casa de Vinuri cotnari-parlamentul romaniei

The tasting ceremony was a succes!

From right to left: Victor Deleanu-Cotnari House of Wine, Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE President, Academician Mircea Constantinescu, Valentin Nechita-HORECA manager-Cotnari, General Gheorghe Balaban, Dl.Tudor Stefan.


The stars of the tasting ceremony where the rapidly exhausted assortments like: Colloquium at Moscow (Grasa de Cotnari), Colloquium at Paris (Busuioaca de Bohotin) and White and Read girly (Feteasca Neagra and Feteasca Alba) from DOMINIUM series of Cotnari wines.

For all those present on the venue the wines presented were noted as solid wines, easy to place on the highest international quality standard and representing the Romanian terroir blended with the perfect latest wine making technologies.

The Romanian wine has by now his best ambassador in the world, the Cotnari house of wine-DIPLOMATC WINE, was the unanimous conclusion of the personalities present on the venue.

Presenting the BEST WINE OF ROMANIA, in a ceremony hosted in Palace of Parliament, another landmark of our country is perfectly carved and I think is equating two images of Romania in the world: the DIPLOMATIC WINE, the best European wine and the building of the Parliament, the greatest European official building and the second in the world.

 This are today to landmarks that are making us proud and are felicitous intertwined, appreciated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-IRICE President Director General.

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More than 200 representatives of major regional branches of European Council on Tourism and Trade, major tourism and trade firms and tourism specialized journalist`s had  convened in Bucharest, in the landmark Palace of Parliament of Romania, the second largest building in the world and the first in Europe, a landmark of European tourism and architectural treasures.

On the luxurious surrounding of Palace of Parliament, the body has decided upon the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014 with 27 countries on the list, from all the continents, regions and climate`s off the world.

The winner of the competition has being declared the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE- WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION in 2014 announcement that triggered and explosion of joy amongst the African ambassadors as Zimbabwe is the first African country to get the top honor.

On May 3, 2014 in a public séance of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, gathering representatives of tourism organizations from European continent has debated the list of candidates for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014.


President Anton Caragea declares Zimbabwe as winner of World Best Tourist Destination Award fro 2014

President of European Council on Tourism and Trade declares ZIMBABWE as WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014.


On the debate for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2014, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) presented the report titled: ZIMBABWE: THE PERFECT AFRICAN DESTINATION. A SEVEN WONDER IN TOURISM AND CULTURAL POTENTIAL proposing ZIMBABWE as the winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 and as receiver of FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION distinction for 2014.


Delegates from 26 countries attended ECTT gathering

Delegates from 27 countries debated the future of tourism for a two day summit.

Among the reasons for awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 to ZIMBABWE the report outlined:

–                      The peerless organization of World Tourism Organization General Assembly in 24-30 August 2013, the world gathering of tourism experts comprising more than 120 countries.

The successful organizing of this world event, despite tremendous logistic and economic challenges, proves without a doubt the capacity of Zimbabwe authority and tourism industry to organize world level events and to host all level of tourism.

After the perfect support and creative vision in carving a successful world tourism meeting,  ZIMBABWE has unequivocal demonstrated that is a safe, open and perfect managed tourism power house.

–                      The promotion and support offered to a new concept of community natural protection supporting tourism friendly to nature, with low ecological impact and preservation of natural biodiversity and protection of endangered species and areas, especially rainforest south-African eco-climate.

Community based ecotourism protection carved by Minister Walter Mzembi is a perfect way to share revenues and income, to support rural communities in prospering and presenting their foodstuff and handicrafts to the world and to make eco-tourism as the base for an economic local development.

                 Sharing tourism benefits to all the population, offering eco-friendly tourism it is a lesson that REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is offering to the world.

Delegates from 27 countries attended ECTT gathering


–                      Offering to tourists and outstanding and pristine nature and the opportunity to explore nature, to contribute to ecological preservation and the opportunity to visit extraordinary space such as: the unique landscape of Victoria Waterfall, the National Parks as: Mana, Eastern Highlands from Manicaland, Mana Basins from West Mashonaland, Exfoliated Hills from Matebeland, Chilojo Cliffs, and Matobo Hills from Bulawayo etc.

All this regions and natural parks are model of achievements in ecological and green tourism that must be world recognized.

–                      The continuous development and protection of cultural and historical patrimony of Republic of Zimbabwe, the transformation of Harare in a historical and spiritual center offering to the visitor a glimpse into rich culture and heritage of  people’s of Zimbabwe

–                      The preservation of an outstanding historical and cultural patrimony that comprises wonderful sites such as: cultural, historical and rich legacy of Great Kingdom of Zimbabwe, the preservation of the former capital of Shone Kingdom-Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo area with a world-class fortification system and palatial complex from 12th century, this are offering a rare insight  for tourists into one of the greatest civilization of pre-colonial Africa and a rare window into traditions of centuries.

–                      Today, REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is creating and offering for tourists an open air museum, a rare collection of historical and archeological treasures that educate and enrich the world.

Zimbabwe World Best Tourist Destination for 2014

REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is from 3 May 2014 the official winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2014.


–                      – The preservation of  cultural and natural sites of world significance and value such as: Great Zimbabwe National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Khami Ruins National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Matobo Hills (added to UNESCO list in 2003), Mana Pools National Park, Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas (added to UNESCO list in 1984), Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls and UNESCO candidate regions as: Ziwa national monuments dating from Stone Age period with an incomparable contribution to world legacy.

–                      The REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is today a hot spot for adventure tourism offering a large area of regions suitable for this special kind of tourism and the necessary infrastructure to welcome adventure sicker, the safety structures and natural potential to rank amongst the top world adventure spots.

–                      Keeping alive spiritual tradition, integrating tourist`s and visitors in the atmosphere of the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE people, offering possibility for an enriching cultural experience, are all achievements that transform REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE in a spiritual first class destination.

President Anton Caragea and Group of Arabian ambassadors

The Group of Arab Ambassadors attended the General Assembly of European Council on Tourism and Trade 

After hearing the report, Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei, from Romanian Parliament and Director of European Parliamentary Committee in European Council on Tourism and Trade had express the feeling’s of all present at the gathering declaring that: REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE  is the perfect candidate, with a perfect record of promoting eco-friendly tourism, ecological and social oriented tourism and that only a unanimity vote in favor of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE could express the unwavering European tourism and economic community support in favor of such a world model.

Mr. Victor Deleanu, ECTT  rapporteur,  presented also a report on ZIMBABWE: HOT SPOT OF ADVENTURE TOURISM reiterating the highest praises for the country safety record and infrastructure and hospitality industry achievements that are making Zimbabwe the perfect destination in Africa.

President Caragea and Qatar Ambassador

Ambassador of State of Qatar attended the General Assembly of European Council on Tourism and Trade 


Mr. Mihai Prundianu, Chairman of Trade Mission of ECTT also highlighted the importance that today, when Africa is celebrated 50 years of African Unity, Europe must express his commitment and appreciation for Africa by crowning ZIMBABWE as FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION AND WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014.

In the end of the debate European Council on Tourism and Trade decided, unanimously, to award WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 TITLE TO REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE and to declare REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE -FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION in 2014.

President Anton Caragea has a photo taken with participants1

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-President of European Council on Tourism and Trade has a photo taken with the participants. 

It was also presented the Official Invitation, on behalf of Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE for a delegation of European high-ranking official of European Council on Tourism and Trade, to present theWORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD in Harare, in person, to His Excellency President of REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE –ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE the most outstanding personality of today Africa.

President Anton Caragea has a photo taken with participants

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-President of European Council on Tourism and Trade has a photo taken with the participants. 

Awarding the highest world tourism prize of European Council on Tourism and Trade, accepting the invitation for a working visit of high-ranking members of European Council on Tourism and Trade in REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE, are all momentous and felicitous occasions that are offering the symbol of admiration that    all tourism experts are having for the potential and future of tourism in REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE  concluded at the end of the meeting Professor Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade.


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On the occasion of the 42 celebration of United Arab Emirates National Day, an important Romanian delegation participated at the impressive manifestation of solidarity and admiration for the extraordinary achievements of the UAE.

The Romanian participation at the UAE National celebrations had become a permanent event as an expression of the rock-solid partnership and friendship instilled between the two countries.

Dialogue Romania-UAESubstantial dialogue in UAE (from left to right): H.E. Suhail Mohammad Al Mazroui, UAE Minister of Energy, H.E.Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE-Romania Director, Dr. Nawal Al Hosani-Director of Zayed Future Energy Prize and Masdar City,H.E. Sultan bin Nasser Al Suwaidi-Governor of United Arab Emirates Central Bank

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania who lead the Romanian presence at National Day of United Arab Emirates in the last five years held an important program of familiarization with the latest developments in the country and receive first hand information in holding talks with: H.E. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan-Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, H.E. Sultan bin Nasser Al Suwaidi-Governor of United Arab Emirates Central Bank, Dr. Nawal Al Hosani-Director of Zayed Future Energy Prize and Masdar City ,H.E. Suhail Mohammad Al Mazroui, UAE Minister of Energy, H.E. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi-Minister of Public Works etc.

Abu Dhabi sky line

New Abu Dhabi- sky line of a booming metropolis. 

Old Abu DhabiOld Abu Dhabi-preserving history in a modern city

The visit was held between 25 November 2013 until 2 December 2013 and offered a high level political and cultural program destined to offer a large area of information’s to the visiting party.

Masdar City of EnergyMasdar City-first ever solar powered city in the world.  

The program carved for Professor Dr. Anton Caragea included also a high profile visit to Masdar City, touring the premises of the solar powered energy city and getting acquainted with lodging, research and study facilities of the Masdar Institute of Technology and drive testing the latest electric powered car constructed on site.

Masdar Electric CarElectric powered vehicle projected by Masdar Institute of Technology

The cultural side of the program included a visit to universally acclaimed Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island and Saadiyat Island Cultural Complex and a safari experience on Al Ain desert.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque from Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi: a testament of modern Islamic architecture

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea was also congratulated for his decision to uphold Dubai City candidature to host World Expo 2020, a decision that was echoed during Paris Seance of International Exhibition Bureau that voted with overwhelming majority to support Dubai as World EXPO 2020 organizer.

 Romania itself and as a part of Europe, is always true to the alliance and friendship with United Arab Emirates and promoting and supporting Dubai candidature for World Expo was a necessary and intricate apart of their long term cooperation, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

UAE 42 National Day CelebrationRomanian delegation attended the popular celebration for 42 United Arab Emirates National Day

Romania was the second European country to announce his support for Dubai in an impressive ceremony held in the Palace of Parliament and afterwards Professor Dr. Anton Caragea held meeting with Asian, African and European countries during an eight months period promoting Dubai candidature for World Expo 2020.

Supporting Dubai and United Arab Emirates as organizers of World Expo 2020 and constantly attending UAE National Day Celebrations are all testimonies of the strategic friendship that is uniting in a brotherhood spirit Romania and UAE. This connection becomes the strong bridge that is connecting Arabic Golf area and Romania, stated in his concluding remarks Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

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