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We are living through difficult and boisterous time. A period of rapid changes in world economic and political system, a time of powerful crisis that is shaking the fundaments of national states and of national economies and is putting under strain the social protection and all the values of economic neo-liberalism.

professor dr.Anton Caragea at kazakhstan 2050

In this chaotic period, just a few nations are allowed the luxury of economic and political long time forecast and predictability: China and United States are creating and proposing to their people and foreign partners a long term vision of development and national statehood construction.
In a time of peril and un-certitude, when even a short time economic prediction is considered hazardous, just a few nations are having the will to act as beacons of lights and direction for their region.

In 17th of December 2012 Kazakhstan had enter to this select club of nations, conscientious of their role and position in the continental and world stage by presenting an ambitious, realistic and well carved plan for future of Kazakhstan until 2050.
By the voice of his President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan had created the prototype of a long term, healthy and stable construction model for the country, the region and the world.

Kazakhstan 2030: weathering the storm and creating a nation.

Kazakhstan it is not at the first step in a managed transition towards a stable and democratic society and a powerful economy.
In 1997 Kazakhstan had already carved the landmarks of his astonishing development by the presidential strategy- Kazakhstan 2030.
Far from being just a window dressing, the strategy for 2030 had proved to be a perfect way for charting Kazakhstan after the independence in the incertitude of nation building and construction of a viable economy.
The program had allowed Kazakhstan to tap into national reserves of oil and gas, to gush out of the enclave country status via the reconstructed Silk Road of energy and trade, to create a modern economy, not depending only on energy resources, to build a huge potential of national intelligence and to foster the economy of knowledge, the base for a XXI century reliable economy.

The long string of economic successes was accompanied in the internal sphere by political stability, based on democratic and open society values, the protection of national and religious minorities.
In the area of external policy, Kazakhstan had gather the powerful laurels of a successful reform project carried out during his Presidency of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. An impressive success was also the unprecedented two year chairmanship of Organization of Islamic Conference that transformed Kazakhstan in a leader of dialogue between Islam and Western world.

The latest major diplomatic achievement of Kazakhstan was the proposal of building an area of security and cooperation in Europe and Asia, launched in September 2012, in Astana, at CICA Conference by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. This latest proposal makes Kazakhstan the promoter of an all-inclusive, intercontinental dialogue, that could transform the political landscape of XXI century.
In the end, Kazakhstan 2030 had proved to be not only a successful strategy for Kazakhstan, but also an example for all the countries of the world on how a nation by the sole fact of building himself, can become a regional and world significant player.

The main pillar of Kazakhstan 2050: understanding of XXI century.

In its world acclaimed book: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the famous Lawrence of Arabia had mentioned that: the most important, but also decisive part of a plan is to be in line with the necessity of his time.
Kazakhstan 2050 starts by outlining the fundaments of the world in XXI century. A period of change, of accelerating history, of economic, political and ecological challenges, a world completely different from the world of XX century.
Instead of training to force the reality to enter in the realm of possibility, Kazakhstan 2050 is offering a realistic and practical assessment of the necessities of today world and of the available solutions.
Fallowing his long term tradition, Kazakhstan understands that creating a success story and offering solutions to the world is the best way to serve not only his interest, but also to add value to his place in the world.
Kazakhstan 2050: good news for people of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan had become in the last 20 years an abode of peace, inter-ethnic and inter-religious understanding in a troubled world. One of the explanation is undoubtedly the economic success that made the Kazakhstan not only one of the fastest growing economy in the world, but also a top investor destination in the world economy statistics.

Kazakhstan 2050 is providing the basis for this healthy economy to continue his growth process. Investing in social protection and creating a strong internal demand are key factors for a stable rate of growth. Modernizing the economic potential, investing in new technologies are policy that will insure the world competitiveness of Kazakhstan national economy and the creation of a knowledge based economy are also a profitable long term investment.

The modern economy is based on technological transfer and Kazakhstan is becoming a champion in modernizing the basis of his economy via technology transfer and more important, Kazakhstan educational system mixed with the accent on entrepreneurship in economic development is creating the base for a managerial revolution, that will put Kazakhstan among the top economy`s of the world in term of creativity and intelligence incorporated in economic production.

Extremely interesting it is also the concept of a Kazakhstan patriotism. Instead of playing the card of nationalism or chauvinism, President Nursultan Nazarbayev is calling for the tradition, language and equality to blend into a new and successful Kazakh: a person well educated, wealthy , healthy enjoying the benefits of a modern state and administration and a state of the art medical system.
Kazakhstan is promising to put at the core of his foundation plan for 2050 the individual and his chances to prevail in a complex XXI century.

From Kazakhstan to the world. From world to Kazakhstan.

One of the keys of Kazakhstan national and international success was understanding that Kazakhstan could not evolve alone in the world, but always must stay in touch and be an intricate part of the world evolutions. There are many examples that support this conjecture in Kazakhstan two decades of independence story.

Kazakhstan economic miracle was built on partnership with western companies and oil extraction technology, but also on political negotiation with Russia on Caspian Sea exploration.
The Astana Expo 2017 will also be a proof of the lesson of mutual profit that Kazakhstan is offering to the world. Kazakhstan management of energy, the lessons of ecology and energy for a future, of environment protection, are going to be beneficial for the world economy and for the generations to come. This is just a new illustration of the Kazakhstan concept of successful quest for global significance.
Kazakhstan economic development had transformed the country in a major player in the development of Asia and Europe. Kazakhstan 2050 promises to continue this wise policy: from Kazakhstan to the world, from world to Kazakhstan, creating a synergy that could only beneficial for all the world nations.

Now the lessons of Kazakhstan 2050 are available for everybody: an example of a society of free people building a country for the future, not in isolation or competition, but in harmony with the world nations. In the concert of nations Kazakhstan is ushering in a new tone: a tone of hope.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea MA, FINS, Dr.Hc

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1. Care sunt primele impresii ale Excelentei Voastre dupa preluarea mandatului de Insarcinat cu Afaceri al Kazahstanului in tara noastra ?

Prima mea impresie a fost coplesitoare.

Tara dumneavoastra are o indelungata  si interesanta istorie cu care incerc sa ma familiarizez acum.

In fond sarcina mea este ca si romanii sa cunoasca bine  Kazahstanul. Cooperarea intre tarile noastre are dimensiuni mutiple : economice, politice si umane, iar prioritatea mea este sa ridic schimburile umane la inaltimea celor politice si economice. Nu vom neglija dezvoltarea colaborarii politice si economice, dar vom utiliza acest capital pentru a aduce mai multa energie in alte sfere ale colaborarii. Informatiile generale  despre Kazahstan, in Romania, sunt limitate la resursele de petrol si gaze ale tarii mele, desi sunt multe alte lucruri uimitoare de descoperit. As vrea ca romanii sa descopere cat mai multe despre cultura, muzica , traditiile si bogata istorie a Kazahstanului.

Sper foarte mult sa reusesc in acest domeniu.

Insarcinatul cu Afaceri al Kazahstanului- Talgat Kaliyev si Profesor dr. Anton Caragea-Director IRICE

2. Care este stadiul relatiei bilaterale : Romania-Kazahstan ?

Astazi intre Romania si Kazahstan nu exista niciun dezacord politic. Putem nota dialogul politic dinamic, dezvoltarea schimburilor bilaterale si a comunicarii inter-umane si coordonarea intre cele doua tari in cadrul Natiunilor Unite, OSCE si a altor organisme internationale.

Aceste succese si imbunatatirea comunicarii intre cele doua tari pot fi dovedite cu nenumarate exemple : sprijinul oferit de Kazahstan, Romaniei, pentru preluarea presedintiei OSCE in 2001 , alegerea ca membru ne-permanent in Consiliul de Securitate al Natiunilor Unite in 2003 , suportul oferit de Romania, Presedintiei Kazahstanului la OSCE ( Organizatia pentru Securitate si Cooperare in Europa) etc.

Intensificarea dialogului bilateral ofera posibilitatea imbunatatirii cooperarii in probleme precum : stabilitatea regionala, cooperarea economica, cresterea volumului schimburilor etc.

In aceasta directie, Kazahstanul si Romania intentioneaza sa dezvolte aspecte non-militare ale securitatii precum : prevenirea amenintarilor la adresa pacii, lupta contra extremismului, a terorismului, crimei organizate, traficului uman si traficul de droguri.

Bucurestiul da o dimensiune strategica relatiei cu Kazahstanul.

 Presedintele Traian Basescu vorbeste in fiecare an despre aceasta la intalnirile cu Corpul Diplomatic. Seful statului roman a subliniat in 2009 importanta diversificarii surselor de energie ale Uniunii Europene ,prin noi proiecte energetice precum cele cu Kazahstanul si Azerbaijanul.

Elementele de baza ale relatiei economice Kazahstan-Romania sunt : energia, metalurgia, transportul, logistica, industria usoara, industria constructoare de masini etc.

In iulie 2009 Compania NC KazMunaiGaz , filiala Casa Comerciala   KazMunaiGaz au aprobat cumpararea  restului de 25% din pachetul de actiuni al RomPetrol Group NV                     ( transformat in Rompetrol).     Din acest moment NC KazMunaiGaz devine proprietarul cu 100% al Rompetrol, avand o zona de desfacere de 900 de benzinarii in 8 state europene       ( Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ucraina, Franta Spania ). Investitia totala a NC  KazMunaiGaz in Rompetrol depaseste 3 miliarde de dolari.

Astfel Republica Kazahstan este unul din cei mai mari investitori straini in Romania. Continuarea investitiilor in Romania este planificata. Trebuie sa mentionam ca aceasta investitie este cea mai mare investitie a Kazahstanului pe teritoriul Uniunii Europene.

In relatia bilaterala, extrem de importanta este dimensiunea umana si culturala. In Kazahstan actioneaza societati culturale romanesti precum: Stefan cel Mare la Almaty, Dacia in Karaganda si Societatea Bucovina din Pavlodar. Principalul obiectiv al acestor asociatii este prezervarea limbii romane si a culturii romanesti. In aceste structuri au loc cursuri de limba romana si variate actiuni culturale.

3. Cum prezentati pentru cititorii nostrii Kazahstanul de azi ?

In Kazahstan intelegem foarte bine necesitatea de a oferi noi oportunitati. In urma cu 20 de ani, cand tara noastra devenea independenta, toata lumea credea ca suntem doar o alta fosta republica sovietica.

 Astazi situatia este complet diferita. Poporul kazah a muncit unit si din greu pentru a avea o natiune stabila, multiculturala, cu o puternica economie si sa aiba un nivel de trai in rapida crestere si servicii publice in permanenta imbunatatire. Kazahstanul devine tot mai mult o punte intre Est si Vest. Societatea civila creste si progresam constant in directia reformelor democratice.

Focusul pe dezvoltarea economica si cresterea prosperitatii pentru toti cetatenii este justificat si usor de explicat. Fara dezvoltare economica, stabilitatea si reformele democratice ar putea esua.

Dupa statisticile Bancii Mondiale Kazahstanul este o tara mediu dezvoltata. Construind o clasa de mijloc cu venituri in crestere, le-am oferit cetatenilor implicarea in propria societate. Trebuie sa intarim institutiile democratice, politice  si sociale si sa le dam un cuvant mai greu in viitor. Responsabilizarea si drepturile individului merg mana in mana cu sucesul economic.

4. Astana-capitala Kazahstanului si-a depus candidatura pentru EXPO 2017 si se pare ca va castiga competitia, ce va face sa fiti competitorul  favorit al intregii lumi ?

ASTANA- Capitala Viitorului.

Din antichitate Drumul Matasii a conectat, prin teritoriul Kazahstanului, popoarele intregii lumi.

In ultimii 20 de ani dezvoltarea comertului si a relatiilor culturale dintre Europa si Asia au atins un nivel semnificativ si Astana si Kazahstanul sunt localizate in inima acestei noi interactiuni economice si culturale.

Astazi Astana inseamna pentru intreaga lume un simbol al unificarii si integrarii, al interactiunii intre pietele europene, central asiatice, ale Federatiei Ruse, Chinei si Asiei de Sud-Est.

Viitorul Energiei este tema expozitiei propusa de Astana si reflecta filosofia tarii noastre ce crede ca energia este o parte importanta a cresterii viitoare si ca tehnologiile verzi si curate-sunt o parte  cruciala a agendei internationale.

Pentru a explica ratiunile alegerii acestei teme trebuie sa mentionez ca tara mea, Kazahstanul este bogata in resurse naturale : este intre primele 10 tari in lume ca rezerve de petrol, gaze, carbune si foarte important, de uraniu.

Punctul de vedere al Kazahstanului este ca energia viitorului trebuie sa fie hranita de soare, vant si hidroenergie si gaze. Acestea spre deosebire de energia minerala nu epuizeaza resursele pamantului si nu provoaca daune mediului. De aceea spun ca : alegand Kazahstanul,  alegeti nu doar multiculturalismul, si diversitatea limbilor si etniilor, dar si diversificarea surselor de energie , necesare dezvoltarii durabile in viitor.

Mai vreau sa mentionez ca ar fi prima expozitie internationala ce ar avea loc intr-o capitala din Asia Centrala. Deja Astana a mai gazduit evenimente internationale importante precum : Summit-ul Organizatiei pentru Securitate si Cooperare in Europa si in 2011, Jocurile de Iarna ale Asiei, unde se apreciaza ca peste 30.000 de oameni au participat la ceremonia de deschidere.

Arhitectura futuristica a Astanei , populatia dinamica si tanara, toate sprijina ideea gazduirii expozitiei ca si dorinta de construi facilitati de cel mai inalt nivel pentru Expozitia din 2017. Acestea sunt argumente suplimentare in favoarea aplicatiei Kazahstanului pentru a gazdui aceasta Expozitie.

O zona de 270 de acri in sud-estul Astanei a fost desemnata ca zona a Expozitiei si la finele lui 2016 o linie de cale ferata de 26 de mile va lega aeroportul international de zona expozitiei si toate zonele culturale si rezidentiale ale orasului.

Va asteptam in Astana !

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