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President Dr. Anton Caragea will open, at the head of a delegation composed of academicians, cultural and political life personalities, the celebrations for Africa Week of Culture and Tourism to be held in Addis Ababa from 6 to 8 February 2019.


Addis Ababa is now a member of World Capitals of Culture and Tourism select list.


Addis Ababa was selected as the first African mega-city to be inscribed on the world list of Capitals of Culture and Tourism in recognition of the city`s rich past, booming traditions and remarkable tourism development.

Addis Ababa encompasses ten world heritage sites on tentative list ranging from natural treasures and natural protected areas such as: a vast array of historically and religiously monuments like the former imperial palace hosting today the Ethnographic Museum, the Entoto enclose of Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taytu , the cathedrals of Saint George, Holy Trinity, Medhame Alem –the largest cathedral in Ethiopia and the second in Africa etc.


President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea welcomed to Ethiopia by Ethiopian H.E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn (during 2015 visit).


The capital city: Addis Ababa is home to a treasure trove of architectural marvels appreciated in his statement Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Our participation in Addis Ababa, World Capital of Culture and Tourism activities is part of our long-standing commitment to the development of Africa, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, IRICE President.

H.E. President Dr. Anton Caragea welcomed during his official trip to Djibouti by the H.E. President-Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh (April 2018).



Plus Ethiopia is a long-standing diplomatic and dialogue partner and the 2015 visit has herald in a new era of cooperation and friendship stated IRICE President, Dr. Anton Caragea.

Now that Ethiopia has elected a new governmental team it is the high time to discuss and express our long-term commitment of Ethiopia`s development and for our partnership. And the high level meeting on the programme will help to this end, concluded professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


President of Zimbabwe H.E. Robert G. Mugabe welcomes President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea in Zimbabwe`s capital Harare.

We have supported development and cultural programs in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and we are proudly adding now Addis Ababa to our list of valuable partners in the region and the support and enlighten policies of Eng. Takele Uma Benti are a guarantee for a long-term cooperation concluded President Dr. Anton Caragea.



The list of meetings for presidential delegation include: Head of Addis Ababa`s government Takele Uma Benti and President of F.D.R. of Ethiopia Mrs. Sahle Work Zewde.



The delegation headed by H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea will have extensive dialogues with H.E. Eng. Takele Uma Benti Ministers of Tourism, of Culture and of Foreign Affairs and a special meeting with H.E. Academician Sahle Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia and will benefit from a cultural and orientation programme in the country.



The cultural programme will encompass visits to Bahir Dar, discovery of famed Lake Tana`s Monasteries (legendary home  of the Ark of Covenant), familiarization trip to province of Kaffa (home to first coffee) and a visit to Jimma, the famous capital of Abba Jifar empire and  will conclude with the ceremonies to open the cultural and tourism week  celebrations in Addis Ababa.

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Presedintele Dr. Anton Caragea in fruntea unei delegatii de academicieni, si personalitati politice si culturale, va deschide in Addis Ababa, capitala Etiopiei, sarbatorile Saptamanii Culturii si Turismului, in cadrul unor ceremonii ce vor avea loc intre 6 si 8 februarie 2019 in Etiopia.


Addis Ababa este noua Capitala Mondiala a Culturii si Turismului.


Addis Ababa este primul megapolis din Africa care a fost inscris in lista Capitalelor Culturii si Turismului  in meritata recunoastere a trecutului bogat al orasului, a exuberantei traditiilor si a dezvoltarii remarcabile a turismului.

Addis Ababa beneficiaza de zeci de monumente ce fac parte integranta din patrimoniul mondial al umanitatii printre ele enumeram: Catedrala Sfintei Treimi (Haile Selassie) , Catedrala Sf. Gheorghe, Palatul Imperial-Gennet Leul, Muzeul National ce adaposteste scheletul celui mai vechi hominid: celebra Lucy si zona arheologica Entoto etc. iar in zona adiacenta se afla complexul monastic Debre Libanos aria muntoasa protejata Entoto etc.



Presedinte Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea in vizita oficiala in Etiopia intampinat de Primul Ministru etiopian E.S. Hailemariam Desalegn (in 2015).

Etiopia este un prieten si un partener de lunga durata in zona Africii si discutiile din 2015 au permis coroborarea unui plan complex de actiune bilaterala, a apreciat Presedintele IRICE.

Acum ca exista un nou guvern in Etiopia este timpul sa subliniem constanta prieteniei noastre si oportunitatile de cooperare ce se deschid, iar prin dialogul la nivel inalt cu conducerea Republicii Federale a Etiopiei vom atinge aceste obiectiv a mai remarcat Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea.


Presedintele Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea in vizita oficiala in Djibouti (April 2018) impreuna cu Presedinte Academician Ismail Omar Guelleh.



Participarea noastra la evenimentele derulate in jurul numirii orasului Addis Ababa drept Capitala Mondiala a Culturii si Turismului este parte a indelungatei noastre legaturi cu Africa si cu dezvoltarea acesteia, a subliniat Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea, Presedintele Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica (IRICE).


Presedintele IRICE Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea in vizita oficiala la Harare impreuna cu Presedintele Zimbabwe E.S. Robert G. Mugabe.


Am sprijinit programe de dezvoltare economica si culturala in Djibouti, Etiopia si in Zimbabwe si acum adaugam cu mandrie Addis Ababa pe lista noastra de parteneriate in regiune, iar sprijinul pentru dezvoltare si politicile energice de crestere economica puse in practica de catre Academician Tekele Uma Benti sunt a garantie a unei cooperari indelungate, a mai mentionat Presedintele Dr. Anton Caragea.


Seful Guvernului din Addis Ababa, Eng. Takele Uma Benti, Presedinta R.F. a Etiopiei d-na Sahle Work Zewde sunt printre personalitatile cu care Presedintele IRICE Dr. Anton Caragea va avea discutii.




Delegatia condusa de E.S. Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea va avea o serie de dialoguri cu E.S. Takele Uma Benti, Seful guvernului din Addis Ababa, Ministrii Culturii, Turismului din Etiopia si o intrevedere speciala cu E.S. Academician Sahle Work Zewde, Presedintele Republicii Federale a Etiopiei si va beneficia de un program cultural si de familiarizare special in cadrul vizitei.



Programul cultural va include intre altele vizitarea orasului Bahir Dar,  a manastirilor sacre de pe malul lacului Tana, calatorii in provincia Kaffa (locul de origine al cafelei) si orasul Jimma capitala celebrului imperiu al lui Abba Jifar si va culmina cu inaugurarea Saptamanii Mondiale a Culturii si Turismului in Addis Ababa.

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