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Between 16 to 21 of June 2010 the Romanian capital: Bucharest will host the ORIENTAL ART EXHIBITION – ORIENT COMES TO ROMANIA. 

The Oriental Exhibition is dedicated in offering a firsthand impression to the viewers of how life in the orient society really is. The aim of the Orient Exhibition is to create an oriental environment in which the visitor could understand how an oriental house is build, what are the ornaments and the practical furniture used, how is made possible the presence of sacred space and tradition in the normal environment of life and working.

In a way the Oriental exhibition is offering a practical gate for curious and visitors and even experts alike in better understanding how life, climate, food and education and religion are forging the everyday life of the people of the east. The British organizer of the exhibition have told us that the main agenda of the Exhibition is to offer a bridge between oriental culture and understanding of life and European concept of living and understanding housing .

This high class event will benefit of the experience of EXOTIQUE Manager Mrs. Pusa Hack. Mrs. Pusa Hack who was involved in the last 20 years in organizing art events and art collections all around the world declared to the press that the event hosted in Bucharest will benefit from glamour, gifts, surprises and a lot of scenario details destined to re-create to the visitor the magic of Orient experience.

In Romania the event will be hosted under the High Patronage of Embassy of United Arab Emirates to Romania. His Excellency Ambassador Yacoub Yousef Al Hosani declared that: the event will be also a window into the life and wonders of United Arab Emirates. The visitor will be dazzled by the United Arab Emirates stand that will address all senses: will be specific UAE music, a five minute`s movie about UAE will put the visitor of our UAE stand in the atmosphere of the place and finally a great culinary show will enchant them into the oriental cuisine. 

Finally the director of Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation   Professor Anton Caragea declared to the press that bringing Orient to Romania Exhibition in Bucharest is one of the most important cultural events of the diplomatic life and the agreement of the organizer to dispatch the precious collection of the ORIENT EXHIBITION to Romania proves that Romania is an important and vibrant country open to foreign cultures and experiences.   

The prestigious exhibition is regarded in all of Europe as an important way for countries from the Orient to present their tradition, there culinary expertise, their art and to open to the viewers of the exhibition a gate for their world. As usually the most prestigious and important embassy accredited to Bucharest will be invited under the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES EMBASSY HIGH PATRONAGE  to take part in the show and to present their spectacular tradition to Romanian public and to fulfill their role of ambassadors of culture and tradition.

The Exhibition will be held at EXOTIQUE Gallery in Splaiul Unirii no.96, sector 4. Supplementary information at Phone: 021- 316. 96. 94


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