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On 2015 December 1st, in order to mark the National Day of Romania, the exhibition: The History of Romanian Elections (1990-2016) was unveiled by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Presedinte Anton Caragea deschide Expozitia de la Palatul Parlamentului

IRICE President General Director and Academician Mircea Constantinescu are unveiling the Exhibition dedicated to the History of Romanian Elections


The open exhibition is made more relevant by the fact that: in 2016 the Romanian electors will go to the ballot, in two crucial elections: for local administration and in the autumn 2016 for a new Parliament.

Anton Caragea-Exhibition for National Day of Romania

In this context: I found that an exhibition, dedicated to parliamentary elections, highlighting the role and significance of Parliament and parliamentarians in a democracy, and marking an assessment of the importance of Parliament based democracy is essential, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President General Director, giving the starting signal for the exhibition.

Romania Alegeri 2016-Expozitie

The exhibition is hosted, only befitting to his purpose, in the temple of Romanian democracy: the Parliament building, underlined Professor Dr. Anton Caragea in the opening speech.


The initiative of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation to open a public exhibition on Romanian Election History, hosted in the Romanian Parliament will be the showcase of the prowess and capabilities of Parliament in a functional democracy.

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