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Muammar Gaddafi reveals who support terrorist attacks in Libya.

“There is a conspiracy to control Libyan oil and to control Libyan land, to colonise Libya once again. This is impossible, impossible. We will fight until the last man and last woman to defend Libya from east to west, north to south.”

* “Do they want us to become slaves once again like we were slaves to the Italians … We will never accept it. We will enter a bloody war and thousands and thousands of Libyans will die if the United States enters or NATO enters.”

“How can the Security Council issue resolutions based on reports from news agencies?”

“How can the Security Council and the United Nations make a resolution based on news that is 100 percent false?”

“I dare you to find that peaceful protesters were killed. In America, France, and everywhere, if people attacked military stores and tried to steal weapons, they will shoot them.”

“They have no justification to put their hands on Libyan assets, other than as an act of theft and robbery of Libyan wealth – theft of the wealth of the Libyan nation.”

“My assets are human values, the nation, glory, history. This are assets that are eternal.”

“The deaths on both sides are between 150 to 200, half of them police and soldiers.”

“We challenge them (international agencies) to come with fact-finding committees. It’s open for them. All the doors are open. In every place, we will enable them to know the truth.”

“The oil fields are secure, under control. But the companies are afraid, the foreign experts are afraid.”

“Al Qaeda’s cells attacked security forces and took over their weapons,” he said, adding: “How did that all begin? Small, sleeper al Qaeda cells.”

On al Qaeda, he added: “I am ready to debate anyone one of them, one of their emirs (leaders), whomsoever appoints himself, who comes to me to debate with me. But they do not debate … they do not have demands at all.”

“We put our fingers in the eyes of those who doubt that Libya is ruled by anyone other than its people.”

“Muammar Gaddafi is not a president to resign, he does not even have a parliament to dissolve.”

“The Libyan system is a system of the people and no one can go against the authority of the people. .. The people are free to choose the authority they see fit.”

“The Arabs are envious of you and hope destruction for you and they don’t like you at all.”

“Egypt is going towards the unknown. Not one Egyptian is able to reach an understanding with another Egyptian … The army is nothing … Egypt is nothing. It is not a popular revolt.”

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