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On 29 September 2014, has taken place the protocol and taking office meeting between Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, Chairman of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation and H.E. Fuad Kokaly, Ambassador of State of Palestine.

Ambassador Fuad kokaly and President Anton Caragea

Opening the protocol meeting, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea expressed his decision to meet, from the first moment, the Ambassador of State of Palestine in sign of appreciation for the long and common history between Romania and Palestine and emphasized the fact that Romania was the first non-Arab country to recognize Palestine Liberation Organization, as the legitimate representative of Palestinian people and in 1988 to recognize the State of Palestine.

H.E. Ambassador Fuad Kokaly presented the latest achievements in bilateral relations and hopes for building new bridges of cooperation between Romania and Palestine.

The main issue tabled during the dialogue was related to: developing educational and university cooperation between the two countries, accepting more Palestinian students in Romanian higher education system on the bases of independent financial contribution.

Other issues highlighted where: opening in Romania a Palestinian financial institution in order to support the developing of bilateral economic relation, supporting tourism development and fostering the positive image of Palestinian realities in Romanian mass-media.

The parties had appreciated that between Romanian and Palestine there are large areas of common interests, designed to forge a good understanding between the two nations.

The open and fruitful dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this cooperation on to the future.

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 Hafez_al-Assad                                                                                                                          447px-Syria_BasharAlAssad    

Thursday 5 November 2009 in Bucharest under the high patronage of H.E. Walid Othman, Ambassador of Syrian Arab Republic and Mr.Muhannad Kalash  Deputy Minister of Tourism from Syrian Arab Republic was inaugurated the exhibition: SYIRIA THE CRADEL OF CIVILISATION AND FAITH.

The opening ceremony was honored by the presence of Diplomatic Corp accredited to Bucharest among the high profiles invitees where: H.E Ambassador of  United Arab Emirates , H.E. Salem Al Jaber, Ambassador of State of Qatar ,H.E. Ahmed Aqel , Ambassador of State of Palestine , Mohamed El Dib , Ambassador of Lebanon . The opening was also honored by the presence of important personalities of academic world, civil society representatives, and mass media delegates.   

The exhibition Syria-cradle of civilization has offered to present audience a rare opportunity to glimpse into the astonishing beauties of Syrian history and geographical landscape. An imaginary travel was opened to the public offering glamorous views from Damascus, the 1001 night’s capital, architectural Islamic paradise of Umayyad Mosque and the Christian treasure’s of Maloula and Saydnaya all crowned with the vision of Palmyra, the jewel of architecture and archeology of Syria. Plus the exhibition has offered to visiting person the rare image of religious icon craft of Syrian Christianity. These rare beauties, long forgotten where reintegrated in the world heritage by the merit and effort of Syrian Government. In the last period the Syrian Minister of Tourism under Minister Saadalla Agha has succeeded in imposing Syria on world tourism map and Syrian Embassy in Romania also manage to put on an increasing trend the Syrian tourism in Romania and also to make the exhibition Syria the cradle of civilization a landmark event. All those present declared in unanimously that we have witnessed the most special cultural event hosted by Bucharest in 2009.


Intalnire 6

His Excellency Walid Othman, Syrian arab republic ambassador ,Mr. Muhannad Kalash Deputy Minister of Tourism of Syrian A.R. and ad Interim Minister of Culture of Romania Mr.  Th. Paleologu

Intalnire 2

H.E. Walid Othman, Syrian Arab Republic Ambassador , Professor Anton Caragea, director of  IRICE and Mrs. Raluca Al Hadad, Syrian A.R. Embassy in Romania

Intalnire 1

Young people at the heart of the ceremony

Objects presented at the exhibitionsergius-bacchus2saintc07 



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