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„By 2020 Nigeria will be a member of 20 most industrialized countries” , declares H.E. Ambassador Mba Ama Mba , Ambassador of Nigeria in dialogue with Professor Anton Caragea PhD

Ambassador Mba Ama Mba of Nigeria speech to Romanians

Ambassador Mba Ama Mba of Nigeria in dialogue with Professor Dr.  Anton Caragea, IRICE director

What is the significance of 1-th of October in the history of Nigeria? Why it was chosen as a National Day?

 First of October  1960 is the day when Nigeria gained his independence from British Colonial Masters, before this date the political entity known today as Nigeria was created in 1914 by the amalgamation of North and Southern British Protectorates. From this day of 1-th of October Nigeria took her destiny fully and firmly into her hands as political leadership came to be exercise by his own citizens, freely elected also by his on citizens in universal suffrage. From this day forward Nigeria continued to build here national unity and to unify several national groups into one united national state. This was, is and will for ever be our mission.    This year being 50 years from independence this date is even more important and celebrated.

 How would your Excellency describe the present day relation between Romania and Nigeria on political, culture economy?

 The diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Romania has been cordial at political level. However there is need for improvement especially among high level officials. Consultations are going to actualize some treaties signed earlier that need taking cognizance of the new realities of Romania becoming an EU member. One of this is the Agreement between Governments of Romania and Federal Republic of Nigeria on cooperation on military field. Top officials of the two countries meet in Bucharest early this month and harmonized the draft. It is hoped that Ministries of Defense of two countries will sign it early in the next year. We have also in the cultural field Nigerian artist resident in Bucharest that held several exposition showcasing Nigerian and Romanian themes. These have been well received by the Romanian public and foreigners alike.

Nigeria today and Nigeria of tomorrow, how is developing and changing the most populated country of African continent?

We Nigerians and our government we have done to outstanding things; first he adopted a zero tolerance policy on corruption and shaped a policy based on seven programs of economical and infrastructure development of the country.

Our  visionary government has establish a long term plan called Nigeria 2020 in order to transformed the Nigerian economy as to be one of the 20 most industrialized country by this period end . The aim is that in 2020 we will have a GDP of 900 billion and an income per capita of 4.000 dollars. This is a firm intention of transforming Nigeria economically, politically socially and cultural. Our country also has undergone a complete resolution of the Niger Delta Conflict establishing a special minister for the developing of the region and granting an amnesty for the misguided rebels. The former combatants accepted this amnesty and lay down there arms. A program of rehabilitation and social inclusion has also being established for them. This recent evolution will reassure all investors, including Romanians that we are having a secure climate for there investments. Plus, as a result of our  government efforts Nigeria was elected with a high majority as a non-permanent member of the Security Council at United Nations.  Furthermore our country was selected for here stability to host the International Youth Soccer Championship by the FIFA.

What is your Excellency message for the Romanian people at this anniversary time for Nigeria? How can we describe the development of Nigeria to Romanians for a better common understanding?

 It is in the same time easy and difficult to make such a declaration. Nigeria and Romania has gone a long way from establishing diplomatic relations. Political, cultural and economic relations and the quantum of our bilateral relations are continually developing. Romania is a friendly country that assured the instructions for many young Nigerians in his learning institution. My message is that these relations could be foster in our mutual interest. Romania has the technological capacity that Nigeria needs to exploit fully here industrial, agricultural, oil and solid natural reserves. We appeal to Romanians to open there hearts and minds in order to cooperate with Nigerians counterparts to exploit this enormous bilateral potential.   

In order to do this we have organized a strong Nigerian delegation that visited Romania and was well received by the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and by government authorities. The understandings reach then could be actualized in the nearest future. The area on which we must work now is the tourism, an area where Nigeria has enormous potential and we are warmly inviting Romanians to enjoy the friendship, human warm and hospitality of Nigerians. We have in Nigeria festivals and event throughout the year and on our land the sun is shining all year long.    

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Nigeria celebrates 50th Independence Anniversary.

Today, Nigeria celebrates her 50th Independence Anniversary as she remembers the sacrifice of the founding fathers of the nation, as well as our own responsibility to present and future generations.

Nigeria is a multi-cultural and multi-religious society with a population of about 150 million and over 350 spoken languages and dialects. There is therefore unity in diversity, and the freedom to live practice one’s creed freely and anywhere are upheld in the constitution. The Government and people are firmly committed to holding free, fair and credible elections during the next cycle of local, state and national elections. In this regard all the necessary steps to ensure the success of the process has been taken care of.

      The Nigerian Government is also working to strengthen the institutional structures for combating corruption, financial crimes, and other vices like human and drug trafficking. The reform of the financial sector to make it more accountable and transparent continues. This is to ensure that Nigeria enjoys political stability, social harmony and economic growth. To this end, Nigeria as the largest market in Africa, welcomes serious investors from Romania and elsewhere, as the investment climate continues to improve and gives very good returns, especially in power, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and finance sectors.  

President of Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan                                                            

Nigeria emerged from colonialism in 1960 into a whole new world of independence and sovereignty, to take on the task of nation-building, and to play the international role that destiny had conferred on it. And although it has not been easy-going, the achievements so far outweigh whatever demerits against it. The country continues to tackle its myriad problems with sincerity of purpose and all the seriousness they deserved.

At the international scene, it had participated in numerous UN peacekeeping missions, as well as in similar regional endeavours like the ECOMOG that successfully brought peace to Liberia and Sierra Leone. In its capacity as Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Nigeria is pleased to report that substantial progress has been made in bringing peace and stability to countries in the Community that were until recently embroiled in political crises. Nigeria has and will continue to be an active participant in the work of the United Nations, striving therein to promote national, regional and global objectives.

       Like other developing countries, Nigeria has had its own fair share of challenges like the problems of restive youth, which it must overcome. On the positive side, Nigeria has recorded remarkable progress in the provision of universal basic education and is also in the process of harmonizing baseline data that would assist in the proper monitoring and evaluation of all MDG projects.

      Nigeria greatly values its long and cordial bilateral relations with Romania and strives to find avenues for taking these relations to greater heights. Romanian scholarships given to Nigerian students over the years, including those on self sponsorship, have enabled them to make meaningful contributions to the various sectors of the Nigerian society like industry, academics, medicine and others. Conversely, Romanians are employed in the various sectors of Nigerian industry as skilled managers and engineers.

          Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria, long live Romania, and long live Nigeria Romania relations.


Mba Ama Mba

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Romania.

       1st October, 2010

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Friday 18 September 2009 HE. Ambassador of Federal Republic of Nigeria Mba Ama Mba and Professor Anton Caragea,  have a long dialogue on Africa-Europe relationship. The discussion was concentrated in an evaluation of European Union role in stabilizing and promoting democracy in Africa and on Nigeria role in development of Africa. Ambassador Mba Ama Mba has promoted in the last year a strong economic and cultural diplomacy between Romania and Nigeria. With his support more than 10 political, economic, cultural and social delegation   and events where hosted by the Federal Republic of Nigeria Embassy offering a new image to the African country in Romania. The reaction of Romanian economic environment was a very energetic one, with the help of ambassador Mba Ama Mba , the economic exchange between the two countries has sharply increase. At the end of the encounter professor Anton Caragea   has praised Ambassador Mba efforts for developing Nigeria-Romania cooperation and said that Africa will be a priority for Romania in the next ten years not only in the Barcelona Process framework but even on a national agenda.  




Vineri 18 septembrie 2009 Excelenta Sa Ambasadorul Republicii Federale a Nigeriei, Mba Ama Mba si profesorul Anton Caragea,  au avut un lung dialog cu privire la relatiile intre Romania si Nigeria si intre Europa si Africa. Discutia s-a concentrat pe evaluarea rolului Uniunii Europene in stabilizarea si promovarea democratiei in Africa si a rolului Nigeriei in dezvoltarea Africii. Ambasadorul Mba Ama Mba a promovat in ultimul an dezvoltarea rapida a relatiilor culturale si economice intre Romania si Nigeria . Cu suportul ambasadei Nigeriei la Bucuresti mai mult de 10 delegatii economice, culturale , sociale si alte diverse evenimente au avut loc in ultima perioada,  creionand o noua imagine acestei tari africane in mediul romanesc  . Reactia mediului economic  din Romania a fost extrem de favorabila, cu ajutorul ambasadorului Mba Ama Mba schimburile economice intre cele doua tari au crescut rapid. La finalul intalnirii profesorul Anton Caragea  a laudat rolul Ambasadorului Mba in dezvoltarea cooperarii intre Nigeria si Romania si a apreciat ca in perioada urmatoare Africa va fi o prioritate a agendei Romaniei nu doar in cadrul procesului Barcelona al Uniunii Europene , proces la care suntem parte,  dar si in planul interesului national.          


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