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On 19 March 2014, at the CEREMONY FOR 2013 DIPLOMATIC PRIZES, H.E. Ambassador of Iraq-Omer Berzinji received the title of BEST AMBASSADOR FOR 2013 according to the decision of Academic and Parliamentary Committee of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.


The main election criteria`s where highlighted as being: the promotion activity, the internal recognition inside Romania of the personality of the ambassador, the importance of bilateral relations and the relevance and significance of the bilateral activity, initiated under the leadership of the ambassador etc.

Taking under considerations all the criteria`s, in unanimity, the academic and parliamentary committee has decided to recommend as BEST AMBASSADOR FOR 2013 the name of H.E. Omer Berzinji-Iraq Ambassador to Romania.

The parliamentary and academic committee has considered the powerful role played by Ambassador Omer Berzinji in achieving the successful visit of Minister of  Foreign Affairs of Iraq-H.E. Hoshyar Zebari, in October 2013, the successful cooperation visit of the first ever delegation of foreign affairs department of Government of Kurdistan, under the leadership of Mr. Falah Mustafa Bakir, the brisk and vigorous increase in the number of economic, politic and cultural delegations from Iraq that toured Romania in the last year.

Statistically speaking, the number of Iraqi delegation`s, in the last year, has surpassed the number of Iraqi official visits in the last ten years.

Taking under considerations this outstanding achievements and to bolster the traditional Romanian-Iraqi friendship and to mark the increase interest of Romania in promoting further the bilateral relation, the academic and parliamentary committee decided to host in the Romanian Parliament the official ceremony of bestowing the title of BEST AMBASSADOR FOR 2013 to H.E. Ambassador Omer Berzinji and to offer a public acknowledgement to his role in promoting a successful bilateral relation.

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We present the full text of H.E. Ambassador of Iraq-Omer Berzinji allocution to the BEST AMBASSADOR FOR 2013 CEREMONY:

 Your Excellencies, honored members of the Parliament,

Vice-president of the Senate, Mr. Florin Constantinescu,

Dear Professor Anton Caragea, Director of the Institute for International Relations and Economic Cooperation,

Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Dear guests from our beloved city of Sulaymaniyah and from the Martyr city of Halabja,

President and members of the Iraqi community,

Members of my family, my dear wife, my dear daughters and    sons-in-law; unfortunately, my son Muhammad couldn’t join us today.


In the beginning I would like to express my sincere thanks and highest consideration to the Romanian Parliament, for their appreciation and for awarding me the prize of “Best Ambassador in Romania for 2013”.

I never have and I never will claim the distinction which you decided to grant me, and for this reason, I appreciate it all the more, and I thank you for it, with all my heart, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Republic of Iraq, as I consider it to be an honor bestowed upon myself, but, before that, an honor bestowed upon my country Iraq, and my dear people.

I assure you that all my actions are made, first of all, for the interest of my country, for the consolidation of relations between our two friendly countries, Iraq and Romania, and for the benefit of both countries’ interest at political, economic, social, cultural and scientific levels, as well as in any other fields, taking into account that both countries are deep-rooted in ancient history, civilization and culture.

I am concerned with Iraq and Romania, at the same time, and I will always remain devoted to both of them, and I consider it my duty not to forget to say the same about my colleague, the Romanian Ambassador to Baghdad, Mr. Iacob Preda.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I commit myself to continue serving this relation and to pursue the interest of both countries, while the Embassy will always be at your service.

The achievement of all noble and diplomatic goals is my principle,

 The dialogue is my path,

 The high morals define my conduct,

 Moderation is my way,

 The high motivation runs through my veins,

 The praiseworthy results are my objective,

 Iraq is in my heart and Romania as well,

 Love and friendship are my motto, for all of you and the Iraqi brothers and sisters living in Romania.


Thank you once again for joining me on this happy occasion!

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