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On 13 April 2011 in a lavish ceremony, hosted at the National Geology Museum, the diplomatic and academic community of Romania had honored the ROMANIAN BOOK PRIZE for 2011, awarded to NATIONAL PATRIMONY OF ROMANIA , a book by former environment minister Petru Lificiu ,present day Vice-President of ANRE (National Agency for Energy).

Mr. Petru Lificiu is awarded ROMANIAN BOOK AWARD for 2011

The book is creating a complete and extensive inventory on the wealth on national Romanian patrimony. The information’s are extremely useful and scientific certified on : natural protected area, natural parks, biosphere reservation, humid areas of national importance, sites of natural universal patrimony , natural geology and paleontology reservation, protected area and tourism.

A plus of the work is the english language edition, that is granting to international public direct access to high quality information’s regarding the extent and importance of natural Romanian patrimony.

The english edition of NATURAL PATRIMONY OF ROMANIA by Petru Lificiu is a novelty on national stage and is achieving a mission of special importance : creating a massive knowledge in the all world  regarding the extraordinary natural potential of Romania and supporting the acknowledgment of Romania as a exceptional value touristic destination on Europe`s map.

Another argument in favor of awarding the famous prize is the printing of the book in exceptional graphic conditions, accompanied by a few dozen of marvelous  quality photos, that are by itself true ambassadors of the beauties of our country in front of all the readers.

The public awarding ceremony and book presentation was  held with the support of National Geology Museum, one of the most remarkable cultural institutions dedicated in promoting environment protection in Romania.

Famous Romanian singers had enchanted the audience by their outstanding performance

To honor this joyous occasion and the presence of Diplomatic Corp accredited in Bucharest, the Director of Geological Museum ing.dr. Stefan Marincea has opened the gate to the Mine Flowers and Precious Gems Hall, the true treasures of the Geology Museum.

The book award presentation was publicly sustained by H.E. Ljupco Arsovski –Ambassador of Macedonia and H.E. Yacub Yousef Al Hosani- Ambassador of United Arab Emirates.

At the public awarding ceremony of the ROMANIAN BOOK AWARD the stage was taken by H.E. Ambassador of Morocco – Ahmed Sendague ,  H.E. Ljupco Arsovski –Ambassador of Macedonia , H.E. Yacub Yousef Al Hosani- Ambassador of United Arab Emirates , H.E. Ahmad Aqel- Ambassador  of Palestine , H.E. Mba Ama Mba- Ambassador of Nigeria , H.E. Kim Son Gyong –Ambassador of DPR-Korea , Philippines Charge d`Affairs Mrs. Maria Pangilian, cultural attaché of Iraq and Bulgaria, while in the hall where present other 40 representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Bucharest.

After the ROMANIAN BOOK AWARD  was handed down to the recipient by professor dr. Anton Caragea the ceremonies continued with a popular song performance organized by Romanian national artist Gheorghe Turda and his guests.

We are all Romanian`s ! song had made the hall to burst into their feat and to applaud

The program constructed by the famous singer included the extraordinary participation of Paris golden laureate Mrs. Gabriela Preda. The music festivity concluded with all the attendance singing the famous national song: We are Romanians! interpreted for public appreciation even by the Diplomatic Corp members.

The final highlights of the ceremony included a traditional Romanian meal that surprised by his richness the ambassadors in attendance at the ceremony.

The 13 April ceremony had succeeded in bringing together the lovers of Romanian National Patrimony, the lovers of culture and the protectors for future generations benefit f the environmental treasures of Romania in a festivity enriched by the massive presence of Diplomatic Corp members who love and appreciate Romania and here beauties.

Guests for Romanian Book Award : H.E. Ambassador of Nigeria -Mba Ama Mba, Petru Lificiu award receiver for 2011, Laura Ciuhu, presedinta Forumului Ecologistilor din Romania and Prof.dr.Anton Caragea

H.E. Ambassador of United Arab Emirates- Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani , prof.dr.Anton Caragea and dr. Stefan Marincea -director of National Geology Museum

H.E Ambassador of Macedonia – Ljupco Arsovski writing in the Honor Book of the event.

H.E. Ambassador of Democratic Peoples Republic of Koreea-Kim Son Gyong , director Stefan Marincea and Director of IRICE-prof.dr.Anton Caragea

H.E Ambassador of Kingdom of Morocco- Ahmed Sendague, H. E Ambassador of Palestine – Ahmad Aqel , H.E. Ambassador of Macedonia – Ljupco Arsovski , Bulgarian cultural representative and Mr. Petru Lificiu

H.E. Ambassador of Macedonia-Ljupco Arsovski ,H.E. Ambassador of Nigeria-Mba Ama Mba , H.E. Ambassador of United Arab Emirates-Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani , Philippines Charge D`Affairs Maria Pangilian, Ing. Stefan Marincea -Director of Geology Museum , Mr. Petru Lificiu and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea

H.E. Ambassador of Palestine -Ahmad Aqel,  H.E. Ambassador of Macedonia-Ljupco Arsovski ,H.E. Ambassador of Nigeria-Mba Ama Mba , Philippines Charge D`Affairs Maria Pangilian  and Iraq cultural representative.

The nai music conquered the hearts of all present at the ceremony .

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