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On 25 April 2013, the Palace of Parliament will host an impressive round table highlighting the examples of countries that succeeded in avoiding the consequences of world economic crisis proving that development is possible and during harsh economic times.

At the core of the debate will be the testimonials of a delegation of parliamentarians from Kazakhstan that will explain the special experience of the Central Asian country.

Kazakhstan is today the second foreign investor in Romanian economy, has reached number three in the top of the countries as rate of economic development and is also on the top list of the easiness to do business destination in the world.

All this achievements are even more striking as only two decades ago Kazakhstan appeared for majority of experts as a poor and isolated country, with little chances of further development.

The Kazakh economic miracle looks from this perspective even more appealing as a model for Romania.

On this occasion the new objectives for development and growth of Kazakhstan until 2050 encompass in Kazakhstan 2050 strategy will be presented.

Kazakhstan 2050 strategy has being the objective of world attention in the last span of time on the account of: mechanism`s to generate economic development, crisis management and building a knowledge and technology based economy, all this are regarded as material for analysis and role model for other countries development strategy.

Other themes to be debated on the round table will encompass and a series of proposal launched by Kazakhstan in the last period of time, proposal that attracted the attention of world leaders and public opinion.

In the last span of time the Republic of Kazakhstan has unveiled three major foreign policy programs destined to reshape the world of XXI century.

 Kazakhstan National Day

H.E.Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs to Romania-Talgat Kaliyev and Professor Dr.Anton Caragea: Romania-Kazakhstan strategic relation.


In September 2012 Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced the launch of a platform for Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security as part of Astana’s drive to create a framework for cooperation between key regional organizations in charge of security.


In November 2012 the G-Global initiative on combating world economic crisis was unveiled offering a rostrum for exchange ideas and plans to curb the present day economic crisis.


In January 2013 the KAZAKHSTAN 2050 Strategy was unveiled as an example for world economies on how to create growth and employment and economic development in a time of crisis.


The round table on KAZAKHSTAN 2050 Strategy has enjoyed the presence of President Ion Iliescu, Chairman of Chamber of Deputies Mr. Valeriu Zgonea and other important economic and politic actors of Romania such as  Mr. Petru Lificiu, former minister of environment.

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