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On 21 March 2013, the Embassy of Kazakhstan had hosted the public ceremony to launch two books destined for Romanian cultural market and highlighting the recent developments of political and social life from Kazakhstan.

Cartile pe masa

The book launch was honored by the presence of an impressive number of academics, Romanian diplomats, members of Romania-Kazakhstan Parliamentary Friendship Group and a delegation from Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

A special importance was entrusted to the book entitled: KAZAKHSTAN STRATEGY 2050, encompassing the message of President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Kazakh nation.

This political work is presenting the main features of the politic and economic system of Kazakhstan, and is also promoting the measures to be taken by government of the country to bring Kazakhstan in top 30 world economies.

Prezentare carte corecta

Professor dr. Anton Caragea presents the developments that put Kazakhstan among world powers. 

The book is especially relevant, being the first presentation destined to Romanian public of a strategy of development and of a model of economic growth that enjoys world recognition.

The second political work, unveiled for public attention, was concentrated on the works of CONFERENCE ON PEACE AND SECURITY IN EUROPE AND ASIA held in Bucharest, in November 2012.

The conference had publicly endorsed the plan for creating a global security area in Europe and Asia and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts, plan drafted and presented by president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at CICA High Level meeting held in Astana, in September 2012.

Professor dr. Anton Caragea , Director of  Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation had taken the rostrum marking the growing presence of Kazakhstan in today`s world. „Kazakhstan is today one of the most modern world economy, in rapid development, a center of democracy and a key player in international arena.

Today, all the major initiatives to solving humanity problems are coming from Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev„, stated professor dr. Anton Caragea.

The problem of nuclear disarmament can only find a solution by ATOM initiative of Kazakh leader. The issues of world economic crisis, can find a just resolution by the efforts of G Global academic community and finally the challenges of  peaceful settlement of conflicts in Europe and Asia and the reconstruction of international law system can be only realized around the Platform on Security and Peace, drafted out by President Nazarbayev.„

talgat Kaliyev corect

Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs, Talgat Kaliyev states: Kazakhstan will be sooner, than we are expecting, a member of top 30 world economies. 

The Kazakhstan Charge d`affairs, Talgat Kaliyev, had focus his key note speech on the fabulous achievements of Kazakh economy in the last two decades. During this time the country became the economic heartland of Central Asia, had reconstructed the Silk Road, in a modern version and had transformed in one of the most competitive world economy.

The STRATEGY KAZAKHSTAN 2050 will propel the country in the top 30 world economy`s and will consolidate the Kazakhstan economic miracle model, and will turn it in a model for world development, concluded Ambassador Talgat Kaliyev.

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei had presented, in an enthusiastically atmosphere, the Romania Senate congratulation for the book launch and expressed also the admiration and high esteemed in which the President Nursultan Nazarbayev is held by Romanian political society.

The Kazakhstan model of rapid development, creating a strong and wealthy middle class, spreading equitable the national income, it is a model for Romania to get inspiration from, stated Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei.

The public ceremony to launch the two political works, held by the Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan, was a new indication of a strategic relation that is uniting the two countries. A bilateral relation that is, rapidly, transforming itself in one the pillars of Romanian foreign policy.

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