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Oxford University has found itself in hot water and at the center of a new international scandal after it ignored calls from its student union to strip the Sultan of Brunei of his honorary degree over the country’s implementation of sharia law, which makes gay sex punishable by death by stoning.

Oxford University has refused to withdraw a controversial Honorary Degree in Civil Law for a Sultan who is fond of stoning people alive as part of civil and penal law.

Oxford University has awarded to the controversial Sultan of Brunei an honorary degree of civil law by diploma in 1993.

But the institute has come under pressure from its official student body to take back the academic honour with the calls endorsed by the likes of George Clooney, Natalia Imbruglia and Elton John.

To the public dismay in front of the seriousness of the charges Oxford University  however, has refused to strip the sultan of the honorary degree.

“At present, the University will not be rescinding the Sultan of Brunei’s 1993 Honorary Degree of Civil Law by Diploma,” a University of Oxford spokesperson told PinkNews.

“We share the international condemnation of Brunei’s new penal code and back the United Nations’ call to stop the code entering into force.”

Oxford University’s incredible statement comes after the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, which awarded the sultan an honorary degree in 1995, decided to withdraw the academic honour in light of the country’s new anti-gay legislation.

King’s College London has also confirmed that the university will review an honorary degree it gave to the sultan eight years ago.

A petition on-line has garnered thousand of signatures calling for Oxford University to withdraw  the Doctor Honoris Causa to the Sultan of Stoning`s of Brunei.

The student backed petition emphasize that:  Through refusing to rescind the Sultan’s Honorary Degree, the University of Oxford indicates that it is content for its name to be tied to human rights abuses and the persecution of LGBTQ+ people….. the University should not be linked such legislation and must take a clear stance in opposition to the Sultan’s actions.

You can add your voice by signing the petition here:

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