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Centrul de Studii Politice si Diplomatie/ Center for Political Science and Diplomacy


On Saturday 12 December 2009 at a press conference in Bucharest professor Anton Caragea, president of European Council on International Relations expressed his hope in the succes of Copenhagen World Climate Summit.
In order to obtain a sharp reduction in Co2 emission and in polution professor Anton Caragea presented the experiment of United Arab Emirates economic model based on a new energy revolution.
This economic model could not be understood if we not see the UAE participation in a new energy revolution. Rich in oil and gas UAE is not forgetting that this wealth will eventually ceased to exist or will become to expensive to exploit or to ecological detrimental, so they choose to invest in solar energy. With 365 day a year with clear sky the UAE could not only suffices his one energy demands but also be a world suppliers of green energy and technology.

Sultan Al Jaber CEO-Masdar City 

Investing in projects like Masdar City, a city that will supply 100% percent of the necessary energy from green sources UAE is proving that there is life after fossil energy. Investing in this energy of the future not only will assure UAE energy demand but also will be an important part of the economic growth , already in Germany an important solar plant property of UAE is launching a bid to make green energy for European Union


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