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Iranian News National Agency announced that President Ahmadinejad is the clear winner of the presidential poll in Iran. With a great majority in the rural area and a balanced results in the city area Ahmadinejad wins a new 4-year term and a legitimacy of his policies on foreign affairs. More than 70% of the iranian population was present to vote and gives a huge victory to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The final results had appeared, with a huge turnout of more than 85% and a conclusive 61% percent victory Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became the new president of Islamic Republic of Iran, his main adversary Mr. Mir Hussein Musavi obtained only 31% percent of the vote despite hopping a better results because of the massive turnout.

The vote is the expression of the Iranians desire in constructing a powerful Iran with a leading role in the Middle East.

Unfortunately the vote was not supervised by international observer so is impossible to verify claims on vote rigging or to give an acceptance to the vote. The votes remain under question and Iran democratic legitimacy under balance as well. All the tense atmosphere in Teheran, vote rigging claims and violence’s could have being avoided only by inviting foreign observers , a vote that is not under international observer control is subject to serious questions. Iran has missed an important opportunity in establishing a record as a country with free elections.

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