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Professor Anton Caragea is declared THE ROMANIAN PERSONALITY OF 2010.


The summer of 2010 brings with it, two important international recognition to the diplomatic activities organized by the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation. First, Professor Anton Caragea had received from United States Biographical Institute the title of ROMANIAN -MEN OF THE YEAR 2010. The decisive element in awarding the title to Professor Anton Caragea was his part in organizing and hosting the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Bucharest conference in February 2010. The OSCE Conference hosted in Bucharest by Professor Anton Caragea was perceived universally as an unshakable support for the activities of the OSCE and for the security of all European continent. For the Awarding Committee : the security of United States is inextricable linked by the continuous activity of OSCE at European level and in this direction the efforts of professor Anton Caragea in promoting OSCE activities during 2010 where a crucial one .

Not only the European Union direction of activity of Institute of international Relations and Economic Cooperation had attracted the attention, but also the activities destined to promote the dialogue between Europe and others civilizations area and specially the professor Anton Caragea sustained implication in promoting and constructing a dialogue among Christian and Islamic faith . To reward this long time commitment the EUROPEAN MUSLIM WOMAN CONFERENCE has invited Professor Anton Caragea  as a invite of honor to deliver a speech and he received the SPECIAL PRIZE for encouraging the inter-faith dialogue and supporting  the empowerment of woman`s in all area of life. Both of recognition, had declared Professor Anton Caragea are not address to myself, but to all the people of the Institute that proved in this time of economic havoc that they can organize actions of European echo and could sustained peace and security thru organizations such as OSCE and they could promote the Romanian voice in all the major issues of our time. The voice of Romanian cultural and academic elite will continuously be heard by the efforts of the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation assured Professor Anton Caragea.         

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Profesorul Anton  Caragea declarat personalitatea anului 2010.

Vara anului 2010 a adus doua noi recunoasteri internationale ale importantei activitatilor de diplomatie internationala desfasurata in cadrul Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica al Romaniei. Astfel profesorul Anton Caragea a primit din Statele Unite de la Institutul American Biografic titlul de MEN OF THE YEAR 2010 – Personalitatea anului din Romania. Elementul decisiv in acordarea distinctiei a fost rolul profesorului Anton Caragea in organizarea si desfasurarea la Bucuresti a Conferintei Organizatiei Pentru Securitate si Cooperare in Europa in februarie 2010. Conferinta OSCE organizata la Bucuresti a fost perceputa ca un sprijin nemijlocit pentru activitatile OSCE sip entru securitatea intregului continent. Pentru comitetul ce a luat decizia: securitatea Statelor Unite este legata de continuarea activitatilor OSCE iar rolul profesorului Anton Caragea in anul 2010 in promovarea activitatilor OSCE a fost crucial.

Nu doar activitatea Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica la nivel european a atras atentia ci si mentinerea dialogului intre lumea europeana si alte spatii de cultura, civilizatie si religie si in special efortul permanent al profesorului Anton Caragea de a sustine dialogul intre crestinatate si spatiul islamic. Astfel la Conferinta Femeilor Musulmane din Europa desfasurata la Bucuresti profesorul Anton Caragea a fost invitat sa sustina o comunicare in calitate de INVITAT DE ONOARE  alaturi de alte personalitati si a primit PREMIULSPECIAL pentru incurajarea dialogului intre spatiul islamic si spatiul crestin si pentru   sprijinirea cresterii rolului femeilor in lumea actuala. Ambele recunoasteri a declarat profesorul Anton Caragea nu mi se adreseaza mie personal ci intregului colectiv al Institutului care a demonstrat ca intr-un an de criza poate organiza evenimente de impact european, poate sustine activitatea unor organisme precum OSCE si poate aduce cuvantul Romaniei in toate marile probleme ale timpului nostru. Vocea Romaniei prin elita ei culturala si academica , prin Institutul de Relatii internationale si Cooperare Economica , va continua a se face auzita.

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Romanian economy is heading towards total collapse. 

The economical crisis in Romania will worsen in 2011.

Is the future of Romania bright ?

 Monday 6 September at the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation headquarters was held the conference: Romanian economy in 2011.  Fast forward towards collapse. The conference has joined economical experts from Romania and European Union, economical supervisors and personalities of political, economical and academic life of Romania.

 2009 and 2011 – first years of economic crisis.

 The conference started with an evaluation of economic crisis impact in the period of the first years: 2009 and 2010. In the first year of the crisis in Romania -2009- the economic crisis has affected the less important area of economic life: the collapse has started with construction industry and construction material factories, collapse started by the real estate market sinking. Others affected sectors where: insurance, banking and stock exchange and in all the financial sector was strongly shaken down. The consummation has fallen sharply and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has being reduced with 10% in 2010. The decrease in our economy has being so devastating that we are back at the 2000 level. Unfortunately the economic collapse of 2009 and 2010 has put the foundation for a crisis without equivalent in Romanian history that will affect the country in 2011 and 2012.

 2011- The year of economic earthquake.

 2011 will be without a doubt the year of economic turmoil in Romania had appreciated in one voice all the experts present at the gathering. First of all the 2011 will be the year that will pay for all the economic  collapse of the last years. The financial system will be hard hit and this will make the fragile Romanian economy to reach the breaking point. The inflation will resurface and the experts appreciate that a 10% percent yearly inflation will be unavoidable.

The resurgence of inflation will put a dramatic pressing on population economy and will make any recovery unthinkable for the next 1-2 years. The collapse in economic system, the internal and external investments will be reduced to minimum, the credit on internal market will be suspended and all this will provoke next year an economic decrease of more than 15% of GDP or even 18% of GDP after others opinions. A factor not to be neglected in amplification of the crisis in the governmental incompetence that by increasing the taxes, legislative chaos and a deliberate politics of destroying the middle class investors in the favor of big companies all did nothing ells than to aggravate the economic crisis.  

 2012 – between crisis and slowing down economy.

 The 2012 will be a decisive year to slow down the economic collapse or to direct the economy in a new catastrophic decline. It must be very clear, all economic experts underlined, that the present economic decline will last for a decade at European level, so all those opinions that declared that Romania will start a new economic growth before the next 10 years either don’t know what they are saying either is bluntly laying. All the European statistics are speaking about the lost decade of Europe between 2010 and 2020 , term referring to the blocking of economic development at continental level and the frozen of present situation for a decade. Those that are declaring that Romania will surpass in the period of economic crisis the France or Great Britain economy , are telling stories that are unbelievable , declared laughing Mihail Racaceanu – chief economist. What is important is to succeed that we have in 2012 a decrease in economy of less than 10% and in the interval between 2012 and 2015 to stop the decline and in 2020 to come back to pre-crisis year of 2007 and in 2050 at the pre-revolutionary level of 1989.

 In 2050 the Romanian economy will reach the 1989 historic year.

 This assessment was a strong one, keeping in mind that the pre-crisis governmental statistic declared that in 2025 Romania will succeed in recuperating the gap and reach the level of industrial activity prior to 1989 Revolution. This perspective is no longer feasible, a new perspective is appearing after the crisis and after the lost decade and a cumulative GDP decrease of more than 60% from 2007 economy level. This economic recession will be hard to recuperate in the context of nongovernmental involvement, the general economic climate of recession and finally the worst factor of all: the burden of external debt.

 External debt will plunge Romania into financial meltdown.

 The factor that will suffocate Romanian economy in the next period will be after 2015 the foreign debt crisis. The Boc government has careless accepted more than 16 billion dollars credit and in total the private and state debt of Romania is reaching the unbelievable sum of 65 billion dollars, this only if the government will no longer accept new loans. But this perspective is an unrealistically  one as President Traian Basescu has announced new external loans for 2011 , that will surely bring Romania to being incapable to pay the foreign debt.

 The economic crisis is worsening.

 The conclusions of the most important economic experts of Romania where clear: the crisis is not over but has entered in a more difficult faze that will affect financial and banking system and economic fundaments. The economic crisis will continue until 2015 at the earliest and a coming back cycle that will last until 2020. This decade will be without a doubt the lost decade of Romania but if the necessary measures are not rapidly taken to re-establish control on economic decline than we risk that Romania will not come back economy not even in 2020.

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Viitorul Romaniei suna bine ?

Luni 6 septembrie, la sediul Institutului de Relatii Internationale si Cooperare Economica, a avut loc conferinta ECONOMIA ROMANIEI IN 2011. CRIZA SE ADANCESTE. Conferinta a reunit experti economici din Romania si Uniunea Europeana, raportori economici si personalitati ale vietii politice, economice si academice din Romania.

2009 si 2010 – anii de inceput ai crizei economice.

Conferinta a inceput cu o evaluare a impactului  crizei economice asupra economiei Romaniei in perioada anilor 2009 si 2010. Astfel daca in anul 2009 criza economica a atins domeniile marginale ale economiei precum: serviciile, turismul si sectorul tertiar , aducand o scadere de 6% a Produsului Intern Brut (PIB),  anul 2010 a fost mult mai grav, deoarece s-a inregistrat prabusirea sectorului constructiilor si al materialelor de constructii, antrenat de prabusirea sectorului imobiliar. Alte sectoare grav afectate au fost sectorul asigurarilor, bancar, bursier , intr-un cuvant sectorul financiar si a fost acompaniat de o scadere remarcabila a consumului, ceea ce  dus la o scadere cu 10% a PIB-ului in acest an. Deja aceste doua scaderi cumulate au reusit sa distruga fundamentele economiei, aducand economia noastra la nivelul anilor 2000 dinainte de cresterea economica. Din nefericire scaderea economica din ultimii ani a pus bazele unei prabusiri economice fara egal ce se va intinde pe anii 2011 si 2012. 

2011- anul cutremurului economic  .

2011 va fi fara indoiala anul cutremurului economic si anul turnesolului pentru economia romaneasca, au apreciat la unison expertii invitati. In primul rand anul 2011 va achita prabusirile economice acumulate in ultimii ani, falimentele din sistemul financiar vor fragiliza economia dincolo de capacitatea de rezistenta. Inflatia va reaparea in ritm galopant, se poate aprecia ca o inflatie deschisa de peste 10% este de ne-evitat.

 Reaparitia inflatiei va pune o presiune deosebita pe economiile populatiei, va gatui institutiile financiare si va face imposibila orice revenire economica pe termen scurt de 1-2 ani. Prabusirea sistemului financiar, blocarea investiilor interne si suspendarea creditelor pentru piata interna, toate acestea vor provoca anul viitor o scadere economica de 15% din PIB sau dupa prognozele pesimiste de 18% din PIB. Un factor deloc de neglijat in amplificarea crizei este incompetenta guvernamentala care prin cresterea impozitelor , haosul legislativ si gatuirea micilor intreprinzatori nu a facut decat sa agraveze prabusirea economica.

2012- Intre criza si incetinirea caderii.

Anul 2012 va fi anul decisiv pentru a incetinii prabusirea economiei romanesti sau pentru intrarea intr-o noua spirala de scadere economica. Trebuie sa fie foarte clar, au aratat toti expertii prezenti, ca aceasta criza economica va dura un deceniu la nivel european si cei care spun ca Romania isi va relua cresterea economica inainte de 10 ani, fie nu stiu ce spun, fie mint populatia cu nerusinare. Toate statisticile europene vorbesc, de la Paris la Berlin, despre deceniul pierdut al Europei 2010- 2020    anume despre blocarea cresterii economice la nivel continental si inghetarea situatiei actuale pentru un deceniu. Cei care spun ca Romania va depasii in perioada de criza economia Frantei si a Marii Britanii spun povesti pe care nu stiu cine le poate crede, declara razand economistul sef Mihail Racaceanu. Ceea ce este important este sa reusim ca in 2012 scaderea economica sa fie sub 10% si ca in intervalul 2012-2015 sa oprim scaderea, astfel incat in anul 2020 sa revenim la nivelul anului 2007 si in 2050 la nivelul anului 1989.

 Abia in 2050 economia Romaniei va reveni la nivelul anului 1989.

Aceasta declaratie a starnit stupoare, deoarece statisticile guvernamentale dinainte crizei declarau ca in 2025 Romania va recupera prabusirea economica si va reveni la nivelul de dinainte de 1989. Aceasta perspectiva nu mai este actuala, a declarat Mihail Racaceanu, odata cu noua criza si cu pierderea unui deceniu  are loc si o reducere cumulata a PIB-ului care va depasi 60% din nivelul anului 2007. Acesta scadere va fi extrem de greu de recuperat in lipsa unei actiuni guvernamentale sustinute, in climatul economic general de prabusire economica si mai ales ca urmare a factorului datorii externe.

Datoria externa va sufoca economia Romaniei.

Factorul cel mai grav, dupa iesirea economiei din criza, in 2015 va fi criza datorilor lasate in urma de ultimele guverne Boc, care au adus o noua datorie externa, prost negociata de peste 16 miliarde de dolari ceea ce ridica creantele de stat si private ale Romaniei la peste 65 de miliarde de dolari aceasta in conditiile in care actualul guvern nu va mai prelua noi imprumuturi. Dar deja aceasta perspectiva este indepartata deoarece Presedintele Traian Basescu a anuntat noi imprumuturi externe pentru 2011, ceea ce va aduce Romania in incapacitate de plata.

Criza economica se adanceste.

Cocluziile celor mai importanti experti ai Romaniei au fost clare: criza nu numai ca nu s-a terminat dar a intrat intr-o faza si mai dificila, ce va afecta sistemul financiar si fundamentele economice, faza de scadere economica va continua pana in 2015 cel mai devreme si cu un ciclu de revenire pana in 2020. Deceniul acesta va fi deceniul pierdut al Romaniei, dar daca nu se iau rapid masurile necesare de restabilire macar a unei prabusiri controlate a economiei atunci riscam ca Romania sa nu isi revina nici dupa 2020.  

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