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European Council on International Relations awards Leader of XXI Century prize.


European Council on International Relations awards Leader of XXI Century prize

European Council on International Relations will award and in 2010 the important prize LEADER OF XXI CENTURY destined to reward the political personality involved in democracy building, open society construction, support to direct democracy and support for peace and international cooperation. The title is only offered to active or former presidents, prime ministers or key political figures from their country that have a positive influence on international policy arena and a positive influence on internal policy issues (democratization, civil society building) The title will be awarded after two weeks of consultation by an international panel of foreign policy experts, european political figures that will evaluate candidature to this important honor. The candidature could only be filed by official organization as: universities, embassies, consulate, and ministry of foreign affairs or presidential administration. The filed could be sent to European Council on International Relations at general e-mail: office@eucir.com until 30 of January and the final decision will be announced publicly on 10 of February 2010. Leader of XXI Century will be as always an open competition destined to universally acclaim the personalities that shaped our life.  

This year European Council on International Relations will benefit also from the experience of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, institute universally acclaimed for international award organizing experience

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