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Romanian Parliament is increasing his presence in the country’s foreign policy and is throwing his wait in supporting the promotion of Romania’s strategic friendships.

The bilateral relation with Kazakhstan is of tremendous significance for fostering our country’s relations with Central Asia and in promoting the concept of the New Silk Road in XXI century, a road that will connect the emerging markets of Asia with the European developed economies.

In order to underline this impressive significance of Romania-Kazakhstan cooperation, under the high patronage of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation, the key officials of Romanian Parliament had offered a perfect welcoming to the new Kazakhstan ambassador in our country HE. Daulet Batrashev.

Senator Florin Constantinescu, Preşedinte al Comisiei pentru Transporturi şi Energie din Senatul României, Profesor Doctor Anton Caragea, Director IRICE şi Ambasadorul Republicii Kazahstan în România- E.S. Domnul Daulet -web

H.E. Daulet Batrashev-Kazakhstan Ambassador receives the Romanian Senate decoration from Chairman-Senator Florin Constantinescu.


The Chairman of Romanian Senate Energy and Transport Committee, Vice-President-Florin Constantinescu emphasized the economic significance of the Kazakhstan presence, as the key player on Romanian energy market, by the investments projects of KazMunayGaz.

Today’s Kazakhstan is the strategic investor in the energy sector and the second foreign investor in Romania’s economy.

Ambassador Daulet Batrashev presented his country farsighted economic strategy-Nurly Zhol, outlined by President Nursultan Nazarbayev and emphasized the role Romania can play as the hub of energy supplies coming from Kazakhstan and as the terminal point of the energy route, connecting Kazakhstan and Europe and informed the Senate leader of the acquisition by Kazakhstani side of the Georgian port of Batumi, a positive development in increasing the bilateral trade between the two countries.

In the end of the meeting, Mr. Florin Constantinescu- Chairman of Romanian Senate Energy and Transport Committee has officially invited the leaders of Kazakhstan parliament to attend the Silk Road Conference to be held with the support of Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director-General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

As a sign of the Romanian Parliament commitment to develop the relation with Kazakhstan, Senator Florin Constantinescu bestow upon H.E. Kazakhstan Ambassador Daulet Batrashev the Romanian Senate Medal and awarded the same medal to Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director-General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

Senatorul Marcel Dumitru Bujor-Preşedintele Comisiei pentru Românii de Pretutindeni, Ambasador-ul Kazahstanului E.S. Daulet Batrashev şi Profesor Doctor Anton Caragea, Director IRICE-web

Senator Marcel Dumitru Bujor entrust the official invitation for a high level Kazakhstan parliamentary delegation. 


Kazakhstan Ambassador was received afterwards by the Chairman of Romanians Abroad and Foreign Diplomacy Mr. Marcel Dumitru Bujor.

He clearly marked the Romanian gratitude for the Kazakhstan role in supporting the strategic relationship with Romania and for investing in our country economy and especially for creating in Kazakhstan a model society of development and inclusiveness, in full accordance with the human rights standards of today.

Ambassador Daulet Batrashev presented the updated situation of the Romanian minority leaving in Kazakhstan and topping 26.000 members and enjoying constitutional rights and law protection in developing and preserving their culture and traditions.

The Ambassador Daulet Batrashev also presented the experience of the Assembly of People’s of Kazakhstan, a perfect designed institution to fulfill the desires of all minorities, leaving in harmony on the territory of Kazakhstan.

In the end of the meeting, Chairman Marcel Bujor had offered to H.E. Ambassador Daulet Batrashev the 150 years of Romanian Senate Plaque and offered another commemorative plaque to Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation.

Ambassador Daulet Batrashev and Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei

H.E. Ambassador Daulet Batrashev received with full pomp at the Romanian Parliament: a sign of perfect friendship.

H.E. Ambassador Daulet Batrashev was afterwards received by Vice-Leader of Romanian Chamber of Deputies Mrs. Liliana Ciobanu and by Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei from National Defense Committee and from Economic, Industry and Services Committee of the Parliament.

In all their declarations the Parliament leaders emphasized the importance of the Romanian-Kazakhstan relations and the seriousness that Romanian political and economic leadership is investing in the strategic friendship between the two countries.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President Director-General of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation had concluded the visit to the Parliament by appreciating that: the impressive welcoming staged by the Senate and Chamber of Deputies for Ambassador Daulet Batrashev is self explanatory proof of the high esteem that Kazakhstan is enjoying in the Romanian society.

 No other ambassador has being welcomed in such a manner, befitting to a strategic friendship, the friendship between Romania and Kazakhstan.

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