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November 2015 brings a new brand appearance, on the alcoholic beverages market in Romania.


It is based on wine and seabuckthorn juice and it`s called MIRACLE from CASA PANCIU.


This wine based drink is the result of extraordinary cooperation between ANA ARE, the best known and reputed Romanian producer of juices and CASA PANCIU, one of the most famous wine producer in Romania.

This names are in itself a guarantee of quality on the beverage market in our country.

ANA ARE has created this product to the combination of a sea buckthorn juice,  known as a tresure for his tonic and vitalizing capabilities and exceptionally powerful natural antibiotic with exceptional anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

ANA ARE is a traditional producer of fruit juices and one of the few manufacturers of natural buckthorn juice.

At this perfect experience in producing natural juices we can add HOUSE PANCIU experience in producing the highest quality wines.

Red wine-Feteasca Black, used in this mix is ​​known for exceptional content of tannins, which provides an increase of immunity, strengthens circulatory system and combats atherosclerosis.

It was still in the testing phase when this product got its name as the MIRACLE, as it brings together all that is most precious in the nature pharmacopoeia (juice of sea buckthorne) and wine-the beverage loved by people and gods alike: wine.

Finally this is a  drink that does not need the words: consume with moderation : It’s a MIRACLE!

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