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This day is a special moment for the Romanian economic diplomacy: opening of the first business council between Romania and South East Asia country.



I must tell you from the very beginning that this first country is Laos and this not at all a random choice.

Laos is for Romania not only a political partner, a diplomatic partner and a country with similar past, but above all it is a land of potential.

Laos, by its strategic position on the center of Indochina peninsula, represents the ideal location for economic activities, in order to spread the Romanian goods and technology in the entire area.

The symbolical cooperation bridge Vientiane – Bucharest which is being opened today in order to encourage investments and economic activities, will be beneficial for the entire area.

The big projects launched by the Laotian government, among which I would like to mention the Indochina highway, which connects Bangkok to southern China, the chain of power stations along Mekong river, agricultural terracing works and land improvement and the increase of the touristic potential are only a few of the areas where the Romanian expertise can have a word to say.

I would also like to mention the extraordinary international status of Laos of being THE BEST WORLD TOURISTIC DESTINATION IN 2013, a position envied by everybody, which shows the touristic potential of the country, but also the political and diplomatic influence and Romania can only benefit by cooperation and zonal presence.

That is why I have accepted with honor and pleasure the authorization to represent Romania in the relation with our main partner in the region: Laos.

The opportunities for Romanian businessmen are exceptional and we have the possibility to add to the political and diplomatic relationship between our countries a powerful economic relationship. Therefore, I would like to thank to the Chairman of Romania-Laos Group, Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei for the support given, to PhD. Professor Anton Caragea for organizing and boosting Romanian-Laotian relations, as well as to the Laotian government, Mr. Minister Academician Bosengkham Vongdara, Minister of Tourism, Information and Culture and the Laotian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Laotian governmental team managed to transform the country in THE BEST WORLD TOURISTIC DESTINATION, a fast economic growth, this country has become one of the Asiatic tigers and it has understood the importance of Romania – Laos relationship.



The Romania-Laos Business Council will get under my leadership the organizational substance it needs and it will bring together all those who understand the importance of economic diplomacy for the special partnership relation between Romania and Laos.

Thank you all for being present here and I am sure that in the future there will more landmarks in Romania-Laos relations.

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