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Between 17 and 19 June 2011, the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation had organized a DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA TRIP, for members of the diplomatic corp with cooperated closely with the institution in the last period (Qatar and United Arab Emirates).

Ambassador Salem Al Jaber and Ambassador Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani listening the story of the best Danube Delta guide Mr.Petru Lificiu Vice-President of ANRE


The DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA TRIP is part of DISCOVER ROMANIA PROGRAM, initiated by Director Anton Caragea, Head of the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania, to offer to ambassadors accredited to Romania, the possibility to discover the natural beauties and the economic opportunities offered by Romania. This year the spring diplomatic trip was oriented towards the Maramures County and the second diplomatic trip was oriented towards the south region of Danube.

Departure from Tulcea on the waters of Danube: the trip begins.

This summer, the diplomat’s trip was oriented towards DANUBE DELTA, as the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation    has offered the High Patronage to INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DANUBE AND DANUBE DELTA (23-26 June 2011).

The trip was concentrated on Tulcea City, a historical city, with a history of over 2.000 years, where diplomats could enjoy the atmosphere of a multi ethnic and plural-religious center and the rich and flavored culinary tradition of the area.

The diplomatic trip included a one day trip towards secret places of Danube Delta and visits to area as: Mila 23 , the lost village, inhabited by Lipoven`s (a Russian origin population who seek refuge in Danube Delta in XVII center to escape religious persecutions in Russia), also diplomats could enjoy the atmosphere of a reclusive fisherman`s village, to observed the oldest church in the region (Blue Church on Mila 23).

Blue Church : UNESCO heritage site.


The Danube Delta trip has concluded with a visit to Sulina, the onetime pearl of Danube. The visit included the special opening of Orthodox Cathedral of Sulina build by King Charles I (1866-1914), the old Lighthouse build by European Danube Commission in 1858, the museum of famous Danube writer -Jean Bart and Palace of European Commission of Danube.

Sulina Lighthouse: UNESCO Heritage site.


Ambassadors included in the trip, praised the rich culinary tradition of the area, the scenic spots offered by Danube and the wealth of history and tradition unveiled by the archeological and historical areas in the region.

European Danube Commission Palace in Sulina.


Also they expressed their interest in supporting partnerships and investors from their country interested in the important touristic projects developed in this magic area. The ambassadors visited the site of the most important touristic projects at Murghiol (in the proximity of the ancient city of Halmirys) where a project for a heliport, a river port and a complex for 1.000 tourists and residential areas is ready to open his gates.

Ambassador Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani ,Mr. Petru Lificiu-President of Ecological Forum and his party , Professor dr. Anton Caragea -Director IRICE, Mr. Mihai Puflene – owner of Murghiol Complex and Ambassador Salem Al Jaber.

H.E. Ambassador Yacoub Yousef al Hosani of United Arab Emirates has expressed his appreciation towards the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania and Director Anton Caragea for hosting this trip and for opening the magic gates of a UNESCO heritage site as valuable as Danube Delta.

H.E.Ambassador Salem Al Jabber of State of Qatar also expressed his appreciation towards the Professor Anton Caragea as organizer of this event that highlighted the beauties and hospitality of a region that must be visited by foreigners and Romanians alike.

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