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A new promotion campaign for Romanian wines will kick-start from 1st October 2015, under the slogan: ROMANIAN NATIONAL WINE FROM COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE!

The wine promotion campaign will take place in the autumn 2015 and is destined to present to an international audience the BEST ROMANIAN WINE: COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE.

Vinul Diplomatilor 2015

The wine produced by COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE was presented on the official diplomatic venues during 2015


The COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE (CASA DE VINURI COTNARI) has received the most outstanding recognition, in December 2014, being selected as DIPLOMATIC WINE during 2015.

COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE is also famous for using only national grape varieties resulting wines with a history of over two millenniums.

With the onset of the promotion campaign for ROMANIAN NATIONAL WINE, ambassadors and wine tasters, from all around the world, will enjoy the brands selected and highly marked as the best wines presented by Romania.

These perfect national wines are produced by CASA DE VINURI COTNARI (COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE).

The selection of wines that will be presented for the AUTUMN 2015: THE NATIONAL ROMANIAN WINE COMES FROM COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE! will include the Ambassador wines of Romania and will be presented to diplomats, foreign journalists and importers of wine from across the world.

Wine Maker of the Year 2014

Victor Deleanu-COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE Chairman presented with the creator of DIPLOMATIC WINE trophy for 2015

Amongst the special wines, presented on this occasion, the list includes the BEST ROMANIAN WINE for 2015: COLLOQUIUM IN PARIS-BUSUIOACA DE BOHOTIN (awarded with 98 points).

This perfect wine will be a highlight of the diplomatic parties and receptions and will bring glamour to the main diplomatic events of autumn 2015.

The Romanian diplomatic guests will enjoy from 1st October to December 1st 2015 the famous: Feteasca Neagra (Black Girly) from COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE, a wine that was named THE BEST ROMANIAN RED WINE for 2015 and conquered the public, during GoodWine International Fair in March 2015.

Vinul Diplomatilor-web

Romanian Champions: Place no.1: COLLOQUIUM IN PARIS, Place no. 2 :  COLLOQUIUM IN MOSCOW, Place no. 3: FETEASCA NEAGRA( Black Girl)-DOMENIUM


Other wines that will represent the best of what Romanian wines have to offer, produced by the COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE, the most significant producer from Moldavia region, are including the COLLOQUIUM IN MOSCOW-from famous Grasa de Cotnari, a specific Romanian grape variety, freshly bottled after ageing in 2014 (considered with 91 points).

The TASTE NATIONAL ROMANIAN WINE! campaign, will present a carefully drafted list of the exceptional selection of wines from COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE.

These wines are having the aroma and natural character of the wines coming from Moldavian region.

Casa de vinuri cotnari

All the wines from the list are having the international recognition of the wines of COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE, the top line of quality of Romanian wine industry.

You could also join in the program by consuming, as a true Romanian ambassador, the wines of COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE, offering as a gift this premium wines and enjoying the BEST ROMANIAN WINE for 2015: CASA DE VINURI COTNARI wine.

You can order online from COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE store here:


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Din 1 octombrie 2015, odata cu inceputul toamnei diplomatice, porneste Campania de promovare a VINULUI NATIONAL: vin produs din soiuri autohtone, de CASA DE VINURI COTNARI!

Vinul Diplomatilor 2015

CASA DE VINURI COTNARI-singurul vin romanesc prezentat comunitatii diplomatice in 2015

Intreaga campanile, ce se va derula in toamna 2015, este destinata prezentarii, catre  publicul international, a celui mai bun vin al Romaniei-vinul de CASA DE VINURI COTNARI.

CASA DE VINURI COTNARI a fost aleasa drept cel mai bun vin romanesc, la competitia VINUL DIPLOMATILOR din decembrie 2014, unde ambasadori si degustatori straini au apreciat, in unanimitate, vinurile CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI.

Wine Maker of the Year 2014

Victor Deleanu-Presedintele CASA DE VINURI COTNARI primeste distinctia-VINUL DIPLOMATILOR PENTRU 2015

In plus, CASA DE VINURI COTNARI s-a impus drept un adevarat ambasador al VINULUI ROMANESC, deoarece vinurile produse la Cotnari sunt realizate exclusiv din soiuri autohtone, unele cu o vechime de doua milenii.

Intre vinurile ce vor fi prezentate, spre degustare: publicului, consumatorilor, expertilor si diplomatilor straini din Romania, in prezentarea caracteristicilor nationale ale VINULUI ROMANESC se numara vinurile-ambasador ale Romaniei:

Intre cele mai bune vinuri nationale se numara si Grasa de Cotnari, in editie speciala, vinificata in sec, lansata sub denumirea COLOCVIU LA MOSCOVA (apreciata cu 91 de puncte) si care a obtinut medalia de argint la competitia VINUL DIPLOMATILOR pentru anul 2015.

Aceasta va delecta petrecerile ambasadorilor si evenimentele de prestigiu ale toamnei 2015.

Vinul Diplomatilor-web


Oaspetii ambasadelor si ai petrecerilor de reprezentare a Romaniei se vor mai putea delecta, in perioada 1 octombrie -1 decembrie 2015 si cu CEL MAI BUN VIN ROSU ROMANESC: Feteasca Neagra din gama DOMENII (92 de puncte), vin care a cucerit publicul diplomatic la Goodwine editia martie 2015.

Alte vinuri, ce vor prezenta tot ce are mai bun tara noastra, provenind de la Casa de Vinuri COTNARI, includ extraordinara BUSUIOACA DE BOHOTIN – COLOCVIU LA PARIS, Cel Mai Bun Vin al Anului 2015, decorat de Institutul de Relații Internaționale si Cooperare Economica cu titlul de Vinul Diplomatilor, vinul de reprezentare al Romaniei (cotat cu 98 de puncte), proaspat lansat in 2014.

Campania de prezentare, pe larg, a comorilor vinului Romaniei demarata cu sloganul: VINUL NATIONAL VINE DE LA COTNARI! se adreseaza prezentarii acestui element necesar al brandului de tara.

Casa de vinuri cotnari

Campania toamnei diplomatice 2015, va reprezenta vinul romanesc, prin calitatea exceptionala a vinurilor selectate, prin aroma si aciditatea specifica vinurilor din podisul Moldovei si prin recunoasterea internationala a produselor CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI, producator de top al vinurilor romanesti.

Va puteti alatura si dvs. acestui program, solicitand in toate localurile HORECA produsele CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI, oferind drept cadou aceste produse Premium si consumand si dvs.ca un adevarat ambasador al Romaniei, cel mai bun vin romanesc al anului 2015: Vinul CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI.

Pentru comenzi online-MAGAZINUL CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI va sta la dispozitie aici:OnLineStore

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The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation (IRICE) welcomes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reiterates its commitment to work towards the implementation of the Goals.

Romania has adopted, on 25 September 2015, the action plan for the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals, alongside other 192 other countries during United Nations General Assembly.

Sustainable Development Goals

17 main points on the Agenda of Sustainable Development Goal`s are promising abetter world for us all!

The new the Sustainable Development Goals come in continuation of the formerly known of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the effort to steer the world in the directions of economic development, environmental protection, and human values respect.

The Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation has cooperated in the completion of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and is in acquiescence with the newly established Sustainable Development Goals, announces IRICE-President Director General (PDG) Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

IRICE has contributed with significant global reach, and can make an important contribution to the achievement of the SDGs, particularly in the areas of job creation, sustainable consumption and production and the preservation of natural resources.

“Issues such as combating Romanian economic crisis and its crippling effects, address climate change, and especially poverty reduction and inclusive growth need to be at the center of Romanian development. Now that the Goals have been approved, it is time to step up our action, time to advance policies and business strategies that minimize the negative effects of Romanian economic crisis” said IRICE PDG, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

 President Anton Caragea

IRICE-President Director General (PDG) Professor Dr. Anton Caragea signs the  Development Goals Engagement 

The SDGs are carved as a universal 17-goal agenda and action plan for people, the planet and prosperity for all countries and require all stakeholders to act in collaborative partnerships.

The SDGs were approved by the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, on 25 September 2015.

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Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica (IRICE) saluta adoptarea  Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS) si isi reafirma, cu aceasta ocazie, angajamentul de a lucra catre deplina implementare a acestor obiective.

Sustainable Development Goals

Lista celor 17 puncte prioritare din cadrul Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS)

Romania a adoptat, in data de 25 Septembrie 2015, planul de actiune pentru indeplinirea Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS) , impreuna cu alte 192 de natiuni, in perioada Adunarii Generale a Natiunilor Unite.

Noile Obiective de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS) reprezinta o continuare a precedentelor Obiective de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului (ODM) si sunt destinate a directiona umanitatea catre dezvoltare economica, protectia mediului si respectul fata de valorile umane.

President Anton Caragea

Presedintele Director General (PDG) al IRICE, Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea semneaza angajamentul pentru ODS

Institutul de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica (IRICE) a depus eforturi sustinute pentru implementarea precedentelor Obiective de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului si isi continua angajamentul si aprobarea fata de noile Obiective de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS), a declarat Presedintele Director General (PDG) al Institutiei, Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea.

IRICE a contribuit, cu o semnificativa componenta internationala si globala, pana acum si poate asigura o importanta contributie, in continuare in indeplinirea noilor Obiective de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS), in mod special in sprijinul acordat obtinerii de noi locuri de munca, consum rational si productie sustenabila si in protectia mediului.

Obiective precum: combaterea crizei economice din Romania si a efectelor ei devastatoare si in special reducerea saraciei predominante si obtinerea unei cresteri economice stabile, toate trebuie sa fie in centrul dezvoltarii Romaniei in viitor.

Acum ca obiectivele au fost aprobate, este timpul pentru a activa actiunile noastre si sa creionam politici si strategii de business, care sa reduca efectele crizei economice majore, in care se zbate economia romaneasca, a apreciat PDG-Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Obiectivele de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS) sunt construite ca o agenda si plan de actiune universal, pentru toate popoarele si intreaga planeta, pentru a crea prosperitate pentru toate natiunile si solicita actorilor internationali, sa actioneze intr-o maniera bazata pe colaborare si parteneriat.

Obiectivele de Dezvoltare Sustenabila (ODS) au fost aprobate in timpul celei de a 70- Adunari Generale a Natiunilor Unite, in data de 25 septembrie 2015.

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