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Rio Bucovina had become in 2013 a partner of diplomatic community in Romania, receiving in March 2013 the visit of ambassadors accredited to Romania at the Vatra Dornei headquarters. The ambassadors present at the spring diplomatic trip to Bucovina express their appreciation for the high quality of the Bucovina water and the safety standards implemented in the factory.

In December 2013, generously Rio Bucovina had offered more that 20 prizes and special gifts to ambassadors accredited to Romania proving the commitment of Rio Bucovina to upholding the diplomatic and representation efforts of Romania.  

RIO BUCOVINAAmbassadors delegation accompanied by Mr. Catalin Nechifor-Suceava County Chairman and Mr.Mukhles Omar-Emperador Group President visiting Rio Bucovina facilities in Vatra Dornei   

Rio Bucovina has invested in Vatra Dornei factory over 4 million Euro in technology and innovation for the development of a unique product on the market in Romania

Rio Bucovina, the leader of flat water bottled from Bucharest, has invested in Vatra Dornei factory over 4 million Euro to increase and the modernisation of production capacity, in technology and efficient distribution, also in development innovations at product level.

Company’s objective for the year 2012 has been consolidation of the position in the top of the largest three players at national level in the domestic market profile, and year 2013 was the year of major investments in the development and growth.

As a result of these investments, at this time Rio Bucovina is the first company from Romania who adopted for natural mineral water, european standard of plug 29/25 which provides a low plastic production process. Rio Bucovina is the only company that, through the introduction of this standard, aligned with the recommendations and directives of the European Union with a view to implementation of the program for the prevention of packaging waste.

“In addition to the investment in modernising the technological line, Natural mineral still water PET Bucovina, innovative and unique on the market in Romania, is the result of over 200,000 Euro investment in education and research, which were tested and analyzed for one year both ergonomics to, and its behavior during use. We wanted to offer our customers a unique product with a modern design and user-friendly with the environment, said Mr. Razvan Iancau, CEO and Administrator Rio Bucovina.

Under the slogan brand of Bucovina ” Supreme balance for body and mind” and by unique design for the entire range of natural mineral water Bucovina, the company has consolidated its position on the insurance market in Romania. In this way, PET form of the natural mineral still water Bucovina reflects its unique feature: arises naturally under the effect underground pressure ( do nor drill) from the source C7 SECU located at 1,132 m altitude, in an area of natural reserve, the least polluted in the country, very far away from any inhabited area and any industrial or animal activity, where reaches, by the free fall, through a system of underground pipes sealed, to Vatra Dornei factory.

New packages, easily recognizable thanks to design unique and special shape, bring also a revitalization logo adapted and modernized for the new PET. In addition, on the label flat Bucovina water is highlighted by means of an icon, dry residue(total minerals dissolved at 180 ° C) which is the lowest of all the waters of Romania – 74 mg / l. On the label of carbonated water, degree of carbonation is marked by icon “strasnica” and emphasizes superior product quality to similar products in the market.

“Bottled water market in Romania is very competitive and constantly evolving. Therefore, continue our series of investments in innovation announced at the end of last year to increase the quality of our products, in order to satisfy all our customers, increasingly concerned about a healthy lifestyle.” said Mr. Razvan Iancău, CEO and Administrator Rio Bucovina.

Natural mineral water Bucovina is found now in a new form which reflects the perfect balance between corporate values, brand and its consumer demands.

VATRA DORNEI BUCOVINAAmbassador delegation visiting the Vatra Dornei spring source for Rio Bucovina mineral water factory.

About Rio Bucovina:

The company Rio Bucovina, company with 100% private capital was established in year 2006, having as main activity the natural mineral water bottling Bucovina, and the production of soft drinks.

Subsequently, Rio Bucovina diversify their activities in distribution area, and at present, sells many goods supply and non-supply.

Own brands marketed by Rio Bucovina are: Bucovina – natural mineral still water and carbonated, La Vitta – spring water, Malibu – table water, La Vitta, Malibu, Bon Ton, RIO – carbonated soft drinks, Golden Horse – energy drink, La Vitta – food products.

Rio Bukovina launched the single natural mineral still water from Romania in ultra-hygienic packaging product in sterile environment recommended for the preparation of formula milk, teas and cereal meals or diluting juices for babies.

Rio Bucovina in Romania is the unique distributor for the brand Becker’s Bester (natural fruit juices).

Rio Bucovina implemented and certified integrated a management system: quality – environment – food safety, according ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2009 şi ISO 22000: 2005 in partnership with german certification TUV CERT, by TUV HESSEN

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