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Today we are witnessing a special event, not only in Romanian-Laotian relations, but also in Romania-South East Asia, because by the inauguration of Romania-Laos Business Council, the first institutionalized cooperation bridge is opened between our country and South East Asia.

Moreover, to this we must add the opening on an honorary consulate in Romania, thus creating both a strong economic and diplomatic presence, giving a political sign on the importance of the bilateral relation.

President Romania-Laos

Laos has quickly become the most important diplomatic partner of our country in the region and it is becoming an increasing economic presence.

I would mention as an additional evidence for the strength of this relationship that Laos is the only country in the region that opens an honorary consulate in Romania and that by the end of this year we will also have the first official meeting at foreign ministers’ level in our country.

Therefore, for the parliamentary structures it was only a natural decision to give their full support for the opening of Romania-Laos Business Council, as well as in the future to strengthen political and parliamentary dimension of this cooperation.

I also have the pleasure to support the decision of electing Mr. Mihai Prundianu as leader of Romania-Laos Business Council.

A known personality of the economic world, person with profound intellectual and political depth, Mr. Mihai Prundianu brings an invaluable knowledge of the area, gained in countless missions in Southeast Asia.

Under these favorable auspices I can only be sure that we will have an exceptional economic dimension for an extremely important political and diplomatic relationship to us Romanians: Romania-Laos relationship.

I would like to mention only one element, namely the significance which this event has for Romanian parliamentary diplomacy.

These excellent results: the opening of the first Business Council of the region, opening the first honorary consular office in Romania of a country from this region, all these are all results of an official visits conducted in early May 2013, under the organization of the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation and under patronage of Ph.D Professor  Anton Caragea.

The visit showed the relevance and practical results that a visit can have when it includes a strong parliamentary component.

It’s such a pleasure for me to address my greetings to the Romania-Laos Friendship Group, greeting of the Parliament and to assure Mr. President Mihai Prundianu of our full support in the parliamentary activity that will take place.



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