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Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation of Romania is one of the main content contributor to a new site, dedicated to the promotion of the culture of politics, free and open elections in the world by the use and promotion of the example of Kazakhstan efforts in building a powerful democratic society, an example for the world nations.


The first version of the DEMOCRATIC KAZAKHSTAN WEBSITE was launched in 2011 during Presidential Elections and it is now updated to offer the example of Kazakhstan free and fair society to the world.

With Romanian support , Europe has launched a new version of the website: DEMOCRATIC KAZAKHSTAN. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2015

In 2011, with the support of European organizations, a similar site was dedicated to the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2011 in support of democratic development of Kazakhstan.

The site is destined to offer to political analysis, experts, electoral experts a valid insight in the democratic process taking hold in Kazakhstan.

In this moment no real and trust wordy organization is involved in presenting the valid analysis on the strong democratic process created by Kazakhstan and the information available is on the junk category.

The http://kazakhstan-elections.webs.com/apps/blog/  accumulates several services including: international ad national news, discussion, videos and related information’s.

On April 20,  2015 the website will unveil the first international pre-election monitoring report on Kazakhstan Presidential Elections 2015 and the website will also offer to the readers a final report and analysis on Kazakhstan Presidential Election 2015.

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